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We were footprints in the snow.
One after another, e r a s i n g each
other's soul.
learning to not belong,
to continue d r i f t i n g without
being lost nor found.
Our lost tears turned to lost years.
Our rivers fueled our waterfalls. Still,
no amount of water ever guaranteed
flower bloom. Our make believe
garden was only a lost cause.
Your words were the wind--
And then nothing all at once.
Like the waves,
Love crashed on our shores
And withdrew with fragments of us in it.
As time grew, so did we.
I still think about the words
You've said to me.

The laughs fade to grey,
Smiles to black.
Just thinking of your eyes
Almost brings the time back.

Now that you're gone,
I can say

We were two leaves of the same tree.
Destined to fall.
Never to stay.
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