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Andrew 13h
I am scared of growing up -
I mean,
What if I turn into
All those things
That I’ve feared –
What if
I was to fall behind:
See the backs of my friends
So happily ahead –
I’m scared of growing up
I don’t know where,
I don’t know what,
I don’t know whom
I will be -
I guess I’m really just
I'm starting college soon, and it's making me really, really nervous and scared
Andrew 4d
I opened the well-worn pages -  
The scent of a thousand years
Crinkling in the folds
That my nervous fingers
Chapter after
Chapter –
It read like a river,
Streaming from the consciousness
Of hearts that knew
what it meant to smile –
but I was naïve,
a watcher from a window -
I read and envisioned
but did not understand
what others had so long away discovered
so frighteningly easily
Andrew Jul 15
I’ve been drawing circles,
The same ones
And over –
I’ve been feeling sleepless
Night after
Hoping that I can work the courage
To talk to someone
And not feel so lonely –
But like I said –
I’ve been drawing circles.
Andrew Jul 14
When the flowers die
There’ll be no bloom -
no person to pick them for the one they love,
for when the flowers die,
the sun will weep
over how beauty
will no longer be seen
Andrew Jul 10
Beauty walks your name
straight to the end -
Even when you're old and tired,
you'll still be just as bright
as you are now -
Clever lines the curls of your hair,
resting upon your shoulders
and in the ears of all
who listen -
Because you
are beautiful
in every way
Andrew Jul 1
But to your front door
would hope walk the endless street
where dreams and terror
would collide to
see you standing there -
but insanity wracks it over
as day after day passes
and day by day I hope
to see the time
when I can finally look up
to talk to
Andrew Jun 29
When I will meet you
there will be no applause,
no getting stuck in the rain -
just you and me
and the fear and the excitement
with what's to come -
I don't hold the answers,
and I never will,
but when I will meet you
I will be the same,
only my head will be full
with silly thoughts
and silly words
trying to prove that I can -
For when I will meet you
I will simply be
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