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Yanamari Apr 2
Maybe it's easy to pity myself
In the absence of pity,
In the wake of disregard and judgement,
In the choice of abandoning my surroundings.
If love is a window,
I've been told it's broken,
Not there,
A fairytale rotted within
The clutches of time,
Unachievable by the likes of I...
My home is a frozen ice palace
My touch is destruction
My heart is darkness
My past is molten tar
Myself distancing
From everything

The world is beautiful
But filled with shadows.
Lee Aaun Mar 15
it is important to continue,
but more crucial is to know
what to continue for
follow the continuity
Betty Jan 3
Pile them up
stack stone on stone
hold each one
bone on bone
feel the rocks
between your fingers
rough and smooth
the feeling lingers
weigh each pebble
in your hand
lift it from the shifting sand
let it fall from where it came
to a rock it's all the same
one tiny part of an endless game!
Rocks are patient!

Fears in the face of reality
Hope is real, so is the crisis, duality

Most of the times
Can’t be inspired by the same thing twice
Ought to be limitless, like nature priceless

Brilliance of the lights
Since it’s origin, inception
Continues to shine, continuity
Àŧùl Aug 2019
A beautiful saga of love and longing,
Turns now towards its completion,
Ultimately turning into achievement,
Love gets stronger like black coffee.

A melodious voice says my name,
Not fearing the society or religion,
Demanding only love from me.

Jelling deliciously is this pudding,
Excellent is this sweet romance,
Neither shameful nor shameless,
Indians from two different religions,
Few attempt what we plan for us,
Alive for each other and our families.

Living for the good of all life on Earth,
I love her and she loves me back,
Veil of her face is an elegant blue,
Elegant are her eyes from the slit,
Deriving pleasure from my imagination.

How we must get together,
A married couple is by hard work,
People do get old and die together,
People otherwise die in loneliness,
I am so blessed in this togetherness,
Love me you do in an untouched way,
Yet I feel you by my side in my life.

Evening the odds through honesty,
Victory is definite for both of us,
Even for peace, it will be a union,
Reason will only be love, our love.

Actually, I think that we shall do it,
Fatwas will never work against us,
Threats will be there but relax,
Except the Maulvi, none will bother,
Rest of them, our love will smother.

Truthfulness in your kind young face,
Heavenly is the sight to behold,
Earnestly we must get married,
Irate letters we shall then face,
Rising higher in the heavenly eyes.

Marriage is not just a wonderful word,
Also it is a beautiful permanent bond,
Rings in our fingers will mean more,
Rings and a Mangalsootra as well,
In our dreamland, we are together,
Atypical life we shall celebrate,
Gleefully we shall see our babies,
Eternal gifts by this love story of ours.
A romantic acrostic.
Lived happily ever after their marriage.
My HP Poem #1756
©Atul Kaushal
Cox Jul 2019
The honeybee lands onto the small flower,

A friendship blooming immediately.

The bee talks of pollen and how wonderful it is,

But the flower is silent.

The flower is afraid that it will be used time and time again,

Endlessly dying in a fantasy that we call love.
False Poets Feb 2015
the mathematical statement in fluid mechanics that, for a fluid passing through a tube in a steady flow, the mass flowing through any section of the tube in a unit of time is constant**

instantaneous our love defined,
a fluid mechanic in the realm of ethereal,
where unlimited immeasurable undefinable

mass time flow sweat pulse anger forgive caress kind

quantifiable terms of our equation unique
in this poem
no waxing poetic,
excellent pure licked lips
are quantums and quarks visualized
though invisible the flow constant per unit of time from
initial good morning kiss to intemperate
indulgent good night conclusions
submitted here for your
analytical digression importuned

the square root of the continuity equation's solution
Abigail Rose Feb 2019
It’s not a rule forever followed,
But as a rule,
I don’t write novels.
Tales told in fiction
Rely on reality for sustenance
and I don’t want to confuse you
with my world
that is always flipping,
and put simply,
always changing.
When life seems to lack continuity...
s Jun 2018
your hug is like
that blood pressure gauge
- that slowly inflates
to check all my vitals;
or a dash charging socket
for all my circuits & bones
- twenty minutes -
for the battery to be whole.

cupping my feet on cold days,
and breathing into my toes
because these socks  have too many holes.
And on any day, you swivel me up
when I run into you for a no reason hug.

starting to forget how it would feel
to not have access to these tiny luxuries.

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