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Johnny walker Mar 24
Since my darling has been gone It's as If all her friends and mine have also gone all disappeared just as If they've all left
there no one left around at least that Is no one left I
know So I guess It time to leave  
pack my and be gone before the dawn early light breaks upon another day, friends yes
I probably do without but not you my darling for you constantly In my
thoughts day and night here with
so when I leave all this and friends I used to know Helen will come me for she will never be left
even In death she still mine nothing can break true love It goes on forever still be here long after we're all
True love never does It continues forever In time
will be here still long after
all of us are all gone
Madeleine Mar 17
You only lose
When you don't get back up
And continue to cruise
Vivian Feb 24
it sounds so good,
no pain,
no heartbreak,
and ending to misery,

It's hopeless you say,
so why not go,
there is no point in life anyway,
so why not leave,

But when you are going to die,
you will gasp for air,
and you will try,
so I know it's not hopeless,
for you or anyone else,

I see you fighting to live,
you being strong,
and trying to breathe,
I know you might give in to death,
but you will never ever give up

So don't say it's hopeless,
that you want to die,
I know you won't actually want to,
that you will try to live,

I know life,
it doesn't need purpose and and reason,
and yet you have one,
so I know,
you won't give up,
that you will fight,
that it is never,
gabrielle Feb 20
a question
that will make my heart stop
will be a blast
and will leave me in aghast

are you inlove with her ?
i'll continue to live
be fine
with just your happiness
Xallan Feb 5
I wish to be buried forever into the twilight
In the light before dawn and and dusk
Dark, apocalyptic, shadowy world
Barely more light than a candle, now
The sun has been snuffed,
The moon remains groggy under the horizon
Still deep under covers, in her dreams
Awaiting a sun to come and burn them away.

To remain ever on this moment, here, now,
Feet settling on the moss
One with the earth, then separate
Gravity and inertia back together again
To the distant mirth of youthful joy
I ponder my old age
I am left to empty boxes, and empty spheres.

Now, who? Who? Who is there?
Whom can I fight?
What is it here for me to conquer
To ensure the continuity of this moment?
None, and time shakes her head
As she glides past suffocating me
The mushrooms are left to rot
I reluctantly turn back to the light
To day by day, I return to life.
Amanda Jan 11
On a road, I don't know where it leads
I don't care that I am lost
Feet are burning but I continue on
Determined to escape at all costs

I will keep going until my knees buckle
Regret following with steady pace
Broken dreams viewed in my periphreals
Cannot be fixed, salvaged, or replaced

Mile by mile, distancing myself
Unable to fully outrun lurking past
Almost is as good as I get
Have the lead for a moment but always come in last

I travel at a safer pace
I'm already immersed in danger
Desperation grows as I lift legs
Lengthy journey stretches riling anger

There is no detour to avoid my confusing thoughts
Maps behind eyes I'm striving to chart
I stumble but I still advance
I'll always follow my heart
Follow your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you
Brynn S Dec 2018
Thrown like a disk
I follow where I am led
Not where I wish
Flying through time
Walking through life
I’ve not found my end
Nor am I willing to die
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Life we keep going,
Even when you’re gone.
The wind, still blowing.
The sun still shining in the dawn.
The thunder and fire
That shook your soul.
The endless tire that
Took its toll.
You ripped away the mold
And sold your bruised truths.
Time ensues,
Poetic T Dec 2018
Time is a raindrop
      Falling separately
Never landing in the

Same location.

But puddling in an
         Singugular continuity.
sushii Oct 2018
the mechanic ebb and flow
of time
continues on as the hours pass by.

collecting dust—
i’m a rotting machine.
my motherboard is overloaded.

but no one comes to help me,
for in all my gray and white glory,
no one can see the decay inside of me.

parts dying away,
short-circuiting dismay,
wires cut long ago.

my static screen is a threat—
they’ll replace me.
i’ll be thrown away.

for the chemicals in my circuit board
to seep into the ground,
and corrupt the natural memory

of the world around.
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