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How did I get here?
Did I build this place?
I'm on the highest cliff
Gazing down towards the skyline
The skyscrapers move like trains
Bound for regions unknown
Do they ever stop?
Where do they end up?
Olivia May 16
Standing tall and proud,
Piercing oblivion.
They stretch and scratch at the sky like daggers unsheathed -
Lost in their monumental presence,
You finally understand
What it feels like to be meaningless,
Insignificant and meager as you wander,
Ant-like, among the monoliths.
Amanda Feb 28
My hopes could beat the skyscrapers,
As high as they keep flying,
There's no way to draw them back,
But relentlessly; I'm trying.
Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper,
They can try to knock me down, but I will come rising from the ground, like a skyscraper
-Demi Lovato
japheth Nov 2018
keep adding floors,
my beloved building.

add a floor,
and then another.
be a skyscraper.

if you think
this is the penthouse,
think again

— you deserve to see farther.
hello. i’ve been really blessed to be very busy right now with my life and im at this point where i just keep building to the top.

hope you guys are doing well.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
As my gaze shifted down below
my eyes, how did they behold
all the little ants going to and fro
as if they were mind controlled

Can't they see what is happening
to and fro, to and fro, to and fro
day after day, day after day, day after day
and for what?

Cheap plastic that eventually breaks
blue lights shooting up dopamine
dreams of scratch off sweepstakes
costly cups of muddy caffeine

Lets show them what being free is all about
J                                      N                        ­          F
U                                                    ­                     A
M                                                              ­           L
P                                     O                                  L
I                                                               ­             I
N                                                 ­                        N
G                                    W                         ­        G

Watch clouds shrink while ants grow
their busy bodies stop
as they finally lift their face up to show
the horror in their eyes drop

following downward along
this exciting free fall
this beautiful swan song
that I sing for all

I can hear them now
how angelic are their cries
I can see their sickly brow
the whites in their putrid eyes

Fleshy hail from the building above
came crashing into a yellow cab
spirit fleeting like a mourning dove
a body crimson mangled and drab

I leave my mark on this city
my final piece of art
I hope they find it pretty (and not pity)
this perished bleeding heart
Ali Jun 2017
this is a letter to you
when reminiscing my past I always skip over the part with you in it to avoid my eyes becoming red and puffy and the big lump in my throat that I tend to get when thinking about the tallest building I can find to stop the memories from coming back to me
It won't **** me when my body hits the ground
When my bones turn to dust
When my blood splatters on the ground creating a beautiful art display for the people who are walking by
this is a letter to you
the one who killed me long before anything else could get the chance
I honestly don't know about this, this is my first poem. I've never let anyone read any of them before.
BirdShark Apr 2017
Thatch roofed houses
Of straw and stick
Sitting in the meadow
A village surrounded in serenity
Where the gentlest breeze blows

Wooden built houses
Of trees hacked down
Standing on smooth ground
A small town in the open
Where beauty can still be found

Stone walled houses
Hewn from the earth itself
Placed on paved surface
A town filled with people
Where survival of the trampled grass is hopeless

Brick constructed houses
Fired clay stacked in layers
Onto flattened slabs, heaped into towers
An overcrowded city
Where the air turns putrid and sour

Buildings of glass and steel!
Riveted by looming cranes
On concrete plains that stretch for miles
Diseased with millions of people, scattered like vermin
Where the air is filled with acrid fumes, so vile!

Now the cities have crumbled
They have been reduced to rubble
All that remains are a few humans, no longer masses
But do they remember?
It all started from those few thatch roofed houses...
Please give me feedback, I really need it! Did the stanzas flow well or were they sort of... gluggy..?
K Balachandran Apr 2017
A construction crane,
Kisses skyscraper maiden
Red faced sun on edge.
samantha neal Mar 2017
I'm lost in the city
But I'm taking my time
The streets keep talking to me
They're asking how everyone can spend so much time looking down and straight ahead
When a whole world grows rapidly above them

Buildings grow into the stars
A new styled solar system
They dance among the clouds
Wisping fluffs of greys and whites
When I look, I know that I want to be where it all connects

I am gliding down hills
I am fumbling through crosswalks
I am slipping past street signs
because I can't keep my feet on the ground and my head from that new world
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