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Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2019
Break me into chasm
then let the love pour in—
flower into deep well—
stem the umbilicus
of what you could say
you knew of me—

the privilege of living
inside your own head—
and me,
something made of sand,
a wink—

something of one
of many lives ago,
though how well
you knew me—
as did he—
how well they saw me—
and maybe no one did.

We were lovers
in a past life.
And now
I am obscure as
lost Atlantis, origin
of the fairy tale—
as gossamer and
the Holy Grail.
This poem came about after seeing somebody I used to know on Facebook making a comment on a mutual friend's wall.
she remains anon Dec 2018
Let the demons have their fun,
snap my fingers one by one.
I'll still pour on daddy's cologne
so I don't feel so cold alone.
Lover, turn my head
you are all I dread.
May a firm hand
take my back
and break it.
I'll reason, i'll admit
only think of things that hurt.
Drag me through the dirt,
discover me a filthy women
don't take your ear to listen.
I, savage, rip it from you,
pieces; break me into.
Erica May 2018
i yearn to hear the voice that once lied
i crave the lips who kissed another
the hands who held mine one hour, but another's the other
the warm embrace then felt like he was putting me back together
just to break me...once again
yes i am in love with a boy
who broke me to pieces
but also who sent tingles down my spine
and one who knows me more than i know myself
this boy
is the reason i trust people too much
because i think everyone
is like him
i don't fall in love oh so easily
but when i do
i fall hard
Nylee Aug 2016
Break me more , I am still alive ,

I still survive .

It takes a bit more to break me apart,

To tear my heart .

All wounds open , But still I am here ,

Without any fear .

I cannot be as unbroken as before ,

But I will endure .

I am not defeated , So you haven't won ,

Nowhere I have gone .

In me , My soul has kept on the fight ,

It is not yet a complete dark night .

But dawn of my survival , I will move on ,

I have me , no longer alone.

I will be victorious in the end ,

I will fend .

Break me more, But I won't be broken
Marisa Lu Makil Apr 2015
You broke me.
You broke me and you never picked up the pieces.
Never glued me back together.
I just wanted to cry.
But I couldn't

We'll apologize
You will break me again and I will write more poetry.
You will leave again
I'll just want to cry.
But I won't be able to.

I'm sad.
It just happened again and I'm so broken-still in pieces.
I never got fixed
So now I'm broken for good.
Some scars don't heal.
I just want to cry
But I can't.
When you broke me
You broke my tear ducts, too.
Indigo Morrison Oct 2014
I have wanted to hold you in these arms of mine for months...
But, I couldn't quite figure out which walls to push down in order to let you in,
What grounding I needed to find to lend you my voice,
My arms,
This heart,
This love.
All I could share,were these eyes,

My silent “yes

My scared “hello”

And I am utterly scared by you,
Or terrified of the you, you will make of me.
I’d like to feel enough to give you something to fall into
But I know I can’t do that.
I know I can’t be her.
I can’t be the girl to share your graces in the morning.
I want to hold you

So that you’ll be close enough to break me,
Break me apart
So I can have something to piece back together in the morning.
See I am good at fixing things,
And being broken.
I am not quite ready to be whole.

I have some wanderlust to fall into,
Some hearts of my own to break,
Some kisses to never speak about,
And languages for my tongue to become fluent in.
And I’m not ready for it to be you.

So let me hold you
In my arms…
Will you break me?
I need something to put together in the morning.
I am sorry that you cannot stay.
Right now, I am not yet, quite ready, to be good at you.
Grow me in Your way
I know I have rough patches
I just need to know
Will it be gentle, or
Will you have to break me down?
Amour de Monet May 2014
I will find my heart
where you left it

I will rinse it clean
sew it back into my chest

I will buff the scars
and watch as it inhales

I will be fully alive

I will detach it from my veins
and lay with you again

— The End —