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Creator Sun Sep 2019
I lag behind
My 'friends',
I noticed that I've become
Invisible. Unnoticed.

A husk of who I was.
A shadow.

A void in the night.
Outshone by the light.
I feel so empty,
Like a thought of the past.

I'm in another dimension,
A wall of words separate us.

Or rather,
A chasm of words unsaid.
Lost words they are,
Just like me:

A shadow.
A shadow of the past.
One of my buddies/peers told the CCA group at whole that she felt 'like a shadow' during ourhat of fears time. I thereby dedicate this poem to her.
neth jones Jul 2019
Don’t let the medium dry
Moisten This Creation                                   
by ANY MEANS necessary

It’s vulnerable

For This Creation to become pedestal WE MUST :

feed it
off of a capillary bag

mist it
under a dense healthy breath

lead it
to suckle an engorged breast

we risk it becoming husk ;
good only for digs and dust shops.

For This Creation, WE MUST queue

with our blood tapped
and ready

our breeding fluids
our various flows carefully labelled
and in sterile pouches

our donor cards filled out
steady for sacrifice

Keep This Creation wet
and it shall be a beacon
a call to awareness
a beckon of craft for us all
and not some common art-hole
Arts’ Monster
It’s vulnerable
(a toothed Whale out of water
  awaiting a machine strong enough
  to return it to the ocean)
Purcy Flaherty May 2019
Some dreams can never be shared, Some dreams can never be told,
When your old; when your cold.

I look into your eyes, and I wonder where you have gone?
and I pray; yes I pray, that you've made it through the stars !

Some dreams can never......

Song link
These words were lyrics to a song  I have created during a waking dream.
for some reason I have chosen not to alter them  leaving them in the original structure.
Riley June Sep 2018
i try to fill the hole inside my chest with lies and pieces of memories,
maybe one day i won't feel so hollow and cold,
each day when i wake up i find there is another piece missing,
no matter how hard i try to hold everything together it eventually all comes crumbling down,
every ounce of my being fights to stay together while simultaneously tearing itself apart,
invite others to gaze upon the husk of a person you once were,
muffle your cries with a lump in your throat so people won't come looking,
expose the skin you paint daily with metal,
how many people actually know your truth,
your family lives in a state of oblivion that shields their eyes and mind,
one day the mask you wear will loosen and fall to the ground to shatter,
what will you do after you lose all your protection,
is a warrior worthy without their armor or are they just another person to be forgotten?
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
Like desert birds circling
bones picked-clean, you
keep hanging around here
like I’ve got something to offer.

Let me tell you, I’m all out of magic.
You bled me dry and though
I love you, I can no longer
be in love with you.

I’ve only enough embers
to keep myself warm these days.
A shriveled husk, the remnants
of a past flame are what
I am to you now.
I can be nothing more.
Vexren4000 Sep 2017
The forlorn wanderer,
Who has lost all but his mind,
He is who he is,
And nothing more or less,
Mayhaps he is a husk of a man,
An empty shell wandering the land,
Searching for something,
To fill the void of his mind,
That is filled with silence in the night of winters,
First snowfall.

Zelos7 Jul 2017
Between ropes all life, can't let up
Fight fiends with strife, fed up
Life feels like it's sped up
Drinking fluid only from red cups
Loud noise equals life strats
Keyboards, drums, strings and frets
People think they having fun and don't fret
Eating words from musicians, spoon fed
I've led this life and it feels trife
Reminiscing of time lost makes me reel and cry
When brains feel like they're deep fried
When the dream you worshiped, it seems lied.
Riding every morning
Hiding all the phoney
feelings when your roaming
You don't feel like going
But the drugs just keep on flowing
When women exist only for blowing
When lean red eyes are showing
The life you know is boring
So it's either live a husk of party life
Or a slow knife in your back as a part of hive.
Poetic T May 2016
Within lagoons its sins did
feed upon its perception,
                  Churning in a vacuum
                   of malevolent damnation.
Its singular words corrupted
white satin, soiled by its pestilence.
                   Like lacerations upon the substance
                      it lingered like vines consuming.
A soul drowned within pools of scarlet death
Malignant smiles on a polluted husk.
Wren Djinn Rain Oct 2015
Blasted armor cracked open with holes
Watch as I crawl on my knees til I find
The right place to stand. Pay no mind
To the pain wracking burned flesh to
The pain of memories empty now
In regret after so many years spent
Trying to escape, desperately forget
All of the wounds that made me the
Fire I am.

These days my fire still burns down low
I can't forget if I wanted and I did and
And it drove me underneath. Unearth
Me now in this old aching body to
Undermine my quest for rest.
I sure it's just death now bringing
Death and I'm a part of it.

Cog. In the dirt. Wet earth.
I rise. With all of my brethren.
Reclaim. Reclaimers hunt and
Claim during night. Safety in
Day. That's a queer sunset isn't it?

I came here ******, left the same way,
Returned with cracks in the head
And a heart of mud full of maggots
As an *****. We all did. We do.
We all did.
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