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Estelline Jul 19
I just need a little love
But you fly by like a dove
Why don’t you ever land?
You make it so I can’t ever get close
But just a stroke
Of your white coat
Would make me smile
I’ll follow you for miles
If that’s what it takes
Just for you to look my way
I'd love to hear you say "hey"
JKirin Mar 27
Call my name,
see the ghost of the past I became.

Of this world, I am lost in the shadow
left to feed off the old war’s debris.
It’s too big for an innocent child
that is forced to grow up, don’t you see?

In the village, I walk unnoticed –
every grownup stares right through me.
On my tasks, I try to stay focused,
while the one thing I want is to scream.

Scream out loud at the people, the street
to be heard for a second, be seen.
In this world, do I even exist?
How, a child, would I even know this?

Call my name,
bring me back to the living, again.
about orphans
Sanjana Tripathi Nov 2020
Some efforts are left unnoticed,
Some words are left unsaid.
Some feelings are left unheard,
Some emotions are left unfelt.

Let them be,
Unnoticed, unsaid, unheard & unfelt.
Because if it is noticed, said, heard & felt,
There will be no reason to live.

Let my untold story be untold,
I don’t want to express it.
I just want to feel the little moments,
And keep it in my heart for eternity.

-Sanjana Tripathi
A couple likes here, and a few comments there.

All I want you to know is that I actually care.

When I look for your follow, I'm constantly asking "where?"

All these newbies, posting some pics, you follow them instantly I swear.

Not even four hours on the gram, and you follow her.

I'm goin five days now, I ain't no ****** amateur.

I tell myself to be patient, but it's getting harder everyday.

I swear things are turning gray.
Ayee, I'm a fan of an underrated tiktok rapper check ✌
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
I'm a streak of amber,
on a canvas splashed in gold,
waiting to be noticed, to be loved,
before I fade away with time,
so, pick me, choose me, love me
ps. this is one of my fav from grey's
Molly Eli Mar 2020
Desperation eats at my soul
As I constantly want for more likes
More notices
But when they never come
My mind clouds with the possibility
That they never will
And no one will ever notice
When I have gone
And where I went
I plead with desperation to the world
'Accept me, accept me!
For I am just human
I am just like you!
Please accept me
if it's the last thing you do!'
But I have learned
That not everyone is in agreement with my personality
And not everyone will find a way to accept me
But the people I love
Have accepted me and all my flaws
And for that I am grateful
But I still have all that desperation
If I told you the truth
Would you run away too?
Or would you just accept
My overflowing desperation?
little lion Feb 2020
This morning, the world woke up without me.
Daylight crested above the trees, where bird-songs filled the crisp winter air and squirrels began scurrying through frost-bitten yards.
                                                          ­                                Neighbors went about their day, putting children on school buses before bustling themselves to work. The mailman came and left, dropping off packages filled with useless purchases and magazine subscriptions that sit piled in corners, gathering dust.
Hallways filled with swarms of students eager for the final bell. Lockers slammed and classroom seats filled, my desk being the only one left empty
                                                           ­                               (second row from the front, farthest to the right or left, whichever was opposite of the door. Perfect view of the clock, the whiteboard, the teacher, and everyone who entered and exited the room.)
Emails went unanswered, books left unfinished, my room left untouched... a thin layer of dust began to collect atop my existence that went unnoticed.
Unnoticed by them, unnoticed by you.
You never noticed me, and you never will.
Blown up
Blown away
Short shot at fame
Just to be washed away
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