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Broken Echo Sep 28
Seeking help
Losing ourselves
Unable to find
That which defines
The belief we had
In the power we hold
To support eachother
To cure one another
A tie that binds
Standing on enemy lines
Mistakes made
Words spoke in haste
This life we are living
Seeking peace
If only to release
This hate inside
Fueled by a lie
Loosing this fight
Say goodbye
Im tired
Im done
**** this life
Cant understand how people can just be done with someone they claim to care about. If good people are so hard to find how is it so easy to leave them behind?
A couple likes here, and a few comments there.

All I want you to know is that I actually care.

When I look for your follow, I'm constantly asking "where?"

All these newbies, posting some pics, you follow them instantly I swear.

Not even four hours on the gram, and you follow her.

I'm goin five days now, I ain't no ****** amateur.

I tell myself to be patient, but it's getting harder everyday.

I swear things are turning gray.
Ayee, I'm a fan of an underrated tiktok rapper check ✌
Adhara Sygnus Jun 28
I'm a streak of amber,
on a canvas splashed in gold,
waiting to be noticed, to be loved,
before I fade away with time,
so, pick me, choose me, love me
ps. this is one of my fav from grey's
little lion Feb 17
This morning, the world woke up without me.
Daylight crested above the trees, where bird-songs filled the crisp winter air and squirrels began scurrying through frost-bitten yards.
                                                          ­                                Neighbors went about their day, putting children on school buses before bustling themselves to work. The mailman came and left, dropping off packages filled with useless purchases and magazine subscriptions that sit piled in corners, gathering dust.
Hallways filled with swarms of students eager for the final bell. Lockers slammed and classroom seats filled, my desk being the only one left empty
                                                           ­                               (second row from the front, farthest to the right or left, whichever was opposite of the door. Perfect view of the clock, the whiteboard, the teacher, and everyone who entered and exited the room.)
Emails went unanswered, books left unfinished, my room left untouched... a thin layer of dust began to collect atop my existence that went unnoticed.
Unnoticed by them, unnoticed by you.
You never noticed me, and you never will.
Blown up
Blown away
Short shot at fame
Just to be washed away
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
I sit upon a pedestal
My obsession with attention is rooted deep
So deep, that it doesn't appear to you

My pedestal draped in black cloth
Never stands out
You only notice it when you are too far in

My narcissism lines my insides
And so does my habit of manipulation
It runs it’s mouth 70% of the time

And I wish it didn’t
It’s hurting my look
Of being “too kind for my own good”

I’m deceptive, like I said
It’s in my nature
So don’t be surprised if you get your heart broken
Creator Sun Sep 2019
I lag behind
My 'friends',
I noticed that I've become
Invisible. Unnoticed.

A husk of who I was.
A shadow.

A void in the night.
Outshone by the light.
I feel so empty,
Like a thought of the past.

I'm in another dimension,
A wall of words separate us.

Or rather,
A chasm of words unsaid.
Lost words they are,
Just like me:

A shadow.
A shadow of the past.
One of my buddies/peers told the CCA group at whole that she felt 'like a shadow' during ourhat of fears time. I thereby dedicate this poem to her.
Aniahs Machell Sep 2019
"I'm really good at reading people"
Oh yeah? Can you tell when people fake smile?
"Yeah its all about the eyes"
      -i guess you never looked at mine
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