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Creator Sun Sep 25
I lag behind
My 'friends',
I noticed that I've become
Invisible. Unnoticed.

A husk of who I was.
A shadow.

A void in the night.
Outshone by the light.
I feel so empty,
Like a thought of the past.

I'm in another dimension,
A wall of words separate us.

Or rather,
A chasm of words unsaid.
Lost words they are,
Just like me:

A shadow.
A shadow of the past.
One of my buddies/peers told the CCA group at whole that she felt 'like a shadow' during ourhat of fears time. I thereby dedicate this poem to her.
"I'm really good at reading people"
Oh yeah? Can you tell when people fake smile?
"Yeah its all about the eyes"
      -i guess you never looked at mine
alexa Sep 7
i'm overwhelmed. overworked. under appreciated.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed. she feels as if everyone's under the spell of a lotus. all she wishes is that everyone could focus.

focus on the ups and the downs. the ins and the outs.

the work of people like her goes unnoticed.
i'm both mentally and emotionally drained. i dont know what to do anymore. my head hurts. all i want is to sleep forever.
What if this made it happen
will I call it karma

I see derivatives
and you renal
when we see calculi

Should have held on tight when we had thing, I let loose
I'll retrieve what I buried
when I get close,
No different from a dog, a nuzzler

Shall you find a biznaga
then follow your fourth sense,
for that's where lies my chalaza

All that is but a lost sailor,
hoping you'll see the tip of his jibboom
I attempt to code this poem so everyone will understand the  message but only she could make 100 percent meaning, if she ever comes across it. There is a name.
Dame  dawn hurried in,
Birds were at cross purposes;
Night left unnoticed.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I know you had to leave me, and that you had no
choice but If had to be
Then I prayed let be In summer so you wouldn't
you feel the cold, but again my prayers were not answered
Like the times I've prayed before, so I've gradually lost my faith now I'm left here all
Lost my faith, again my prayers have gone unoticed
like all my prayer before
Invisible Nov 2018
Demons are just FALLEN ANGELS.
They fell
And unlike angels,
DEMONS have a STORY to tell.
Good and evil.
It's just two sides of the same coin.
Nina Oct 2018
I wrote secret messages to you,
Hoping that you'll find it
But you never did
Nor even cared
Nina Sep 2018
I'm sorry im not pretty enough to be the one you admire
I'm sorry for not being feminine enough to be called cute
I'm sorry for not being the one you look forward to texting
I'm sorry for being annoying when i kept asking you how your day went
I'm sorry for not being the one you like
Im sorry for loving you
Anya Sep 2018
It's stifling
By anyone
By anything
in a room
full of my
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