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Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2019
Break me into chasm
then let the love pour in—
flower into deep well—
stem the umbilicus
of what you could say
you knew of me—

the privilege of living
inside your own head—
and me,
something made of sand,
a wink—

something of one
of many lives ago,
though how well
you knew me—
as did he—
how well they saw me—
and maybe no one did.

We were lovers
in a past life.
And now
I am obscure as
lost Atlantis, origin
of the fairy tale—
as gossamer and
the Holy Grail.
This poem came about after seeing somebody I used to know on Facebook making a comment on a mutual friend's wall.
She voyaged
to the cusp of my being
as I exhaled into her
magnolia skin.
Sans chart
sans compass

she knew me by the moon
and stars only
she knew me by the tide
of my breathing
by the pull of the winds

And I fold like the waves
to her touch
and I fold like feather-tips
in the catch of her gaze
I sink under in her ocean
as wild men in a diving-bell.

and soon my
thoughts are
in the depths
of my wonder for her

and soon my
thoughts are
in the depths
of my
love of her

— The End —