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All my life I am tired.

Tired of awaiting the call

tired to wait to be small

Next to another whose tall.

Tired of trying and waiting and doing all my life

in the thrall

of the wait

to challenge the looming debate

and crying my eyes

To sleep.

Too Late.

For time slows to a creep

and winds all my life.

I am tired

and waiting

all my life

to sleep.
Hard day, fearful of tomorrow's own hardship yet optimistic of the future and all it's waiting around. In the meantime I will do.
I knew I'd turned a corner
The first time I made love to
Myself with no regrets

How many times was pleasure
Robbed the moment my mind turned
Back to "normal" again

Chemicals flooding my brain,
Changing me into something
I could not recognize

Lost in a daydream that looked
Like a nightmare to the old
Self I believed in

The moment of ****** tied to
A feeling of remorse, regret,
Disgust and defeat

Over and over again,
Against the God I said I loved!
Against my better judgement!

I'm still in the combat of
Deprogramming to love me
More than anyone can

But every now and then I
Make love to myself like I'm
Christina Aquilera

Like I'm the Goddess that I'm
Learning to become just like
The Mormons said I'd be
I got the golden *****
You know I paid for that
Gold like this don't
Come out no magic hat

A ******* bunny
I've kissed a million John's
Snow white's a dime
A dozen dwarves I've done

I taste fantastic
Like cinnamagic
Hidy ** I'm working up
Some black *****

Like Cardi B
I sing so sweet
A melody
You didn't

Me stripping
Like jesus you
Must be tipping me

Orca whales a tale

You aint I'm flipping me
Back over
And I'm back under

The your dirt
I am the worm
Ashes on your shirt
Dead like you want to be
Make love like you wanted me

You know I'm your freedom
Like an underground whitehead
Call me a shark with ****
I give up that tight head

Locked in a fantasy
Locked like you want to be
Chaste boy, my name is Chastity

Not a **** in sight
Your lost in me
Like you were lost at sea
In my gold *****

I aint no trap
Queen I'll kiss you like you my royalty
I'll be your Harry Styles, you'll be my
Honey Bee

I'm busy for you boy
You better know I'm a sap for you
My honey's dripping down for you
Soul from day one is in trouble and dejection
Because it has never opted as a choice to accept
To be secluded from its real origin as selection
It was verdict of the Master to take the concept

Soul is in search of Lord to be back in the ocean
A drop of water has no entity in the real source
Only intention is granted but devoid of any action
What remains with man is pain and just remorse

Love of soul is entrance in search or real beauty
Constantly and consistently it is in search of truth
From a chained state it always tries to be just free
World has failed to ****** its chastity to be uncouth

Hence soul remains pure as an image of the Lord
It takes along love beauty and truth as belonging
It is totally ingrained in a chain and in love chord
Being in string in every spring it blooms to swing

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
I have you wrapped around me,
My head,my body,my soul...
Not for anyone but for me,
You're special,
You're golden and rare,
Having you in mind is no easy dare,
But its worth it,
You're purity,
You're innocence,
You are cleanliness.
You are undefiled.
You're possible.
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