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press to distress
express disdain
say if may
dis is in vain

but there's rain in my veins
and through the pain
is where we gain
the whys and the eyes
for I's and the lies

I guess I got caught in the rot
but hey why not
leave like a leaf
live and relieve
weave and retrieve
humus is us and whatnot
16 July 2021
Isabella Apr 2020
the thought that you will leave me
does nothing to relieve me
of the pain my love has brought me
how you never even sought me

the thought that you might grieve me
does nothing to deceive me
of the truth that you don't want me
but there's still things my love has taught me
Cayley Raven May 2020
I thought the quarantine
could be all about *******,
but instead
it's only ******* with my head
and sadly to say,
not in a "come and ride my face"
kind of way.
Oops, sorry, I felt like letting this out, so ... there you go.
Umi Feb 2018
By the time as it passes endlessly without coming to a halt.
Each human has been gifted with wealth, wether that be material or
not is of no importance, some possess more, some do possess less.
However, the most valuable wealth which is in a clear recording,
Is neither chosen to be owned, nor can one choose to abandon it.
Some tend to waste it, according to others by their individual opinion.
For some it is a cruel fate, as it runs out quicker until the life has reached its destined point, fades away into the embrace of death
Some use it for their advantage, to gain success, renown, luster.
Are you able to guess what it is, has the obvious been pointed out ?
Tick, tock, time passes, to never to turn and change it's path
As I am getting lost in emotions, such as tremor in my thoughts, I have stared into the pocket watch, its motion which gently calms me,
Thinking about the seconds which pass, I am locked in this angel's
sight with no chance to flee, digging deeper into the structure of my mind without minding the time which is escaping before my eyes.
Tick, tock, self reflection, thinking through actions, this time I spend staring is far from being wasted, far from being thrown away.
Until finally, I close it, sighing in relive

~ Umi
In memoriam of my pocket watch: Angel Zadkiel
Dreamer Feb 2018
And, tired for some time
possibly shutting eyes will do
before strolling another mile

Honey, sing me a children's song
much the same as you
with a touch of bitterness
And a touch of adoration that is true

I'm done with the falsehoods
the sweet ones
that gets pushed
into my throat consistently

They say
salvation is available to be purchased
while the spirit bites the dust
a noiseless demise
I'm heaving each second
while vision
breaks down in my breath
for what isn't right

what's more, what isn't doesn't make a difference
until the point when I quiet my fevered head

Honey, sing me a bedtime song
much the same as you
I know life is short
What's more, trusts are so few
In any case, I'm never excessively drained
to escape away with you
under the blue moon
sing me a children's song
much the same as you
something so genuine
something that relieves
Wounded Warrior Sep 2017
I want you to not forget.
That you've tried this route before.
It didn't fix anything.
Temporary 30 second buzz.
Isn't worth the shame or headache.
You still end up right where you left off.
You're so much more than this.
You are hurting, you need a shoulder to cry on.
Not a bottle of illusion.
Scream, cry, sing... your way through it.
The feeling will pass.
It always does.
I know it feels impossible right now & this seems like a good solution.
But I promise you it's not.
Think about your beautiful children...
They are your world.
You are teaching them how to love themselves by your actions.
So love yourself furiously.
For you are so worthy.
Call a friend, ask for a hug.
You aren't alone.
You don't have to do this.
Mane Omsy Apr 2017
Let the bullet drill through
Erase memories of my family
Hell, the people who must stick
together, the trouble is severe

Ride the life boat
This ship has begun to sink
No more trusting fams
No more good intentions

I can't smile when blood clots
It won't heal like friendships
Rowing straight towards them
Even, words could've relieved-
the grievance, a little
Redemption - VIII

This is really the most terrifying thing occurred in my whole life. When your own family turn their head away from you and couldn't even help you with relieving words, it's like they don't know you anymore. They don't believe you could ever succeed in life so they could have anything helpful from you. This is the moment when you realize life isn't easy like the other adventures you've seen in films. It's reality. It's happening. Do not expect your own blood to help you.
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
'Is it ok if I would say
the words I am thinking about,
they are on the tip of my tongue.
Is it ok to wrap my heart around
the meaning of them.
Will it be poison or relieve?'
- F.D. Prenger
Chara-Ruth Ward Aug 2016
It comes like a wave. Washing very slowly over oneself.
By Chara Ward ©
Gioo Apr 2016
Don't relieve her from the pain that life gave.
Her wounds are permanent reminders of her life in bloom.

She is a flower, this rain keeps her alive.
Between the grey clouds the sun will shine for her
And after that summer she'll be one with the petals in the wind
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