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May 7
Why do I smile? T'aint no mystery
Wanna have a good medical history

Doctor tells me smiling is great
Helps them blood cells circulate

Great for the skin
Great for the ticker
Smiling will get you
In better shape quicker

Feels so healthy, feels so sweet
Smiling just makes my face complete

It builds my strength and appetite
And makes my toenails feel just right

Keeps me youthful, keeps me light
Makes people wonder
‘Bout me in the night

Smiling helps me get along
And keeps all my
Relationships strong

Beats bein' frowny, Beats bein' lazy
Why do I smile? Maybe I'm crazy!!
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I started out with a different version of this poem.  Then I was out working in my yard and I suddenly thought about an old poem I had on my wall as a teenager.  This poem was called "Why Do I Run?" and I loved it and memorized it.

For many decades now I've loved running.  The poem was written by Ed Cunningham, and I give him full credit for the initial idea and style.  I've changed it up and added a lot, of course.  I still love running and I still love smiling - read it to find out Why I Smile!
Christopher Westra
Written by
Christopher Westra  53/M/Utah
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