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Selcæiös Jul 2019
I've been venting to these Kings lately
about my problems
and they can't solve them
but still I talk
cause sometimes all we
need is somebody to listen to
what everybody else brushed off

& what I call Nonsense,
may be your Last Reason for Living
and if so,
**** just let me go hop off
**** me if I hated on you
I'm still learning where I'm
supposed to knock,**** still totally lost
but its cool because I just
lost my heart but not my cause.
lol i forgot to share it as public and not community so here yall go!
Selcæiös Jun 2019
before he left me there to rot
he kissed me on the cheek
he whispered in my ear i wasnt special
aint no different
was just like every other girl he turned down for me
like none of our time together ****** mattered
thats what hurt the most but now im better for it
ive never felt more special than after you said i wasnt special
pain didnt humble me
you made me fall in love with me,
but i dont expect you to understand
Selcæiös Jun 2019
No matter how dark it's going to get
Before you go, let me show you the light
Do not forget that Life is not a part of Death
But Death is a part of Life
Selcæiös May 2019
Nothing is more sad
than the Death of an illusion
Selcæiös May 2019
You’re wide-eyed blinking at that wall,
You’re on the other side
You’re still shocked n' pretty shook
thinking that you just can’t die

But please don’t be surprised
if the next time
You're staring down
the Sewer’s Porcelain Eye,
The clock strikes 12,
it chimes for midnight
But this time
you don’t make it out alive

No resurrections
No second tries
You already used them all up
On the times you OD’ed
All alone on those
Solemn weekday nights

So better luck next time
In this game we call life
Because this time
you ****** up;
Made mistakes so bad
even I couldn’t revise
Selcæiös May 2019
A pack without a leader
can be a dangerous problem to solve
because once the rest perceive you as weaker
that's an even bigger bullet to dodge.

But a wolf without a pack
that's a different story to tell
because he alone can choose where to go
and not be slowed by anyone else
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