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Johnny walker Jun 26
I knew the day I lost my sweetheart some of most
difficult days where
still yet to
Days without a love I had become so used to
would now be no
more the cruel
I would never love again like I loved Helen that
In the cold light of
day this was my
even two years  on I still feel the hurt pain when
loving someone so much
and then you know
never see them again You
have to have loved and lost to know the real suffering of pain one goes
Oh how great was our love for each other Helen and I
sprites that cannot be
broken for we allowed our souls to
Never held back did what we wanted no matter what was said to us for we had a kind of freedom that still live on In
For true love never dies but only move on with the passing of time and true love Is what Helen and I had and love will never
Johnny walker Mar 30
Would you know me, Helen, If we met  In Heaven at the end of my days, would you know my name and would you remember me as I
And Helen would you remember If we met Heaven sweetheart would you remember the twenty years as Husband and wife
that we spent
Helen would you remember our son that you gifted to me and sweetheart If we met Heaven at the end of my days
would know me and love me as before well I can't say that I'll make to Heaven but I'll sure
give It a
for to Heaven, I'm the sure sweetheart that's where you are, all I can do Is hope that If I make
It you'll know who I am when I arrive at the gates
I hope Helen  at least that you'll remember my
If I make It To Heaven Helen, my sweetheart, I believe that's where you are If and when I arrive I hope and pray that you remember me and of the years we had as Husband and Wife
Johnny walker Mar 26
There are four walls now  surrounding me these walls Is to where I
live my life and surrounding me all around the wall pictures
my wife there Is
Memory of a life now gone
and sometimes when I'm laid In bed at night
this room within this house that dont won't to live
in any more but for now I'm like a prisoner trapped within there's four
But sometimes still can't believe of all Helen and I has gone forever
to be no more can't get my head around that all one built In
can be taken from us with very little warning and all that left photograph memories
thoughts and all you've built over years In that special relationship thought would never
and the shock of when It does the disbelieve that you'll never she your loved one the rest of you life Is so very hard to
Total disbelieve when you lose the one you love to even try and think you'll never see them In your life ever again
Aim for
the Moon, because
even if you miss, you'll land
somewhere among
the stars!
Don't give up and go on!!!
Always pretend that you are alone
That way
When everything falls apart
. . . It's like nothing has changed . . .
Avary Nov 2018
Pretty boy, singing your pretty words:
pouring liquid symphonies into my ear,
knowing exactly what I want to hear.

Stolen words, from a romance guide;
pried from the heart of your previous lover,
and some two, three, four or maybe five girls other.

Cooing sweet nothings in your honey voice.
It is not enough, a mating ritual parade,
because I’ve been there before and I know your charade.

Don’t you understand? - what you did to me.
Demon possessed or a facade dropped,
the memory: the pain, the anxiety, the shock.

What you want is untouched, an untampered babe.
Yet again, you devote your concert to me,
but I don’t want it and you don’t really want me.

I am stitched back together, corrupt by your hand.
Your photocopied scars adjourn my skin,
but the ink seeped deeper, obscuring your sin.

And you’ll never understand, what you did to me:
because you’re still a pretty boy, with your pretty words
and I'll deal with the trauma, my story unheard.
Cecil Miller Nov 2018
I'd like to see
The tears
you're crying

When they carry
My body

I'd like to know
You should
Have loved me

When you could have
Your say.

I want lots of
to comfort

And help you
Get through
The grief.

I'd like to see
The tears
You're crying

When you could
Have said
Your peace.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.

I'd like to see
The tears
You're crying

When you
Are feeling
Your pain.

It all
about you

When it all
Comes back

The choir
Is singing

It won't be
I'm gone

I'd like to see
The tears
Your crying

And know
You know
You were wrong.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.

Can you tell me how
You love me now?
Can you let the secret out of Pandora's box?

I want your friends
To be

I want
You to
have fun

But first
The truth
Will eat you

For what
You've left

Might say
It's better

That you
Are spared
Some pain.

Had lived
Not knowing

If I
Was loving
You in vain.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.
Love takes courage. A lot of people just can't seem to express how they feel until it's too late. This song is not about death. It's about never having lived. (No, it is not auto-biographical)
Kalen Doleman Sep 2018
I think back to where my journey first began
I let behind those fields of grain.
Towards the endless everlasting world
that opened to me.

I know with this boiling hope brewing in me
I'll see the light of day!
Heading towards my destiny.
The one that I've ceaselessly searched for.

When the scent of hope arises
my nose just can't help but lead me.
As the scent leads to a vibrant, tasty reality.
A reality of hope, light, and prosperity.

Moving with my burning passion.
A new world full of bright opportunity.
Opening the gates of courage.
Closing old doors of stagnant, stinky fleas.

Looking back in my troubled days,
it's full of despair, and painful stakes.
But i just head towards the horizon.
It's just on the other side!


I've traveled far from where i first began.
And i know someday i'll find the land.
The place where my light grows and shines.

So there's never a need
to give up hope.
Don't drop down, do not mope.
Or you'll miss the endless season of the seas and skies.

So keep on following the winds and waves.
Know your passions.
Give them space.
So they can grow and expand in every way!

Keep a smile on that face.
Let your hopes breathe.
Open yourself to the sky.
There's no need to give up.

Because ....

No matter, whatever, or who you are.
The light of hope will take you far.
Keep imagination alive.
It will take you there.

To the land where you will shine.
You just have to use your mind.
No matter where you are.
Just look back where the journey first began.
You'll find the reason to move on!
infinitewaters poem songofhope poetry greatpoem despair love hope imagination flamingdesire.
Bryce May 2018
my back-stroked keys
Arrive in formative seas

To float alone in endlessly
From you to you to me.
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