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I am that little destroy toy.
Anya Anyway.
I am a little annoy boy.
Stuck in heavy discomfort all day.

When you scroll down, do you like anything?
When you get down, you do miss something?
Fighting, rushing.
Tightening feeling.

Do you want to be seen?
To be happy?
Cause you're learning so much more in the dark night scene!
Now you're ******!

Destroy toy.
Absolutely ******.

I am a little destroy toy.
Anya anyway.
You are a little annoy boy.
Underneath you are so miserable everyday.

When you come up with this nonsense to cover your misery.
I'd like to cover it with mistery.
But I'm angry too often.
And you're kind.
So never mind.

Let's learn in the dark night scene.
And come completely clean, what is it that you really mean?

I am that little destroy toy.
Anya Anyway.
I am a little annoy boy.
Stuck in heavy discomfort all day.
Nate Helwig Dec 2018
I wake each morning with you on my mind.
A brand, burned, molded by my stupid lies.
My marked inadequacies I cover with ashes.
With hope to drown out the everlasting.

I walked around, blind, unable to see.
That she, she made me.
She echoes throughout my mind.
She is Gracious, one of a kind.
Like a Forest Green with abundant life.
She was undeserving of the burning, the strife.
She was what made life seem, alright.

A man once said,
The Price is what you pay.
The Value is what you get.
That today is a gift.
and tomorrow, a mystery.

Yet, somehow, our past, our history.
It gets to me, my unforeseen misery.
A cascade of my preaching.
Oh how i miss teaching.
Silly me.
Why couldn't i see.
She was the one, for me.
Oh silly me.
Waltzing to my own beat.

She went bye, one... two... three...
Dancing with glee.
Boiling with passion.
From dawn of light she drinks, with delight.
Sharing the sunlight,
From Sunrize, To night.
The Tea to my Longevity.
Sorry i left what could have been right.
For i am the one, dancing on my own.
I wake up each morning, her burning in my mind.
I will one day show this to her.
One day.
Her name will remain mystery.
Nate Helwig Dec 2018
She was mine,
A delight.
She, woken up to morning light.
Me, woken up to she.
We had loved the days,
My ray of sunshine,
She had loved me, stay.
Love cannot persevere
All the time.
She was there, time after time.

Not all good things can last,
Pain brewed from the past,
Mashed against the wall.
Us, hoping to forget it all.

Before a move was made,
Love was left behind.
She knew he had lied,
He knew she wouldn't, stay.

Love, left there, untouched.
Him, a crutch.
Her, left there.

Right away, he "moved on"
But wished to forget

Impossible to forget,
She left.

Impossible to forget,
He was left.

All the time.
She was there, time after time.
Let's grow old, this time
This time.
III Aug 2018
All the pieces
     Of myself
I never quite

     To those who've never seen
The colors of a night
      Never long enough.

— The End —