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Hunter K Nov 2016
Let's be honest here,
On this enlightened day.
Here I stand in fear,
Not exactly sure what I should say.
I stand before you,
Trembling in fright,
My sad reality has come true,
As I keep my composer with all my might.

Look, yes, I make mistakes,
More than most seems,
I know I made your heart ache,
But know it haunts my dreams.
You are my friend,
And this friendship I don't want to end,
Because of my stupidity,
My dishonesty
And certainly my arrogance.

Here I stand before you,
Asking, begging, for forgiveness.
A request, not an order.
A true mess of an offer.
But yet here I still stand,
Holding out my hand,
A gesture that I hope for you to take.
A gesture to mend the broken pieces.
A gesture of a friend.
A gesture I hope for you to take.
Hunter K Jun 2015
Roses or red
Violets are blue
Our rps are fun
I want nothing new

I hope we are friends,
I hope this is true,
as I always try
to look out for you.

I will never forget
About our little crew,
Fighting many battles
and losing my shoe.

It would break me,
if you said you must bit my adieu,
as so much word and imagination
is what made this rp grew.

All the problems,
I would have never gotten through,
Are all thanks to
little old you.

So come on now,
just me and you,
two phones and two lives,
But one rp is drew.
Hunter K Apr 2015
Look at me,
Look at me!
As pretty as can be!
My hair so curly,
My teeth so pearly,
My cloths so neat,
Making me look so sweet.
My shoes on point,
I know I won't disappoint,
As I walk down the halls,
Saying "******* all,"
As I know I am pretty,
But unlike you,
I am witty.
Hunter K Apr 2015
I'm a little unicorn,
Short and cute.
Here in my magic horn,
And here is my hoof.

I like to drink my chocolate milk,
And chew on silk.
I **** evil wizards,
And chase the lizards.
Because I'm magic,
Isn't my story tragic?

I was left behind from the ark,
And almost killed by a shark,
(My evil nemesis)
Until I met the pegasus,
And flew back to modern day life,
Only to see my cousins killed with knives,
Oh what a world it is!
How long was I gone?
Can I forgive?
I got bored.
Hunter K Mar 2015
The monster is out tonight,
And is ready to bite,
He is looking to fight,
He stands 7 feet in height,
Not one man nor knight,
Could take him down towards the light.

One terrible day,
A brave little man had something to say,
He declared he was going to slay
the big old beast within the month of May,
Everyone knew this man was just old prey,
As he was going to meet the highest price to pay,
When that beast came stomping his way.

That night the monster was hungry,
He was looking for something crunchy,
Something oh so yummy,
Hunter K Mar 2015
Once upon a time,
There was a little crime,
Nothing too big,
Nothing as major as a stolen pig,
But the one who done it,
Felt as if he has done more than the first hit.

He wants to say he didn't mean to do it,
But he knows that is a lie,
People ask him why.
"Why, why do such a thing?"
But he only cries.

He understands what he has done,
He understands that he shouldn't run,
But how couldn't he?
He knows he will never be able to face *me
Hunter K Feb 2015
Fourteen long stormy years ago,
Was a dark and gloomy night,
A spidery women as far as we know,
Was looking threw every house's window,
She walked ever so delicately over the snow,
Keeping herself out of sight,
Not a part of her seemed to glow,
All except her eyes that were anything but white.

Not so far away,
A newborn child lay,
Sleeping ever so peacefully,
Smiling ever so sweetly,
How could this creature resist?
The longing she had for that child,
Was a feeling she could not dismiss.

Forget the child's parents!
He must be her new prince,
Her next movements were completely errant,
As the creature just lost control,
She snatched the child up,
Holding him like a pup,
She fled to safety,
Before the child awoke,
The mysterious spider lady,
Took him to her home,
To raise him as her very own.

Now present day,
The child now given himself his own new name,
A prince? That is not want he wants to be,
He wishes to have his own word free,
Tired of staring at blank walls,
The child for the first time travels threw new halls,
Leaving the place his once called home,
Not knowing the new places he will roam,
Not knowing the adventures he will have,
Or the people he will share them with.
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