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  Aug 2017 wolf
I've seen endless galaxies in her eyes,
And I have felt entire hemispheres
Hot and burning
Upon our lips,
The sun and the stars,
Consummating, constellating
Between her hips.
wolf Jul 2017
This ones for you,
and everything you do.
Everything you've done to me,
i must remind you.
Now that it's over and it will never be again,
when you read this youll finally know the chaos in my head.
You want to say I'm not ****, that you deserve better,
but that's just an understatement
cause whos better than better?
I taught you everything you know &  made you everything you are today. Where's my thank you ?
Yet here you are throwing dirt on my name is that to save you,
from the truth behind it all ?
to make you look like you did nothing wrong ?
Let me remind you how much you'd say that I should let the past go,
but it was hard to let it go bc you ****** her in the same bed you ****** me in, a time ago.
& called me up as the rebound, because she no longer wanted you
& you knew I didn't have any knowlege about it, had no clue. Remember when you went behind my back,
and had drinks with girls you knew I wouldn't consider friendly
& you didn't have the courage or the guts to even tell me?
Let's not forget about the fights,
how you'd let yourself get too encountered with my friends & act like that **** wasn't in my sight.
Then we'd argue for hours because id tell you & ask if youd be okay with it,
if i did to you the same **** like this?
Dont forget the times we'd get physically agressive, & not in the best way,
leaving me bruises on my skin,
& on your arms my fingers left you scratches,
to remind us what pain is.
So before you get to talking,
about what kind of pain i brought you,
don't you forget about the ****
you yourself caused,
I wasn't the only one,
It wasnt just my fault,
& I hope that when you read this,
If you read this, you applaud.
#breakups #betteroffwithoutyou
  Jul 2017 wolf
You told me to calm down.
All I'd done was just tried.
As you explained me the life,
I heard just the death.
Now you closed your doors,
as you saw me too much crying.
Until I calm down,
to find the kye.
Until I see the death,
then I understand the life.
Thats the time you open me,
but I will not be the same.
All what I will get through,
helps me to do the same for you.
That is simply the reason why I have not been sleeping for 42 hours from now. I'm getting through something. I hope my inspiration in my life helps you find the glory in my poetry.
wolf May 2017
the only time I find myself writing
is when
I'm drinking,
thinking about you,
falling into sadness,
thinking about you,
at my happiest wishing I was near you.
  May 2017 wolf
That's the most painful thing about missing people.
The void they leave inside your chest aches through the proof,
That at some point they used to make it whole.
For Allan.
  May 2017 wolf
M Sanchez
You do not get to hurt my feelings and call it "art"
I will not gift you in that way
You own all the credit but I refuse to give you fame
This is not a poem
If it were it'd be titled with your name
Details about how the clouds couldn't compete with me but instead,
I am feeling that feeling with no name
And that's why
This is not a poem
As I'm lying on this bed
I will sign it and hide it within my drawer labeled 12 AMs
Because you are not an artist
They create beauty from their own pain
But you have used mine
You will never know what it said
I still love you
But I must remind you,

that this is not a poem.
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