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Beaux Oct 2020
Self hatred
Fueled by staying inside
By never seeing people
By wearing a mask

Full face
Half face
No face
Hide behind the cloth
The screen
The walls

Leave me anonymous
I've developed extreme anxiety around publicly showing my face. It's gotten to the point I can't drive without a mask or go get my mail. All the mirrors in my house are covered. Seeing myself ruins my day.
wabisabichii Aug 2020
you appear in my dreams
and the moment i open my eyes
you're faceless in my mind

do i know you?
that depends
i always forget how the dream ends

you're not forgotten
but why can't i remember?
you're like a dying ember

spark your flame!
show me who you are
tell me of your scars

i still cant remember
my head is aching
my heart is breaking

all you'll be is
as time passes

i'll never know
who am i to interfere?
to me, you were a man who was once here

over and over again
til the next dream then
27th january, year 2018
reyftamayo Aug 2020
lamyos ng dampi ng ginaw
sa tuyong balat
ng nilikhang kanina pa ay
naghihingalong kumakampay
sa gilid ng dagat
sa gitna ng disyerto
sa loob nitong lunsod
na kayraming pangako
nilalasap ang pabagu-bagong
init-lamig ng malungkot
na ihip ng hangin-usok
may ibinubulong na mensahe
nagmula pa sa kung saang daigdig
pumapaimbulog sa kalawakan
parang naglalaro
naghahagilap ng kaunting pansin
na wari ba ay kasing kulay
ng bahaghari
kahit na walang inilimos na tubig-ulan
kahit na sadyang kaydilim
ng sanlibutan
Lyinix May 2020
I smile onto the darkness as it watches me
The dark that some would run or even flee

I laugh as I mingle in my friend's presence
He tells me a joke that others would dismiss as nonsense

But in daylight I'm under my person feeling lonely
She hugs she laughs with her friends smiling brightly

I tried to smile as if I had lips
I tried to sway as if I had hips

I mimicked her as she waved but then I realized
I'm not mimicking anything until I am with my old friend

I am but a shadow with no face only black
I am a shadow with no control under daylight I'm a wrack

But With in my old friend, dark, I am free
I could smile, laugh and scream as if I'm a banshee
The only problem is that you can't and never will see

Sunset Meadows Nov 2019
Sometimes I wonder
Who sees me for me
And who just sees a person

Does it make it easier for them
To target a faceless person
Rather than a ******

Is that all I am
A ******
Just a messed up person
Whose brain forces harm

What makes me so different than you?
Than the normal ones

Where are the ones who arise for us
Have they all disappeared?
Left us for death?
Tell me what you think.
John H Dillinger Sep 2019
The Faceless Man

He walks the world without one,
but could borrow any face.

I could guess the colour of His skin
but He doesn't belong to any race

As soon as He's within your grasp
He disappears without a trace

And you can only sense His smile
As He slips into your place.
The Faceless Man is a recurring poetic character of mine. Something always lurking in the shadows.
Lunar Nov 2018
I fell in love
With a faceless boy
Who walked among the waves
And let his skin bathe in the moonlight.

But I could tell he was smiling.
That's when I fell in love.
for wjh

SelinaSharday Oct 2018
My Expressions unclear.
my looks may be a blur..
but regardless of my face..
I'm a Queen to embrace.
Of me completely..
The thorns in my head makes me bleed mentally
Look past my face You may see a deeper place.
In my natural state posed uniquely.
Can you hold every bit of me.
Regardless of looks, expressions, or conditions.

Faceless expressions eyes like weapons.
Provide clues to feelings.
So I'll mask what needs healing
Efforts made to reach the complicated.
Things unseen a task for the dedicated.
Faceless....shielding what I express.
Hidden Knowledge leaking what I'd like to confess. selina 2018 s.a.m
This is what I wrote from facebook after being giving a photo challenge to write on a image given. A woman with  no face wearing a bleeding crown on her head as dripping stains run from her forehead. cultural.
sol Oct 2018
i dreamt of you.
you were faceless again.
i do not know why this happens.
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