Invocation Nov 2017
Take me back and forth again
Lead through the sun and rain
Teach my heart to carry pain
Let love flood my scattering brain

Pierce the heavens with my drill
Live by accident, die by will
I accept my Self
I am all I see

I commit to my passionate drives to create
I refuse to ration my energies or give in to hate
Every day is a new episode in a movie about MY LIFE
And the most glorious characters fill me with joy

Stay with me as I shed this and that
If I share some with you, take it
I beg of you, be you

My needs are my wants, I will want what I need
I am dancing for myself as my feet and soul are free

Take me back and forth once more
A new perspective from the floor
No longer will my mind shut this door
MY HEART IS OPEN and my eyes will adore

I will be a curve in this spiral
I will be the river's flow
I will be every star in the heavens
I will be every fern below
Blessed, fox
Invocation Mar 2017
"My body craves you like parched senses ride waves, deeply, sensually, like a new life, a new frame of mind. I've found a gem and into it's depths I gaze for hours. Windows aligning with mine and I'm in your panes, your frames, your lens of power. I'm free, I'm wrangled to the ground by branches, and now I'm underneath the world and I'm sinking to your bed and we're warm.
I want to be a woman, clay and you'll mold me, form as you hold me, crack when I'm dry, you'll rewet and reshape my core. Heat me and glaze my sharp corners and fill me with rising warmth and purpose
Break me and I'll be fine
My pieces will be yours "

"Woman you already are. Molded by your own hands. Inspiration gained from the world around you. A masterpiece already. Nothing i could do could ever increase your beauty. So instead i shall take the role of awed onlooker.
And somehow i never believed i would produce that effect on you. But if what you see is anything like what i see. Than ive been to the stars and seen cosmos from afar. Ive watched stars die out in brilliant arrays of color and searing heat. Ive seen new life bloom in the cold wastelands of space. And i really should thank you for making me an astronaut. "
Mashed up messages from our yesteryear
  Oct 2015 Invocation
Lora Lee
I have got this hunger
A craving, you could say
It comes to me
When I least expect it
And won't go away

It enters my bloodstream
Pulses through
My veins
It doesn’t care
Whether I am feeling
Pleasure or pain

It pumps into my heart
It slides upon my skin
It takes me over,
Without and within.

When I get his hunger,
This craving
This urge
All of my senses
Start tripping
My emotions in a surge
Like rushing water
Upon a calm lake
Oh, please, I beg,
Fulfill it…
For Heaven's

It takes me over
Occupies my body
My brain
And I feel that if I don't
Scratch that itch soon
I will truly go insane

I look towards the heavens
I pray with all my heart
Please, help me to satisfy
This great gaping want..
For I am burning up
Inside my own strife
If I do not feed
This Lust
for Life
  Oct 2015 Invocation
Lora Lee
I have no idea
What brought me here
To this place,
This mystical temple
Of a sacred space
But here I stand
And my arms
My heart
are wide open
Raised to the heavens
As I pray
Open to receiving miracles
Open to the wonders
Of this love
And I wonder
What an alternate universe
May have brought
But it is pointless
For I am thankful
And happy with what I have
I am happy
To have been created as me
To have created and still
To create
And I am elated
To a heavenly sort of place
As my heart I do consecrate
Raise my eyes to the stellar fires
Bless each and one of my earthly
And  unearthly desires

I pour the sacred water
Upon my head
Feel its coolness
In the sparkling night
I feel the divine essence
from above
Bless my spirit, Bless my soul
I thank the Universe
For keeping me whole
For making me a woman,
A mother
A friend devoted
For staying real,
not sugar-coated
For being blessed
A sensual creature
(Sexual delight
a powerful feature)
I am thankful for my strength
And intellectual liberty
And for my constant fight
To keep myself

And, most of all --
I am ever grateful
For this divine opportunity…
Ever humbled, as it is
Bestowed upon me:
To experience
the profound inner light
of my own emotions
to give myself a gift
of utter devotion
to allow myself
without inhibition
the freedom of expression
I was meant for
To come into
Yes, in joy
Yes, in wonder
I raise my head to the heavens
And take in the thunder
Invocation Oct 2015
She's strong and wise and sticky fingered
She's squishy and smart and colourful and fun
She's small and quick and shiny
And she's gonna find herself in
Being free
Spread ur wangs leetle gecker.
Invocation Oct 2015
I used to believe i took my happiness
Straight from other people's lives
I would feed them my pieces until
I was empty and void of all feeling
I let everyone drink from my coffee
Mug, until it was empty and i had
No coffee to perk myself up and
All of my energy gone so i can't make
Another cup. Now i feed myself all
The coffee i need and desire, and i
Let people give me coffee if they think
I need it and if i want it. Now i always
Have enough energy to supply others
And fill them to overflowing with
This beautiful burning love
This fire this pain
Is so
Worth it
Close you eyes and everything is beautiful
Love yourself til you overflow and
Onto others
And fill them to overflowing c:
Invocation Oct 2015
Hey you. Unique breathing thing full of life and colours and beautiful ideas and grand schemes and perfect eyes, and you of the warm tingling that is my sudden awareness of the blood flowing in my veins and warming my skin, and you that are so calming, energizing , invigorating and relaxing and wise.
Never let anyone tell you that you are made of anything less than magic.
You of the books and games, you if the heart that longs for great things with a pure burning passion.
Never let anything stand between you and your goals, even the impossible ones.
You of the lightness of step and conscious efforts to cleanse and heal this earth, you of the empathetic wild heart and innocence of heart and not of mind, you are the brave beast that will bring about change.
Never let your youthful energy die or be replaced by greed or lust for pain.
I have seen many wonderful things grow and die, but lately I’ve seen a lot of things grow sideways.
Everyone is compensating for a lack of love, a lack of health, a lack of feeling.
Where are we?
I will chase the deep questions and teeter on the brink of dark chasms without falling into them, no ropes for escape. I will spend my time making ropes by hand and testing them to know that they are strong. Once this has been achieved I will be stable enough to fall where I please, wherever the wind carries me. So long as I can tie my ropes to strong hands, and trust in the unwavering loyalty of those around me, I can fly into everywhere and explore every strange and wonderful thing. I will stabilize. I will learn to hold the light ahead of me to guide my path instead of only examining my current state, if I want to grow and stop getting lost in the same routine steps and stumbles. I will learn from my mistakes.
Never force yourself unprepared into the deep and the dark. There is time.
I’m tired.
I’m physically tired of thinking about things that don’t actually affect my life in any way.
I’m tired of having the guilt and stress pin me to the floor with tears as I let others tell me what is good, wholesome, inappropriate, or awkward. I cry when you make yourself offended by my personality, my tastes, my happiness, or my lack of care for things I don’t feel concern me at all. I want to help others by taking away their stress, but I ended up carrying it. From now on, your stress is your stress. I will teach you ways to combat stress and let go. But I will not make your problems my problems. If I love you, I will give you a piece of my most precious possession: time. This will show you I care. I will give you my love and my eyes on your face, my cooking and my prayers. But my life is my own and in order to love you I must love myself. I will take the time to love who I am beyond all things.
I will not let the chemical and material stress of this world strangle my exuberance for living.
I don’t remember what it was like to be so insensitive. Well I do, I just can’t comprehend the insides of a person I once pretended to be. I was so poisonous and scared. I seem less together today, but who cares? I’m tying my insides down to respectable places within me before the ride, so the roller-coaster that is me can let go and let be without stressing about losing something or falling off the tracks. I know that I am destined for greatness. I will not be changed by those that pretend to love me. I will love even when I believe I cannot.

Hey you, I believe in you. You’re strong and sensible and you are my extra brain. You are powerful medicine and sweet surrender to raw emotion. Nothing in my life will be the same since I’ve found utter happiness, and I promise to share the wealth of infinite heavens with you.
You are me, even if you are you. And I love you.
I am releasing my stress, breath by breath by breath
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