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Invocation Jan 2019
I keep sending messages to girls that I wouldn't want to read if it were me
Or maybe I'm talking down about myself for no reason and the ladies love it when I tell them how pretty they are
It's not I expect to get laid with kindness
I just gush about **** I like
Sue me, I'm a nerd for those curves
I wouldn't mind some cozy *** though
Invocation Jan 2019
How is it I can reach out and bless everyone I touch except you

You tell me I'm enough
I'm doing well
I don't believe you

I disappointed myself again
Even if you can't see it
My bar was set higher than you set one for me
You said shoot for the moon and I shot for a Pluto that others said didn't count anyway
Please don't hide your needs from me, I need you to depend on me or I'm going to go crazy watching you work yourself to death ...
Invocation Jan 2019
And you're too tired to talk to me
I wish I had more to say to a faceless community but you're asleep next to me and I don't dare wake you. You work in the morning. It IS the morning. You've been busting *** while I sit happily on mine. How can I wake you to share these thoughts you need to hear? Sleep is my favourite comfort zone. I shan't take it away from you. Sleep blissfully my love.
Invocation Nov 2018
Little girl peeling in Orange in traffic
with your favorite fingernail
I love to watch you attack
tear off the skin chunks and save them in a jar in your car because the smell makes you feel so far away
it's very clean-smelling
This cold little orange
it's a dragon ball in dragon hands
My sore throat needs this
Invocation Oct 2018
From what was emaciated
stems a healthy glow
Selfish empty ache is satiated
I'm trying and doing so well
Invocation Nov 2017
Take me back and forth again
Lead through the sun and rain
Teach my heart to carry pain
Let love flood my scattering brain

Pierce the heavens with my drill
Live by accident, die by will
I accept my Self
I am all I see

I commit to my passionate drives to create
I refuse to ration my energies or give in to hate
Every day is a new episode in a movie about MY LIFE
And the most glorious characters fill me with joy

Stay with me as I shed this and that
If I share some with you, take it
I beg of you, be you

My needs are my wants, I will want what I need
I am dancing for myself as my feet and soul are free

Take me back and forth once more
A new perspective from the floor
No longer will my mind shut this door
MY HEART IS OPEN and my eyes will adore

I will be a curve in this spiral
I will be the river's flow
I will be every star in the heavens
I will be every fern below
Blessed, fox
Invocation Mar 2017
"My body craves you like parched senses ride waves, deeply, sensually, like a new life, a new frame of mind. I've found a gem and into it's depths I gaze for hours. Windows aligning with mine and I'm in your panes, your frames, your lens of power. I'm free, I'm wrangled to the ground by branches, and now I'm underneath the world and I'm sinking to your bed and we're warm.
I want to be a woman, clay and you'll mold me, form as you hold me, crack when I'm dry, you'll rewet and reshape my core. Heat me and glaze my sharp corners and fill me with rising warmth and purpose
Break me and I'll be fine
My pieces will be yours "

"Woman you already are. Molded by your own hands. Inspiration gained from the world around you. A masterpiece already. Nothing i could do could ever increase your beauty. So instead i shall take the role of awed onlooker.
And somehow i never believed i would produce that effect on you. But if what you see is anything like what i see. Than ive been to the stars and seen cosmos from afar. Ive watched stars die out in brilliant arrays of color and searing heat. Ive seen new life bloom in the cold wastelands of space. And i really should thank you for making me an astronaut. "
Mashed up messages from our yesteryear
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