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I pull myself down
to live on chequered floors
of empty community pools.

The chlorine burn,
         the pressure in my lungs,
are only a suggestion
          as I listen to the echoes
of my heartbeat.

It is only when
my lungs begin to burst,
          my knees begin to kick,
and I speak in bubbles,
that I stop listening to my heart
          and break the ceiling.

Strangers glance at me
          as I laugh into the sky
because instead of seeking air
          I am looking for you.
Allandra Apr 2021
Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

A beautiful soul destined for greatness, set yourself free.

Your smile is as sweet as sugar, it captures the eyes of onlookers.

You're phenomenal, you're one of a kind.

Remind yourself that you're worthy and a mastermind.

Apply pressure because you're the finest treasure.

Your personalities set the room on fire, your determination inspired others.

Your skin is pure, your skin is gold, and your body is perfect.

Self love is important, don't bleach or inject.

Whether you’re fat, whether you’re skinny.

Love your body shape.  

Don’t try to escape your body image.

You’re incredibly beautiful.

You’re incredibly handsome.

All that beauty shows.

Body Shaming is rude and offensive.

I know it’s depressive, I went through it before.

Ladies and Gentlemen when you’re having self-doubt.

Remember to read my lesson.

A lesson on self-love and positive message.

You’re a blessing.

Accept your flaws, self- confidence and self-respect.

Love yourself in every aspect.

Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

You’re more than what society makes you seem.
VibeActivist Sep 2020
if I die
tell them i lived beautifully
like marmalade skies and sunsets
i lived not defined by fear, regrets or anxiety
or plagued by the problems of others or the world
i smiled through difficulties and faced them
i lived exceptionally with love and trust
If I die
look my loved ones in their eyes and smile
for i'm finally free and happy in were I am
that i feared death but overcame it like others before me
that i made mistakes but here's my wistful apology
how i remember the good and bad times and cherish them both
If I die
with tears in my eyes
or words in my mouth
or regrets in my soul
or pain in my heart & words unsaid
i died with living in happiness from the beginning till the very end

-Vibe Activist
Death is something we all don't want but what happens when you do die and you have no message or words to pass on
VibeActivist Sep 2020
it was timeless
my love, my nights awake—
how i loved every inch of her
how my thoughts started and ended with her

it was scary
loving so much you feel vulnerable
feeling warmth from each kiss you don't ever want it to stop
how her i love you's made me happy

it was painful
how we ended things weirdly
how i still want you and yet can't
how moving on seems so surreal

it was memories
that some nights those feelings creep up—
how i wonder what you are doing and who do you love now
thinking what if we never left each other
it was genuine love and still is
Feelings might not change but people sure do” - unknown
VibeActivist Sep 2020
that one song
with melodies so surreal
that lifts my soul to another plane
with marmalade skies and
unfazed beautiful sunsets—
where your thoughts are clear
and the noise is simply cancelled and
my heart stays stable and at ease
where my worries vanish as it plays
with that one song
sheloveswords Jul 2020
Why, even, start something so beautiful...when it’s going to end so ugly? 

                            Copy Right 2020 ©
Malina Apr 2020
looking into your eyes
while our legs are intertwined
underneath the covers of your bed.
chests rising and falling
as my heart called out
for you to never leave me.
so still and so peaceful,
lying there in your arms,
time just passing around us.
like a single flower petal,
your beauty is fragile
and oh so precious.
never could i love anyone
or anything
in the same capacity.
heavenlyanha Apr 2020
She's the poison i'd consume every drop of.
Hilla254 May 2019
It was a starry night
But she shone like the moonshine
Her smile was the crescent moon
Her eyes twinkled with the stars

Her lip's were pink
Like the moonflower
How she longed for a kiss
She hummed orange
In her breath
radiated elegance
More Captivating than a rose

She was the dream
That kept the dreamcatcher up
She was the fairy tale
The storyteller lived

Hilla254 Apr 2019
Sing and sang sung
A song so perfectly
Last night.

I've seen sheen
Sing a song sung
By sing and sang

A scene of sheen,
Sing and sang
Sing a see C song

No brainier
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