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Malina Apr 18
looking into your eyes
while our legs are intertwined
underneath the covers of your bed.
chests rising and falling
as my heart called out
for you to never leave me.
so still and so peaceful,
lying there in your arms,
time just passing around us.
like a single flower petal,
your beauty is fragile
and oh so precious.
never could i love anyone
or anything
in the same capacity.
heavenlyanha Apr 3
She's the poison i'd consume every drop of.
Hilla254 May 2019
It was a starry night
But she shone like the moonshine
Her smile was the crescent moon
Her eyes twinkled with the stars

Her lip's were pink
Like the moonflower
How she longed for a kiss
She hummed orange
In her breath
radiated elegance
More Captivating than a rose

She was the dream
That kept the dreamcatcher up
She was the fairy tale
The storyteller lived

Hilla254 Apr 2019
Sing and sang sung
A song so perfectly
Last night.

I've seen sheen
Sing a song sung
By sing and sang

A scene of sheen,
Sing and sang
Sing a see C song

No brainier
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
i think i'm  f



                               ­ l



                   ­                          g


       ­                                               o

               ­                                        r



                                                              ­    u
                                                                ­       .


Justicedepablo Jan 2019
I was looking for a lady that honest
One who treats me right ,cool and modest
A dark moon goddess
One who approves love is no contest
No doubting Thomas
Not one who protests cause I failed to put my hands in my pocket
Her ways should leave me astonished
Make these slipping words varnish
The one who speaks the language of love
Be it Latin ,Hebrew or Spanish
Make all my thoughts and worries be banished
Riding around the sun with no fears ,no panic
One whose eyes make my heart glow
Kisses and cuddles to cause a heavy snow
A beauty no painter’s art could show
One by my side through the highs and the low
One I can say I’m yours to take
But won’t take me for granted
Make my evenings enchanted
In one’s ***** my love seed could be planted
One whose wisdom could be magnified in a simple chat
One who loves me for me, my mess,my flaws, even my ****
One to be there until the ends of the world fall apart
One to mend this broken heart
Out of the wounds a new joy would start
One who makes love seem like a piece of art
Picture perfect,all is right
In darkness I found my light
I asked my puzzled frame of mind
When would she come in sight
A star shine so bright
My dark moon goddess
That lady
Jacob Sep 2018
A warm morning meal
of eggs toast bacon
By Mom
Makes watery eyes since
Cup Noodles and bread
On the streets
inspired after this really heartfelt anime
Look up Kayo’s Breakfast on youtube
Mr Quiet Sep 2018
It's funny how this idiot I'm trying to keep alive is still breathing, yet for some reason I think I'm only letting it breath for you.
another short one I thought of while I was taking a shower lol
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