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this big white monster taunts me,
tries to grab my ankles
when i walk past it lying there on the floor

this big white monster holds me
and says it's sorry for scaring me,
that everything will be alright

this big white monster crinkles and folds
after all the words i wrote down
didn't sound right
eraser mark after eraser mark
and i decided i would destroy the monster
who stared at me blankly

who gave this big white monster
the right to be so gentle?
who gave this big white monster a soul?

who told my big white monster
that it was just paper
and a few pencil marks
nothing more?
Dr Zik Jul 2020
Dr Zik Poetry
'Zinet' is the shortest modern poetic form in English poetry (rhythm un-rhythm). This poetic form is developed in the second decade of the 21st century. It is a popular form of unrhymed American and Pakistani poetry, which have got popularity and evolved in the 21st century.  It is being rapidly adopted by modern and busy civilizations as a powerful literary tool to express emotions. "Zinet" consists of a single line having up-to seven syllables, giving logical effects and known as a complete meaningful poem.
“Haiku” a Japanese short poem is of three lines while couplet written in “Urdu Ghazal” having a full independent theme on its own, can also be considered as a shorter poem than Haiku in this regard.

But the nomenclature of short poems namely “Ziket” and ‘Zinet’ is the breakthrough in this regard.

The best writers of these poetic form are John Stevens, Richard Riddle, Born and Ernie Hudson
while following are among the world-famous poets who like and writing comments (appreciation) in the favour of writers.
Walter W Hoelbling, Timothy, Rose, Krista DelleFemine, Mack, carol rose james, Ajamu Collins, Donna Jones, Star BG, Jamadhi Verse, Pradip Chattopadhyay, Liz Balise, Kim Johanna Baker, Marian, Jae Okios, Loghain Carvó, david jm, Raj Arumugam, SøułSurvivør, wordvango, David Patrick O'C, Joe Adomavicia, Sally A Bayan, A Lopez, brandon nagley, RW Dennen, patty m, anu, Santiago, Sia Jane, Jimmy Hegan, K Balachandran, PoetryJournal, The Poetic Philosopher, MS Lim, Pax, Maggie Emmett, adhi das, Asim Rafiq Mulla, Pamela Rae, Vanessa Gatley, L Seagull, Sameer Denzi, Stephanie Stoychevska, Lori Jones McCaffery, Akinwale damilare ayomikun, Zoe Nikolopoulou, Traveler, Crazy Diamond Kristy, Sylvia Frances Chan, SG Holter, Musfiq us shaleheen, RW Dennen, Neva Flores Varga, Nikki I, Jack, Michael S Simpson, Jennifer Humphrey, Flower Scent, CG Abenis, Isabelle, raen, TinaMarie, Babu kandula, Hilda,   S-zaynab-kamoonpury and Zoe, Paula Lee.
noah Jan 2021
if you sit and stare
let your vision blur
bad things start to look
a whole lot prettier
noah Jan 2021
she's strong, i know she is
too many people let every bad thing drag them down
not her, she uses the negativity, the ****** days
builds off of them and makes herself stronger
but she's still just a person
and she's fragile on the inside
and i am so, so scared of hurting her.
she deserves so much better than me
noah Dec 2020
is her
if i ever loved another
it would have to be her

i mean, shes amazing
shes funny and sweet
and so ******* cute

god, i love making her laugh and blush
maybe i'm being silly
but i really, really like her

and can you imagine, me
with good friends and an amazing girlfriend
and a real smile on my face?
can you imagine me
but happy again?

because i can
and it sounds
******* great
ughhghg im sorry this is too positive for me
s May 2020
When I was 12
I was hiking with my family, we sat on the edge of a cliff at the top of a mountain,
we were over looking the painted landscape

I remember looking at our feet in the empty air
and I asked my older sister:
“do you ever just want to jump..?”

She nodded and replied with:
“yeah shay.. :) I always wished I could fly too..”

and that is the first time..
that I realized that my head was different.

Because while she was
thinking of jumping to fly..
I was thinking of jumping to die..

and that’s when I started hiding my head lol
followed by a life of hiding self destruction.
Story time
noah Feb 2020
why does it feel like the only person i want to be close to

is the person who stays the farthest away
I just want to be close to you
noah Feb 2020
it scares me to know that you keep things from me. that there are things you don't say. because if you can lie and say you're fine then how do i know you aren't lying when you say you love me? how can i trust that anything you say is real if you can't even say the things that are hurting you inside. whats worse is that you tell him. yes, i have done my own share of such things, but all of that is just physical, it doesn't mean anything. why can you not just talk to me? just, say what it is and i will listen. i may not understand but i will hear what you have to say.

but what you should really know is that i will always be honest with you. because when i start lying to you, i won't know what lies i've told myself

you should also know that i will always love you. even if we separate and bridges burn, you have made your mark and like it or not you will be in my heart forever.

if you do change (inside or out) no matter what i will love you. not your clothes or the things you do, but you. changing yourself can't change the way i feel right now.

and things aren't perfect, they probably never will be.
and i told myself i wouldn't do this.
i told myself that you needed to work things out on your own
but i keep telling myself that if i just shove things at you eventually you will understand that i care about you. that you'll forget whatever it is that you can't tell me and just see me and see that i love you but im starting to feel like you never will. if you can just stop making things your fault, stop making things big and bad and just let them be what they are.
im angry and sad and none of it is your fault but i wish sometimes that things were easier than they are
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