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Keen Sep 2018
Days have been pretty bad lately,
Waking up empty.
Thinking what could have been,
I know there is something.
Try'na forget what it is,
But the feeling is growing.
I just wanna end this up,
and everyone will still keep moving.
I don't know,
I don't care,
I don't mind,
I just don't wanna live.
Keen Aug 2018
In every moment I closed my eyes
I know
I'm drowning
Thinking I'm not good anymore
I'm silently hurting
Tears been flowing
How can I be the best me?
Planning to set myself free.
Keen Jun 2018
Drunk words
I don’t mind
Hug me
Kiss me hard
Push behind
I wanna die.
These wounds?
Doesn’t heal.
You left
I’m drunk again
Over and over.
Erasing you
Sober me up
Was everything
A nightmare?
Are you still here?
hold me,
Keen Jun 2018
Remembering how beautiful that moment it was back then. While you seemed enthusiastic about your stories. Over and over, I’m falling for you. Staring at your eyes, while you kept on sharing your stories. Hearing your laugh while talking? God, I couldn’t ask for more. And then, the perfect moment and timing happened.

When I saw the lights reflecting in your hazelnut eyes — my heart skipped its beat. How lucky I am to see a perfect creation. You amazed me in every simple ways you do. You, doing nothing. And I know it's weird, super weird.

Then, I became anxious on how I should act like nothing happened. But, I failed on it. Running out of words to say. It was the perfect time for me to say how much you mean to me, scratch that, on how much I am falling in love with you. But I choked with the thought of me expressing myself, because I don’t wanna be rejected. Though I know for sure this feeling ain’t mutual.

I think it's better that I didn't say those words. Because I don't wanna trap you from this messy human I am. I didn't regret meeting you figuratively at the corner of the street. If I could just repeat it, over and over I would find ways for you to notice my nothingness. For I will fall in love, again.

And, here I am. I totally don't know what to say. Or maybe I just couldn't accept the fact that me, being so coward leads me to this ******* moment. Where I’m caught between, wanting you in my life or wanting to forget the memories you’ve shared with me though I couldn’t deny the fact that it hurts me and pains me to think of it. But I guess dear, I’ll always be looking from afar. Thinking every possible ways about the thought of us. Yes, a cliche indeed. But, I’m a human being and in love?

This memory of you may not lead to where it should be. But I want you someday, or in other parallel worlds we might have — you’ll be able to read some parts of this, and a smile coming from your lips would suffice all of this.

I guess, us wasn’t really a love story nor a happy ending. Until then, I’ll meet you somewhere over a coffee and a smoke, then will have a chitchat about how dramatic I was and was head over heels of you.

I will always love you, romantically. And you do love me platonically dear. Good byes are overrated so good night and I’ll sleep this pain off tight.
Keen Jun 2018
You showed me your world —
You've got no clue, how happy
I'm with you always.
Keen Jun 2018
Glad I was the one —
That caught your heart, soul and mind.
Love me until the end.
Keen Jan 2018
You were sleeping next to me -
The quietness that surrounds the room,
is the most perfect moment.
The only sound that I could hear,
are sound of you breathing.
As I've stared with your angelic face,
There's no doubt that I'm honestly falling.
Falling more deeply into you.
Not just by how your lips moves by the way you talk,
Not just by how your hips sways by the way you walk,
Not just by how your perfect eyes - stared deeply to me.
Or not just by how ***** you smell.
I never imagined I could meet you.
You were just a dream -
That I couldn't predict when will it'll come true.
Until then, please stay.
Hold me and wrap your arms around me.
- 01052k18
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