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SunFlower Jun 16
Enlightenment is
Bewildered pieces Moving
Broken and Abused
Had to Read it in Reverse
lila Feb 2019
every line and curve
a new road to somewhere else
love them all the same
       -the only hiaku i’ll ever write
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Xenia stands for
Guest and stranger, why did we
Separate kindness
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Rapacious hands give
Covetous demands, cities
Built on genocide
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
You are the bell ring
Baby, you’re stimulating
I’m just Pavlov’s dog
Alexander Daniel Mar 2017
keep swimming silly
enjoy the lonely silence
just keep being you
First Hiaku. Just trying to expand the types of poetry I write.
Journey of Days Feb 2017
self dug potholes
tiptoeing around myself
personal ambush

John Niederbuhl Nov 2016
I like to hear Frank
Sing Adestes Fideles
But Cal was better
Grandma played the *****, Cal sang
orangangkasa Mar 2016
it is you it really was
if I had no doubt and pause
my eyes could have linger
a little while longer
Sort of like continuation of That Shirt
Eridan Ampora Sep 2014
I'll swallow my pride
to keep a ***** as a
friend for awhile
She knows who she is
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