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Phil A May 2019
A tree, a tree!
He cried with glee,
Can I be up there as tall as that tree?

No! You can't! His father said, you will never be as high as that tree.

A tree, a tree the young man cried!
Can I get up as high as that tree?

"I doubt it." His young wife sighed. "You can never be as high as that tree.

A tree, a tree! Said the bearded man of 43. I want to be as high as that tree.
"No, thats impossible!" the man's neighbor yelled! "You can never be as high as that tree!"

A tree! A tree! The old man said with joy! As he peered down from his pilot's seat.
Phil A Mar 2015
I remember you.
I remember sunshine on my shoe.
I remember the mustard tasted like glue.

Do you remember that old dogwood tree?
Do you remember the scraped knee?
Do you remember me?
Phil A Dec 2014
The zebra called out from his cell,
"Please help me! I'm in hell!
These stripes aren't mine! I'm a horse!"

The jailer just laughed and shook her keys.
"Man, they ALL say that.
Even that burglar the spotted cat."
Phil A Dec 2014
One day a little monkey said to me
"You wanna see me climb that tree?
Or jump around and juggle three lemons?"

I answered, "No. That won't be necessary.
It's entertainment enough this week,
Just to hear a talking monkey speak."

— The End —