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The world is full of surprises
One must take precaution.
But as the day rises
A new chance is set in motion.
She’s not the best
Not fully at rest.
Drowning in seas bluer,
Shades owned by her.

Wishing someone would find,
Pieces of her heart been grind.
To her, love is a mystery
And so was she.

Yet, she still yearns for it.
Thinking that love would fit
Perfectly in her bones,
Washing away her groans.

She never felt loved once,
Away from it she always runs.
To her, love is an unknown
Leaving her with a cry- a moan.

But who could ever love such
A girl deprived of touch?
But who could make her feel
The kind of love she desired-
So real?
I just died last night
Now I’m a living corpse.
Too dark to find the light,
Fearing myself become worse.

Was half asleep,
Heard them talking last night.
And I began to weep
‘Cause I knew they’re right.
So many things I wish to say,
So many things I wish to undo.
Wish that there’s some way
I could make it through.

Please help me
I’m drowning in an endless sea.
Can’t unwind-
No peace of mind.

Can’t sleep, can’t rest.
Don’t know how to find my best.
Should I just let go?
Leave myself and everything behind.

Who should I hold on to?
I’m lost and no one will find.
If I wish upon this shooting star
Would it heal my scars?

Too much pain for me to bear
Living life a constant despair.

No one else could comprehend
The happiness I always pretend.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to run
All my feeling come undone.
You remind me of my
Favorite song,
All the words you say
And how you sing along.

The things you do
And how you move,
The sight I could
Never remove.

You're the sea to
My shore.
This feeling in my heart
I will always store.

Though I could never find
The keys to your door,
And take away your
Feelings of bore.

To make you happy
My best I will do,
Will be by your side
Through and through.

Though you could never
Love me back,
Leaving- in my heart
Deep cracks.

You are still and
Always will,
The mistake I'd love
To fulfill.
Pitter patter
Rain drops splatter
On the ground-
Where life goes round.

Cool wind blows
As waters row.
Leaves swiftly pass
As the day pace fast.
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