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Mar 2017 · 601
Blindfold love
Shan Coralde Mar 2017
We never knew what the future held for us
So we thread this fate with blindfolds on our face
And yet our efforts were never just
We held back our sentences that stayed as a phrase

We never knew if our red string tied each other
We hoped that we would tie the knot together
And yet we knew 'we' won't last forever
In hopes that we would meet in the end, hereafter.
May 2016 · 574
Its for your own good
Shan Coralde May 2016
Its for your own good.
Words no one ever thought was true.
6 words no one ever believed.
Even though it is the truth.

There's a simple reason,
For people to never believe
The words of assurance
that you force on them.

Even if you tell them,
"Its for your own good"
If you'll never say why
They will always live,

With the fact that the thing,
That they wanted and loved,
At that point in time,
Was never for them.

A kid wanted a toy,
It wasn't bought.
Instead he got words that said,
"Its for your own good"

Not knowing that in time,
A new toy would come out,
That would be his,
In a lifetime than an instant.

A candy he wanted,
His mouth watering for desire
Again he never got it,
"Its for your own good"

Not knowing he'd get,
a fresh batch of cookies.
That would satisfy not only his mouth
But his stomach as well.

Wanting a smartphone today?
don't get it,
"Its for your own good" they told him
With envy of others he lived with his keypad phone.

Not knowing,
That, in a few days
A new, better, improved, and sexier. Smartphone would be released

That's why,
As I walk away from everything,
That we've built with our wounded hands.
I will tell you,

"Its for your own good"

But I will not leave without saying why.
No, I won't, I've been living with the question,
"Why" for a very long time,
So much so, That I don't want another.

"This is for your own good,
Because I know when I leave,
Someone will take my place,
By your side,
Not a boy, But a man.
Someone whose Arms would make you feel safe.
Someone whose eyes would let you see his soul.
Someone whose hearbeat would make you stop,

To stop asking why. Because for once, you'd think, that this is good.
That this is right, that everything in this messed up world,
Where everyone wants to hurt someone,
where everyone yearns for something else but you.

You've found a place that would make you feel,
That everything is as it should be.

So believe me when I say "This is for you own good'"
My first longest poem (lol)
Shan Coralde May 2016
Her thoughts.
I lie down on the grass
seeing the sun shine on my face
Making my hands sweat as I reach out to it
Tinting my face red with the heat it brings

You're beside me.
The greatest thing that happened to me.
I don't want to lose you.
I plead to anyone who'd hear my prayer.

His thoughts
I lie down on this hospital bed.
My smile reflected on your eyes like glass.
My hands shiver, shake, tremble as it reaches for your cheeks.
I fail. Hand drops. Pale skin. Cold heart. Enter nothingness.

Your tears are the only warmth on my body.
Goodbye, My beloved.
Feb 2016 · 456
Shan Coralde Feb 2016
When I was in Highschool the doctors diagnosed me as colorblind
I didn't believe them, of course.
Because how I see and what they think are different.
I can see the colors, they just don't understand.

Because I believed I can see it all,
The beautiful colors of her eyes as we watched the sunset
The different shades of her bright sunflower smile
Or how the crisp, yellow sunshine would land on my already-sweaty palms from holding her hand

Not one bit did I doubt myself
I was never wrong
That this is right.
But doctors are always right.

Because I failed to see
How her eyes lost their light whenever she looks at me
The deeper and darker hues of her smile as we walk together
And how I realized without the sun, my hands would be wet with tears and not sweat.

And how I failed to notice the most important thing,
Her feelings, just like the bright blue sky would turn into grey,
Grey that meant nothing.
Like her feelings for me are now nothing.
I wanna say this not just write it, I WANNA READ IT OUT LOUD TO PEOPLE LOL
Dec 2015 · 4.8k
Shan Coralde Dec 2015
Hindi ito isang tunay na kwento, hindi ito galing sa iba, ngunit sa akin lamang, isa itong imahinasyon na naisip ko, isang sitwasyon na inasam ko, isang mundo na magkasama tayo, ngunit kahit anong gawin ko, sa huli ay napaghiwalay tayo, wala akong maisip na pagtatapos na kung saan masaya tayong nagsasama, kung kahit ang simula nating dalawa ay hindi manlamang nag-umpisa.

Ako ay isa sa mga bilyong bilyong binatang umiibig, naghahanap, nag aasam, at nangagarap sa isang maliit na chansang sa akin ay may magmahal. Matagal man itong darating ako'y handang maghintay, basta't sa aking pag antay ika'y darating. Ayoko umasa, ayoko masaktan, ayokong umiyak, humagulgol na parang tanga sa loob ng kwarto ko. pero susugal ako kahit gusto kong sumaya, ngumiti, tumawa, at nais kang makasama. dahil nangako ka sa akin na tayo'y magsasama, maaring hindi ito mangyari dahil hindi tayo tinadhana, pero pipiliin ko ang masaktan bukas basta makakasama kita ngayon, siguro sa mata ninyo tatanga ako, pero kahit sino mang matalino, sa oras na inalay ng pag-ibig ang kamay niya, tayo ay isang mangmang na hindi na natuto sa paulit-ulit na naranasan natin at ng iba.

Kung kaya't makikiusap ako, sa diyos na may kapal, sa mundong umaastang kupal, na sa pag alis mo ika'y huwag nang tumalikod, upang sa buhay natin ang sakit ay ating malimot, kung kaya't nakikiusap ako, sa susunod na may dumating, ako'y iyong ibigin at ika'y aking mamahalin, Huwag mo akong iwan at ika'y aking sasamahan. Kung ito ay magagawa mo pangako ko sa'yo, lahat ito ay gagawin ko.
Second tagalog poem yo
Shan Coralde Nov 2015
My last breath
Has the scent of your hair
As I close my eyes
I catch a glimpse of your face

While my body grows cold
I gradually feel your warmth
I don't mind going to hell
Because here, I felt heaven
Lol, I love you M.J.G.M.
Nov 2015 · 346
Broken everyday
Shan Coralde Nov 2015
I yearn for you.
Your voice
Your smile
Your touch

Thing is,
We're both busy
with all our stuff
We never noticed

the space we're adding between us
Whyyyyyyyyyyy doeeessss ittttt huuurrrrtttt ****.
Nov 2015 · 549
This shitty sem
Shan Coralde Nov 2015
It's not just being separated,
or losing our time together.
It's not cause I don't see you,
or because I'm lonely.

It's the fear,
of losing you,
and the worst of all,

to drift apart,
as if nothing ever happened.

******, I miss you.
man, these days are colder without you
Oct 2015 · 402
Error 404 Not found
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
I lose myself with you.
You make me go crazy!
My heart beats overdrive
**** my face us heating up
My palms are sweaty
My legs are shaking
Knees buckling down

I stare at her
Oh god, she's smiling at me
my face reddens
lemme cover up my face
Am I dreaming?
The girl I like?
Right beside me?
Laughing? Talking?
What were we doing?
Oct 2015 · 265
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
All of a sudden you came into my life
I never knew what I got myself into
It was a sudden intro
Your shout moved the gears, but only slight

I can never go against your might
Even though we suddenly fight
I would always apologize
I swear I'm too nice

All of a sudden it hit me
I wanted to be with you
I hope you can here me
I'll whisper 'I love you'

I suddenly realize
How sudden our fates are
You might suddenly leave
And all of a sudden I'm scared

"You'll be nothing but a scar to me"
back to basics yo! tho I lost some rhymes in the end I suddenly went freeverse! LET THE MIND WANDERRRRRR
Oct 2015 · 340
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
Silly is what they call me
Happy is what I'll be
Another would be a maniac
Not knowing why I act

Awake in the evening
Losing sleep in the night
Depraved of sleeping
Really, in the dark nowhere in sight
Idealistically wanting to be cool
Alas I'm corny like a fool
N**ever say 'give up' in a battle I fight
for those who wants to know me (lol)
Oct 2015 · 389
Endure my selfishness
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
I ask of you a lot of things
I know I'm selfish
But if I'm only to choose one
It's for you to stay by my side
Inspired by a song and the fact that she is mad at me for my own fault. Hope she'll forgive me
Oct 2015 · 360
Questions yet answered
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
What did I do?
What do you mean?
Was it me?
What about us?
Will you forgive me?
Can't you see?
Do you feel the same?
Were you serious about your words?
Do you believe me?
Is that true?

Did you know?
That they hurt
That I never left
That these questions are for you
I'm always confused, specially now I'm in tears trying to solve these questions only you can answer. God it hurts so please help me know what to do I keep on releasjng all my feelings in poetry so help me please
Oct 2015 · 395
To seek for answers
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
All my thoughts are questions.
But why is it a question?
Why do I ask?
How can you say its a question?

It ain't even a task
to look for answers in the net
But **** I always forget
the questions in my head

What was I thinking about?
I ponder and think
then I saw something not related to anything
a new question is born

let the cycle end
but then again
curiosity killed the cat
I winder why it's not a dog

always in repeat
never to end
Oct 2015 · 247
After the fight
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
Why words hurt.
Sharper than swords
Faster than bullets
Deadlier than poison

How to make it worst.
Your 'sword' stabbed my wound
One bullet wasn't enough
Your poisoned me when I was sick.
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
A walking contradiction
To myself, and to me.
I find loss in victory
I seek for darkness in the light
I long for friends to leave me

All I want to be,

A tragic hero
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
I'm ignorant, shameless, and dense
I can't understand what you don't say
Sometimes I don't make sense
And I end up missing you everyday

I'm telling you I'm not okay
"Don't leave me, I need you"
How many times do I have to say?
Now, I don't know what to do

If I apologize am I forgiven?
Your words stabbed me
To you I'll always listen
You can **** me, can't you see?
Oct 2015 · 156
Just don't
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
Why tell the truth
when You'll regret being honest
Just keep lying
it saves you from the tears
why do I even ******* bother being honest to everyone when it'll end up as me being alone in the end, man everything I've done feels like a waste. I hate this feeling, not that you'd ever care
Oct 2015 · 168
Anxiety attacks
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
I sit on a dark corner
darkness creeps on me
no that's not it
it's just my anxiety kicking in
my hollow chest
shallow breathing
holding my head
to keep me from looking
the reality that might come
when I see you leaving
I bite my tongue
to keep me from screaming
with muffled breaths
I cry my feelings

it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts

I want you to stay
don't leave
comfort me, ask me, talk to me
tell me; You'd never leave me
Oct 2015 · 1.7k
Me and no one else
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
Look at me
what do you see?
A boy desperate for you?
Always looking for you.

Now look at him
What do you see?
Ain't he happy?
So why aren't you?

I'll look at you
the way you look at him
the two of us aren't smiling
and in the end we're both lying

So near yet so far
5cm of space
because of the silence
it keeps us apart
Oct 2015 · 224
Selfish little me
Shan Coralde Oct 2015
I desperately yearn for you
your heart
your soul
your touch

I won't lie
its the truth
but what I want most
is a bit if your time
Sep 2015 · 183
Bedside thoughts
Shan Coralde Sep 2015
And so in this night
let the stars shine
from your eyes I see the light
proving you are mine

In the day when the skies are grey
I'll be here to stay
I may not be the sun
But I'll shine like one

As you lay asleep
no matter how deep
I will stay to greet good morning
To start the day smiling
Things I think about as I lie down on my bed. (lol)
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
On falling for a bookworm
Shan Coralde Sep 2015
People say, bookworms are antisocial, quiet, and pretty much unattached.
these are not true, alright? no. bookworms are not like that.
let me enlighten you by telling you about the bookworm I fell for.

1. on meeting her for the first time, I was minding my own business. I was in class and it was the first day of school.
then all of a sudden, she suddenly points out the game I'm holding and screams *** *** ***! that game!! and after that we just talked on and on and on and on pretty much about random things. so no, they are not antisocial.
2. on trips to bookstores I'd always end up walking out of one with ym body hurting. why? Whenever she sees a book that she doesn't have, she'd gasp  point  grab  gasp  point  grab  and repeat. on seeing a book that she can't buy. she'd hit me with it! I mean who does that? on seeing a book that she's been looking for, for a long time, she'd throw a tantrum! so no, they are not quiet.
3. When you look into her eyes, you'd see all the things she's been through, the masks she wore, and the wrinkles in her smiles for faking them so much. It came be from a lot of things, A past lover, a long-term problem, an old friend, or betrayals. whether it's fiction or non-fiction it would pain her no matter how she lies about it. She's been attached to too many for too long a time, that she'd try her best not to get attached. So on a bookwrom being attached or unattached, in the end it's all up to you whether she becomes the first or the latter
Jul 2015 · 693
Shan Coralde Jul 2015
I dream of moments
where there's you and me
fleeting as it is
good things end

And so I desperately pray
with hands so cold
that longs for the light of day
"Let me dream till' I'm old"

Let me dream of moments
I may never have
And when I wake up
Let there be you and me
Anither poem for you, cause I always dream of you
Jul 2015 · 368
One day
Shan Coralde Jul 2015
One day I'll be tired
Tired of waiting
Tired of the pain
Tired of you

One day I'd regret
Letting go of you
Forgetting what we had
And giving up on you

Maybe one day I'll be happy
cause there's this thought
at the back of my mind
that maybe, I could've had you
When you're about to give up, think carefully of why you even started :)
Jul 2015 · 263
To my woman with the stars
Shan Coralde Jul 2015
this warmth next to me
it's sad that it's not yours
you left years ago
to a place where I cannot go

the stars hold you now
it hurts to know
I won't be able to hold your warmth
to taste your kiss

how you pat my head in my dire times
how you would pull down when I'm too high
With you I was content
but you had to leave didn't you?

now I cry alone in this bed
as the recording of our memories
would play every night in my dreams
my tears would fall each day I wake up.
Jul 2015 · 213
A Dreamer's wish
Shan Coralde Jul 2015
I pray to god in earnest
let this happiness last
it may not be perfect
it maybe fake
perhaps I don't deserve it
But I want it
the truth would hurt
so, please I plead
don't let this end
the bliss
the joy
let this fleeting dream stay forever

As I cry
As I beg
I say
"Just let me sleep through the dream
a while longer"
every time I dream of us having a happy time together
Jul 2015 · 282
Like a shadow
Shan Coralde Jul 2015
I've always been beside you
I never left you alone
Always had your back
making sure you're up

I'll always pick you up
but you push my hands away
Perhaps it's my fault
or maybe, it's ours.

But I've always thought
you'd acknowledge who I am
I guess it was just a thought
Only my perspective, not yours

The truth, You never saw me
someone behind you
not beside you
You're used to me, that I'm nothing

yes, if I would compare
what I am to you
it would not be a friend
but a shadow.

A shadow.
Always there, never noticed
following you, with you
never called, never needed.

An existence the doesn't exist
man... srsly? I'm always there for you and you didn't include me? REALLY? ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS? LIKE, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO TELL YOU I'M HERE, HELLO, I EXIST. I'M ALWAYS WITH YOU, THROUGH GOOD AND BAD. LIKE, **** GIRL, AAAAAGHHHH **** IT.
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
Such a cold winter night
I weep for the lost of my friend
My one companion
when my mother left

A country that snows
knows no other season
winter in every year
made everyone's hearts cold

I shivered in the snow filled alley
waiting for generous alms
to buy bread
to warm my heart

then I realized
if I want to live
if I want to survive
I must be at the top

and so, I stole
formed friendships
and worked to the top

Such was my life when I was a boy
and as I reach adolescence
There I saw a woman of white
White hair, white dress

as if she was a princess of the snow
The urge to be near her tempts me
such beauty can only be seen rarely
perhaps I have a chance?

As I walked near her
I saw a mirror
Disgust filled my face
for the dark monster that is me

and so I let her go
ran away from her
maybe not her
but from love

night came on the same day
My mind was wandering
and so I let my body wander
only to hear a scream

it was the woman!
she was being chased by men in suits
and so I without hesitation
beat those men down

took her hand
without talking
inside the dark alley of my home
treating her, feeding her, and telling her

go home
it was as thanks she said
a kiss to my cheek
as parting words she said
'I hope to see you again'

and that is how my story ends
my story as a young monster
and there begins another story
a story as a man for love
I wonder if this story poem is good enough? meh, I doubt it. xD
Jun 2015 · 252
What did I do
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
What did I do?
for you to resent me
for you to look down on me
for you to break me

Now what do I do?
for you to go back
for this family to go back
for my heart to go back

Mother, what did I do?
My mother seems to be hot on my tail lately... and her words are much much more painful than usual... I'm sorry for failing to be the son you wanted me to be, I'm sorry for being a burden, I'm sorry for being me, I'm sorry you had to call me your son.
Jun 2015 · 294
Take me away
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
Take me away.
from this place
from these people
from this pain

Take me away
It's all ok
I'll keep it in
I'll just wait

Take me away
Into your arms
Out of their sight
just you and me

Take me away
from the cold nights
from the lonely home
from missing you so bad
My brain ain't functioning, sadly. My parents are kinda hot on my tail lately it's hard to keep up with my deadlines in classes and their neverending words that would just make me sit alone in my bed and cry... I know they're being parents and want what's best, but I can't handle it well of they involve my friends into what's happening with me.
Jun 2015 · 364
Being with you
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
These times we have
I cherish them the most
the laughters from our stupidity
the smile that only I can see

you're moody,
I know
You always tease me,
It's okay.

You physically hurt me,
I love the pain
you're clingy,
Yeah, well, me too.

Everyday we walk together
our shoulders touch
I see you walking in front of me
The urge to hug sinks in.

I hold back, always.
on what I do
on what I say
I wonder, do you do too?

Our relationship is like glass,
so beautiful
yet so fragile
everyday is a walk in a minefield

one day I'll do it.
I'll hug you
one day I'll say it again
"I've always loved this"
I love being with you, I'll always always hold my feelings back for your sake, for our sake.
for now I'll keep the ball rolling, but one day I'll pick it up towards a new direction :)
Jun 2015 · 340
Youth's story (Pain)
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
I am a boy filled with want
for a girl that I'd give everything
a girl who wanted nothing
from a boy who thought can give everything

The boy was common
neither rich nor poor
smart nor ignorant
handsome nor ugly

He loved girls who broke his heart
He knew this girl could break his
and yet he didn't stop falling
He knew the risks and gambled

Pain was the path he walked on
every step he made cracked his heart
he kept it together for her sake
till found a detour to happiness

The boy reminisced on his path
he gave up and took a detour
to another woman
for a shorter route

not knowing the path of pain
required one last step
to sought for which he wanted
to achieve the wish he endured for

not knowing the pain blinded him
The boy lost himself to pain
pain blinded his heart
and his heart shattered

he broke.
Imma start a batch of story poems entitled Youth's story! hahhaa! I hope you guys would enjoy it!
Jun 2015 · 575
Jealous Friend
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
To the girl I love
you're precious to me
the smile you show me
the laughs we have

It was painful to see
how you looked at him
the way I looked at you
and so I said my feelings for you

Though I said what was in my heart
Why has nothing change?
everything and everyone is the same
It hurts. it hurts. it hurts.

Our friends know what I feel
yet they choose to hurt me
involving you with other men
pushing you away from me

taking you away
pulling us apart
I hate it!
It hurts!

All the happiness I was expecting
it's having its darkest turn
perhaps this is what I get
perhaps I was not right for you

Your touch, your voice.
Your warmth, your smile.
And I want you
I need you
I love you
Let me just release some anger pls... don't hate
Jun 2015 · 677
I want to be with you
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
Unless I love myself you won't love me
and so I searched for what it could be
Love is what I have aspired
for love is what I have lacked

can I become the man for you?
a man doesn't make you cry
A man holds you tender in cold nights
A man makes you smile during hard times

How can I be the man for you?
You cried when I left you
I didn't knew I was being cold to you
And I wasn't there when you needed me

Would you forgive this stupid me?
for giving up on the love I thought wasn't true
I gave up the past to be with you
because you gave yours up for me

Now I ask a chance that could hurt you
A gamble that I want us both to do
Together is all I need
I love you, please love me.
to the girl I love, I hope you'll find it in your heart to love me back again.
Jun 2015 · 442
Be still, my foolish heart
Shan Coralde Jun 2015
I can never forget you and me
lost in love I was late to see
did you have to confuse someone like me?
"to Forget you, I will" I made this decree

3 months I've gotten over you
I forced my self for this to be true
I thought I had left you behind in my past
you ran back to me at the moment of last

At a loss of what to do
Could it be I was waiting for you?
Do I gamble and fall for what I see?
Or do I grieve and suffer thinking what could be?

Perhaps the choice was wrong
maybe the decision was right
but right now thinking back for so long
My sobs were always heard in the night

— The End —