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Jul 2015
I've always been beside you
I never left you alone
Always had your back
making sure you're up

I'll always pick you up
but you push my hands away
Perhaps it's my fault
or maybe, it's ours.

But I've always thought
you'd acknowledge who I am
I guess it was just a thought
Only my perspective, not yours

The truth, You never saw me
someone behind you
not beside you
You're used to me, that I'm nothing

yes, if I would compare
what I am to you
it would not be a friend
but a shadow.

A shadow.
Always there, never noticed
following you, with you
never called, never needed.

An existence the doesn't exist
man... srsly? I'm always there for you and you didn't include me? REALLY? ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS? LIKE, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO TELL YOU I'M HERE, HELLO, I EXIST. I'M ALWAYS WITH YOU, THROUGH GOOD AND BAD. LIKE, **** GIRL, AAAAAGHHHH **** IT.
Shan Coralde
Written by
Shan Coralde  phillipines yo!
(phillipines yo!)   
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