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May 2016
Its for your own good.
Words no one ever thought was true.
6 words no one ever believed.
Even though it is the truth.

There's a simple reason,
For people to never believe
The words of assurance
that you force on them.

Even if you tell them,
"Its for your own good"
If you'll never say why
They will always live,

With the fact that the thing,
That they wanted and loved,
At that point in time,
Was never for them.

A kid wanted a toy,
It wasn't bought.
Instead he got words that said,
"Its for your own good"

Not knowing that in time,
A new toy would come out,
That would be his,
In a lifetime than an instant.

A candy he wanted,
His mouth watering for desire
Again he never got it,
"Its for your own good"

Not knowing he'd get,
a fresh batch of cookies.
That would satisfy not only his mouth
But his stomach as well.

Wanting a smartphone today?
don't get it,
"Its for your own good" they told him
With envy of others he lived with his keypad phone.

Not knowing,
That, in a few days
A new, better, improved, and sexier. Smartphone would be released

That's why,
As I walk away from everything,
That we've built with our wounded hands.
I will tell you,

"Its for your own good"

But I will not leave without saying why.
No, I won't, I've been living with the question,
"Why" for a very long time,
So much so, That I don't want another.

"This is for your own good,
Because I know when I leave,
Someone will take my place,
By your side,
Not a boy, But a man.
Someone whose Arms would make you feel safe.
Someone whose eyes would let you see his soul.
Someone whose hearbeat would make you stop,

To stop asking why. Because for once, you'd think, that this is good.
That this is right, that everything in this messed up world,
Where everyone wants to hurt someone,
where everyone yearns for something else but you.

You've found a place that would make you feel,
That everything is as it should be.

So believe me when I say "This is for you own good'"
My first longest poem (lol)
Shan Coralde
Written by
Shan Coralde  phillipines yo!
(phillipines yo!)   
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