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Jun 2015
Such a cold winter night
I weep for the lost of my friend
My one companion
when my mother left

A country that snows
knows no other season
winter in every year
made everyone's hearts cold

I shivered in the snow filled alley
waiting for generous alms
to buy bread
to warm my heart

then I realized
if I want to live
if I want to survive
I must be at the top

and so, I stole
formed friendships
and worked to the top

Such was my life when I was a boy
and as I reach adolescence
There I saw a woman of white
White hair, white dress

as if she was a princess of the snow
The urge to be near her tempts me
such beauty can only be seen rarely
perhaps I have a chance?

As I walked near her
I saw a mirror
Disgust filled my face
for the dark monster that is me

and so I let her go
ran away from her
maybe not her
but from love

night came on the same day
My mind was wandering
and so I let my body wander
only to hear a scream

it was the woman!
she was being chased by men in suits
and so I without hesitation
beat those men down

took her hand
without talking
inside the dark alley of my home
treating her, feeding her, and telling her

go home
it was as thanks she said
a kiss to my cheek
as parting words she said
'I hope to see you again'

and that is how my story ends
my story as a young monster
and there begins another story
a story as a man for love
I wonder if this story poem is good enough? meh, I doubt it. xD
Shan Coralde
Written by
Shan Coralde  phillipines yo!
(phillipines yo!)   
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