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Mar 2022 · 1.3k
Nishu Mathur Mar 2022
The sea is still today
It's cerulean blue and gold
I think of the thoughts it carries
Within its hidden folds.
Its touch is soft and gentle
It soothes the ache of years
But I wonder how many waves
Are made from fallen tears.

Mar 2022 · 224
the bakula
Nishu Mathur Mar 2022
And gently falls the bakula
Upon the grass I tread
Fragrant flowers
Like fallen stars from the sky
A hundred poems to be read.
Mar 2022 · 154
Come summer
Nishu Mathur Mar 2022
As I drink my tea
Through the window I see -
The lantanas growing tall
Besides the creepers on the wall.
Orange orbs on stalks of green
A butterfly  - all tangerine -
Suckling blooms, fluttering by
Beneath a cloudless, placid sky.
Flowering trees - no longer ****
Full of colour and ripening fruits.
The world it seems is blossoming
With summer and her offerings.
Mar 2022 · 1.1k
This and that
Nishu Mathur Mar 2022
Some days are good
Or I think they really are
I soak up the sun
And reach for the stars
Some days are bad
I suppose they really are
The sun seems too hot
And the stars — too far.
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
A Note on Sunday
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
Set the clock behind a little
Allow the hands to move slow
Kiss the deep burgundy skies
And the sunrise's golden glow
Smile at the little ones
And those who come my way
Listen to the world around
What it has to say
Pluck away worried thoughts
Instead - hum forgotten songs
Doze a little, dance a little
Before the day is gone
Jul 2018 · 999
I coloured my world
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
I coloured my world today
my hands smeared in pastels
canary yellows
ripe peaches and cardinal ochres
pink from a flamingo sunrise
a passionate cerise
an array of feisty blues
a flamboyant turquoise
a topaz tango
a twinkling periwinkle
Streaked it with
contoured lilac smudges
lavender tipped edges
in custard pineapple floats
splattered emeralds, toned pistachio
fern greens with swift finger strokes
Tempered it with
muddy crusty earthy browns
rock coloured sandy mounds
reined in royal purple
the sensual blaze of a flaming sunset
the dark indigo of a gloaming sky
agate drops a few
a silver sliver of a crescent new

I coloured my world
with my eyes
my fingers, hands
my hues
just the way I wanted to
An old poem
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
A calf is revered
A bird is cared for
The homeless have a bed
The wounded are nursed
The desperate given hope
A hungry child is fed

It is happiness
When a tear is wiped
And hands join in love
To erase slivers of
Sorrow and sadness
To hold each other up

That is to be human
Who we are
That indeed is to be
Forever, I bow to
And forever salute
The spirit of humanity
Jul 2018 · 2.7k
Poetry with Tea
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
And what do I serve with tea?

Of a cake layered with words - a slice
A croissant with stirring smilies
Quiche with quaint archaic spice -
Fresh from a poet's repository.

In the clink and chime of quills and ***
And spoons that stir the brew of tea
Dark or creamed, winter or spring
Here's to a cup of poetry.
Jul 2018 · 770
The Possibilities
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
The bakula and the madhumalti
Sway in the warm wind
Watching children play
In stained shirts
With mud-filled nails
Bare feet and beady drops of laughter
Unmindful of the heat
While a dog playfully rolls over
Trying to hold the sunlight
That falls through the trees
A bird flies low resting on the firangipani
Butterflies dance around the hibiscus
And bees swarm happily
Hedges have blossomed with flowers
Creepers tap against the window pane
To wake the forgotten child in older hearts
And tell them that summer reigns
Jun 2018 · 835
Where Poetry Takes Me
Nishu Mathur Jun 2018
It's a carousel. It's a giant wheel
It goes up and down and all around
It takes me within and it takes me out
I ride. I fly. I soar. I dive
I delve and live deep inside
Into the past. And tomorrow
I am old and I am new
It takes me here. It takes me there
It takes me to your world
It takes me to you.
Jun 2018 · 955
Dance Away
Nishu Mathur Jun 2018
Loosen your collar,
Untie your tie.
Remove the worrying furrow,
From between your eyes.

Roll up your sleeves,
Kick off your shoes,
A pair of flip flops -
Those old ones'll do.

No thought, no man..
No treasure, no dime,
That brings you down,
Is worth any time.

There, that's better.
Now that you've found you,
Sing your heart out,
And dance away the blues
A poem i wrote in 2011 - old one
Jun 2018 · 969
The Soul of Things
Nishu Mathur Jun 2018
Listen more often
To the earth, rocks and grass
The roots of trees that go deep inside
And whisper of the past

Listen to the clouds rumble
Thunder and heave a sigh
As they speak to birds of creation
That pirouette in the sky

Listen to the whispers of seashells
The verses of waves in rhyme
That carry the songs of sailors
And hum the melodies of time

Listen more often
To the roses and the wind
Listen to the rain and rainbow
Listen to the soul of things
Apr 2018 · 2.5k
Nishu Mathur Apr 2018
She's wrapped herself on the wall
With her fragrant pink flowers
In bunches of disheveled disarray

And when the summer wind blows
It sends a gentle floral shower
Of blossoms and scents my way

At night, under the moon and stars
I inhale her. With her I love to be
And though I dally and play with words
There can never be a poem as she.
Apr 2018 · 16.8k
Nishu Mathur Apr 2018
The sea is still today
It's cerulean blue and gold
I think of the thoughts it carries
Within its hidden folds.
Its touch is soft and gentle
It soothes the ache of years
But I wonder how many waves
Are made from fallen tears.
Dear everyone,

This is such a surprise! Thank you all for your likes, loves and responses. I have not been very active on Hello Poetry, but will get back in action soon. So much appreciated. Thank you Hello Poetry for selecting this as a daily. Thank you so much my friends and fellow poets for taking the time to read this poem of mine. It means the world to me.  Love to everyone **
Apr 2018 · 943
The Amaltas Tree
Nishu Mathur Apr 2018
The red hibiscus bloom and beside them I see
The growing bark of the amaltas tree
That's slowly inching towards the sky
Eager to branch as time goes by.
Soon, it'll shadow the hibiscus and the grass
With its arms on the morrow, and roots in the past
And birds will gather on its golden boughs
To nest and sing their songs of now.
Nishu Mathur Jan 2018
The breeze in the air is redolent
And the heart gambols with glee
To the tintinnabulation of wind chimes
Ah, what sweet felicity.
The whispering of trees is mellifluous
As is the susurrous of floral woods
How salubrious is the efflorescence
Beside the ebullient babbling brook.
Old man winter is but fugacious
For I've stumbled upon my inglenook
I wake to the breath of spring
Oh, it's summer eternal in my book.
My cup now holds ethereal elixir
It's manna from the heavens above
I found you - ah, serendipity
If this isn't, then what is love?
Attempted to use some of the most beautiful  words in English  - as per an article i read
Dec 2017 · 960
Nishu Mathur Dec 2017
It's endless
The stress, the strain
The ache
Something or the other.
How many times
Do I  put myself together
Before I completely break.
Sep 2017 · 865
Lasso a cloud
Nishu Mathur Sep 2017
There we are
Bundles of thoughts and nerves
We plan and script
Burn the midnight oil
Chartering paths and mapping
Defining destinations
But then, life happens

And it will

I suppose I could brood
And close tired eyes
Or I could lasso a cloud
And hitch a ride to paradise
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