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Aug 2019 · 89
Life is a Game
David Hall Aug 2019
Life is a game
that noone will want to play with you
if you go around pointing it out.
Sep 2017 · 480
David Hall Sep 2017
I'm not sure when it happened.
When I stopped moving foward.
Surely it couldn't always have
been this way.

Did I get here by accident?

Somewhere on the road to middle age,
I pulled my sensible sedan
to the side of the road.

Sitting under a shady overpass
content to watch the world
pass me by.

I can't do this.

I can't sit still.

Life is movement,
and struggle.

To stop moving forward
to stop struggling
to stop growing
to stop changing

is to stop living!
Apr 2017 · 528
David Hall Apr 2017
of all the million moments
that make up a life,
the ones I shared with you
will be what flash before my eyes
at the end of it all.
Apr 2017 · 751
Butterfly Truth
David Hall Apr 2017
on certian serendipitous days
I gather a glance through a golden window
of the tantalizing truth


elusively it avoids my grasp
flashing through my frantic fingers
realizing revalation I resolve

to let it land on my soul like a butterfly
Dec 2016 · 1.0k
average joe poem
David Hall Dec 2016
a poem for the perturbed
partially peeved
marginally miffed
indirectly disturbed

not for those in love
not for loss or for longing
not for the haughty highbrow
half hazardly happy saps
that drown you in their
dizzily delerious
words about joy and wonder

this poem is for the average joe
joe sixpac joe normal
kicked back, laid back
ignoble informal

working class
pain in the ***
foul mouthed, burnout
college drop out
that doesn't have two
sweet words to rub together

this poem is for me

and you... if you want it.
was just reading through all the happy sappy poems on hear and not really feeling those emotions right now, but wanted to write something anyways
Oct 2016 · 673
David Hall Oct 2016
in the morning
just after you wake up
or the evening
perfected with makeup

in jeans or a skirt
silk blouse or t-shirt
hair up or hair down
bright smile or a frown

inside and out
with nary a doubt

you are one of the most beautiful women
I have ever had the honor of knowing
Jul 2016 · 542
requiem for a daydream
David Hall Jul 2016
a whisper, a spark
is there something in the dark
a glance, a smile
a dance could be worthwhile
heart skips, mind races
is there something more than faces
a requiem for a daydream
with a deck devoid of aces
Jun 2016 · 849
fathers day
David Hall Jun 2016
how can I be there for her
when noone was there for me
how can I teach her things
that I have never learned
how can I show her love
that I have never felt

beautiful things can be
built from broken pieces

I'll kiss her boo boo's
while hiding my scars
fight the monsters under her bed
and lock my demons in the closet
I'll be the father she needs
and never the father I fear
Jun 2016 · 678
the center?
David Hall Jun 2016
the wind that once
ripped root and rock from bare earth
has settled to a gentle whisper
the waves that once
crashed down upon my tiny island
threatening my world with inundation
are now a placid pale blue mirror
finally a spare moment to think
finally enough room to breathe
i can't help but wonder
is the storm finally over
or am I only in the center?
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
love poem 99
David Hall Mar 2016
every Monday morning
I think about your smile
i let the world disolve around me
and daydream for awhile

on Tuesday afternoons
I like to linger on your laugh
I close my eyes a moment
and let the memories take me back

on Friday nights
I sit quietly and stare
my body at the bar with friends
my mind running fingers through your hair

and every other moment
my conscious minds awake
my heart whispers out your name
the only sound my heart can make
Feb 2016 · 538
I Fall
David Hall Feb 2016
I question
not because I need the answer
just to hear the sound of your voice
see your lips move and your eyes shine
as you speak a reply

I fall
not because I can’t keep my balance
just to feel the warmth of your skin
the slender curve of your fingers
as your hand catches mine
Feb 2016 · 681
dreams know the truth
David Hall Feb 2016
dreams know the truth
that you hide deep inside
and they won’t let you live
with a life full of lies

dreams know the truth
and each night they’ll remind you
of all the things in your past
that you can’t put behind you

they burn in the spark
of your secret desire
and each night as you sleep
they rekindle that fire

dreams know the truth
that you keep deep inside
you can lie to yourself
but your dreams won’t abide
Dec 2015 · 953
David Hall Dec 2015
if god does indeed exist
i doubt he will be able to hear us
until we grow enough
that we can look him in the eye
Oct 2015 · 531
light of the truth
David Hall Oct 2015
the light of the truth
will hurt your eyes
it will break your heart
as it burns your lies
it will turn your stomach
but it will cleanse your soul
it will break your spirit
but it will make you whole
there are few alive
strong enough to see
the world as it is
not as they wish it to be
Oct 2015 · 1.4k
butterfly dream
David Hall Oct 2015
rainbow colored  butterfly
floating through my dreams
delicate and fair
full of life and rare

you flutter at my periphery
daring me to touch
always just beyond my grasp

better if I should never hold you
wrap you up inside my palm
within my arms enfold you

for then my dream would end
and I would awaken
with blood and butterfly wings
stuck between my fingers
Oct 2015 · 886
men don't cry
David Hall Oct 2015
eyes water
throat burns
heart wrenches
mind churns

know it’s a weakness
but can’t hold it back
fight it too hard
whole world turns black


have to **** it
that place inside
that feels so much
it breaks the sky

a real man today
for the very first time
everyone knows
real men don’t cry
Oct 2015 · 719
David Hall Oct 2015
You may never touch the stars,
        but your life will be infinitely better
if you reach for them anyway.
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
David Hall Oct 2015
I feel safer when it's dark
just knowing your nearby
that I might have within my reach
a little piece of sky

you light my way when I get lost
brighten up my day without a cost

the dark would overtake me
if ever we should part
you are my flashlight
you light up my heart
Sep 2015 · 637
David Hall Sep 2015
if you leave your happiness up to chance
         you are likely only to be happy
fifty percent of the time
happiness like anything else in life needs to be worked for
Aug 2015 · 433
sky full of maybe
David Hall Aug 2015
life is hardly ever black and white
even rarer yes or no
life is
an ocean full of gray
surrounded by mountains of doubt
underneath a skyfull of maybe
Aug 2015 · 660
a lifetime
David Hall Aug 2015
are only a collection of months
simply a grouping of days
merely 24 short hours

an entire lifetime
is just a string of sweet short moments
Aug 2015 · 594
advice to myself pt II
David Hall Aug 2015
You are only as strong as your ability
to lift yourself up off the ground.

You are only as wise as your ability
to see the world as it is
not as you want it to be.

You are only as free as your ability
to take a step towards your hearts desire
and appreciate whatever it is you find there.
Aug 2015 · 586
Orphaned Prince
David Hall Aug 2015
I an orphaned prince, in the musings of my mind
often daydreamed in my hardship of the treasures I would find.
For fate had surely dealt me, the cruelest of beginnings
so that in that glorious future I might appreciate my winnings.

My life ticked off every box in the stories that were written,
about the orphaned princes who spent their childhoods hidden.
Someday there’d be a wizard with a sword that he would hand me
and he would take me as his ward and restore my royal standing.

I survived my evil stepfather, who had cursed me with his name
and I suffered through my childhood, but the wizard never came.
So I saddled up my lame nag and bid farewell to my old life
knowing deep within my heart fate would reward me for my strife.

After travelling countless miles my eyes have finally seen the truth
that my heart was telling lies to help me make it through my youth.
Evil deeds aren’t always punished and the just don’t always win
and there are no magic words to solve the trouble that you’re in.

Just because it rains today does not mean the sun will shine tomorrow
and life doesn’t hold a secret debt  to repay you for your sorrow.
All that a man is promised is the moment in its passing
and to live whatever life that he is capable of grasping.
Aug 2015 · 504
David Hall Aug 2015
years ago I know not exactly when
my journey came to a quiet end
I retired here to these spacious halls
to live out my days inside these walls
I’ll tarry here forever more
while life goes on outside my door

I had my days beneath the sun
the sun has set but my days go on
life’s river flows on towards the sea
but I find myself upon the beach
and whatever life was left to live
has flowed well, beyond my reach
"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75."
Benjamin Franklin
Aug 2015 · 707
looking in the mirror
David Hall Aug 2015
this isn't the me that I see
at night when I close my eyes
these hands are the wrong shape
these hips are the wrong size
this isn't the hair that I wear
when i go walking in my dreams
this isn't the voice that I hear
when the voice inside me sings
these eyes are the wrong color
to be the gateway to my soul
this mirror sees a part of me
it doesn't show the whole
how can I show the world
the person that I am  inside
when this person staring back at me
is where my spirit hides
Aug 2015 · 562
broken car stereo
David Hall Aug 2015
Life is like a broken car stereo,
on a hundred year road trip.

For the first few years everything is great.
You have the sun on your face, the wind in your hair
and you are hearing every song for the first time.
All the roads you are driving are familiar and close to home,
you don’t have a care in the world.

Around about year 13
you start to drive into unfamiliar territory.
The **** falls off on the death metal station.
You find yourself mad at the world for no reason
so you forget about the songs of your youth and
just go with it.

Making a pit stop at year 22
You find that pesky **** under the seat.
You start searching for the happy stations
you recall from the beginning of the trip,
but by this time you have picked up passengers
and they have taken over any station decisions.

Cruising through year 30
You decide to get your road trip in order.
You have preset all the stations that everyone listens to
and come up with a schedule so that everything is fair.
But at year 34 you cross state lines and the stations change,
leaving you with unhappy passengers and the daunting task
of figuring out the stereo all over again.

Obeying the speed limit around year 45
You finally have more control of the music of your trip.
Most of your passengers have stereos of their own now.
Unfortunately your stereo has started to wear out
and your favorite stations only come in clear occasionally.
You suffer through the static with the hopes
that the station will stay clear just long enough
to hear your favorite song.

Looking for a rest stop close to year 80
You can barely hear the music anymore and
that’s if the stereo will even turn on these days.
No one is left to disagree with you over the stations
so the radio stays permanently tuned to your old favorites.
You find yourself pretty sure you have heard all the songs
on the radio and are really looking forward to your destination.

The radio breaks close to year 100
As you get out of the car and head into the light of your destination,
all the songs of your journey play to remind you of the
people you have loved and the places you have been.
Aug 2015 · 587
chin up
David Hall Aug 2015
never feel guilty for not doing something,
                                   that you still have time to do
David Hall Jul 2015
I don’t dream in color anymore
only black and white
I used to dream with eyes wide open
now I only dream at night
I can’t hear the music playing anymore
like I used to in my youth
back when my heart knew a million stories
and didn’t struggle with the truth
I wonder whatever happened to that boy
I don’t think I’ll ever know
I hope he just fell asleep somewhere
with the colors that he stole
Jul 2015 · 516
David Hall Jul 2015
when you find yourself against the wall
scared to death that you might fall
petrified that you'll loose it all

Jul 2015 · 879
doesn't matter anymore
David Hall Jul 2015
I spent my childhood ignorant
my adolescence naïve
the sum of my adult life so far
collecting things that adults need
now here I sit at middle age
senescence beating down my door
finally able to see the world clearly
but it doesn’t matter anymore
Jul 2015 · 533
hero (10w)
David Hall Jul 2015
If you try to save everyone
              eventually, you lose yourself.
Jul 2015 · 512
David Hall Jul 2015
middle of july
sunset on a hazy summer day
we lay exhausted and damp
concrete still warm from midday sun

a picturesque memory
deep summer green grass
meticulously manicured
trees in full summer plumage

light from the magic hour
reflecting off your sky blue eyes
the moment bursting with tension

there are words I could have said
to rewrite our entire future lives
but when I searched for them
all that I could find was silence
Jul 2015 · 1.9k
if you're reading this
David Hall Jul 2015
you know the value of a word
and can place it with great care
you see colors in a rainbow
others wouldn’t know were there
you can find the silver lining
of the darkest thunder cloud
or make a grown man weep
when he reads your words out loud
you live your life wide open
wear your heart upon your sleeve
give your friends the gift of laughter
and console them when they grieve
you take all the pieces of a life
and use words to make the whole
if you're reading this right now
it means you have a poets soul
There are so many wonderful people and poets on this site, this is my thank you for being awesome poem.
Jul 2015 · 559
Missing Pieces
David Hall Jul 2015
A part of me has passed,
but I’m remiss to grieve it.
In fact I think it best,
should I decide to leave it.

What part of me is gone?
You may have thought to wonder.
Many hours I have lost,
sitting silently to ponder.

Even knowledge of the loss,
first took me by surprise.
Whatever part of me has left,
has left without goodbyes.

I guess it matters not,
what is lost is soon forgotten.
Why spare a passing thought,
of how it’s loss was first begotten.
As we get older we change as people, sometimes we look back and realize we have lost something of ourselves, but it's often hard to know what that thing is.
Jul 2015 · 772
David Hall Jul 2015
we collided
then we parted
almost over
before it started

we shared a laugh
we shared a drink
I made you smile
you made me think

an all night talk
about our pasts
a midnight walk
a stolen kiss

you were broken
and I was too
and so we did
what broke things do

when you left
that sad day
I said goodbye
you drove away

ancient history
our rise and fall
but it left cracks
in my wonderwall
Jul 2015 · 706
David Hall Jul 2015
we are only given one lifetime on this earth
and no one hands out instructions at birth
we just go forward everyday hoping
we figure it out before the figures run out
I didn’t realize that my real eyes
didn’t reside at the top of my skull
when you start to see the world at chest height
then you start to set your view right
we are only given one chance and one day
nothing ever gets done tomorrow
anything is possible but,
it can only ever happen today
Jul 2015 · 958
“I’m O.K.”
David Hall Jul 2015
I want to confess
whisper all my secrets
admit to all my lies
tell you every fantasy
that hides behind my eyes
I want to lay my heart wide open
then rest my head upon your lap
and pour out every burden
that my soul is holding back
but I close my eyes and breathe
get a handle on my need
I force a smile and say
just two words,
“I’m O.K.”
Jul 2015 · 731
Selfish (10w)
David Hall Jul 2015
Is true happiness ever really possible,
without making selfish choices?
Jul 2015 · 778
the fall
David Hall Jul 2015
mighty oak on summers eve
heavy branches sway in bloom
green of leaf and strong of root
flecks of gold will soon adorn
mighty rings faint whisperings
years of plenty years of drought
knots of tears for loved ones lost
scarred bark a purple heart
stand tall against the northern wind
hold fast against harsh frost
stand proud before the winter sun
when all your leaves are lost
Jul 2015 · 743
life in a box
David Hall Jul 2015
I have lived myself into a box
I can hear people talking and laughing on the outside
sometimes I can even see light through the cracks in the walls
but no matter how hard I try to climb
throw my self against the invisible walls
shout into the silence that surrounds my heart
I am all alone in the dark
Jul 2015 · 1.5k
David Hall Jul 2015
It’s the best intentioned lie
that anyone will ever tell.
It’s a lie broken hearts
know only too well.
It’s the guy who is nice
but just not good enough,
or the girl who you like
but just won’t ever love.
Friend is never fair
when that’s all there can be.
Friend is the one
that your heart never sees.
It’s the word that is said
when your hearts on the mend
or the lie that is whispered
when the fairy tale ends.
Jul 2015 · 12.2k
advice to myself
David Hall Jul 2015
if you wake every morning
and do nothing to make your life better
it will not get any better
if you wake every morning
and do something to make your life better
then surely no matter
how bad life might seem right now

it will get better
Jul 2015 · 774
looking back
David Hall Jul 2015
life doesn't come with second chances
there are no doors that open back
we miss the paths that lead us forward
when we focus on the past

let old bridges keep on burning
you can't keep the world from turning
just keep your eyes toward tomorrow
today goes by too fast
Jun 2015 · 636
to be a man
David Hall Jun 2015
a man who thinks
thoughts once un-thought
may find himself alone

a man who goes
places once unknown
may never come back home

a man who dreams
dreams once un-dreamt
is laughed at by his peers

a man who fights
the un-fought fight
is forced to face his fears

but a man afraid
to think new thoughts
dream new dreams
and venture forth standing tall
a man unable to face his fears
forsake his peers and stand alone

Is hardly a man at all
Jun 2015 · 3.7k
David Hall Jun 2015
there’s no magic to be found
on peaceful garden paths
whose every rock and rut are worn
by footfalls from the past

adventure lies in wilderness
and stories never told
the magic made by pioneers
unafraid to tread off road
Jun 2015 · 694
how to catch a falling star
David Hall Jun 2015
can you catch a falling star
with hands afraid to trust
head bowed in shame
heart full of blame
too afraid to speak the truth

your star could fall at any time
and land within your grasp
keep your arms wide open
your head held high
and the words “I love you”
ever on your tongue
Jun 2015 · 1.6k
heart relocation
David Hall Jun 2015
turn out the lights
and lock the door
my heart can’t live
here anymore

I beg don’t laugh
it’s not a joke
a heart won’t stay
where the heart was broke

my heart still beats
my heart moves on
but it’ll take some miles
til the cracks are gone
Jun 2015 · 772
David Hall Jun 2015
sitting serenely under summer stars
while your fast asleep in bed
no one there to share the thoughts
that are racing through my head
all the things that make a life
are things that we no longer share
when I try to voice my passion
not sure if you even care
all the things inside my heart
I doubt you’ll ever know them
in fact I’m pretty sure
you’ll never even read this poem
Jun 2015 · 473
Human Uncertainty Principle
David Hall Jun 2015
The only thing separating a profound thought from a ridiculous one is the audience.

The truly courageous are those that tell the same truth no matter who is listening.
Jun 2015 · 686
Speed of Life
David Hall Jun 2015
They say, as you approach the speed of light
the energy required to keep moving forward
begins to reach infinity.  

If you give it some thought it makes perfect sense.
The past is heavy.
You can feel the weight of every moment
even if you are only travelling at the speed of life.
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