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If I would whisper you
I could melt your soul
The words that I can see
Are connected through feelings
And if we stare for to long
More of south than north
But, I will dream about you
Dress with full lust
As equal as we are
420 as flowers
Lets stalk about the sun, while we watch it under
a blanket.
Anya Jul 2018
Have you ever
Felt so sluggish
You think it probably for your skin
To melt and ooze off
And the muscle underneath starts to sizzle
And only the lonely bones remain
As hot as a metal rod laid out under the blistering sun
One would feel that
If he or she closed their eyes
They’d become a shapeless lump
To much of nothing to be anything
And eventually they’d just sink into the earthen floor
Eventually reaching the crust then core
Then being desintegrated
Into tiny particles
I could keep going
But I’m too tired to think anymore
Let em just close my eyes and...
The title says it all, by the way the ending is implying that the above occurres to the subject of the poem after they close their eyes.
Anya Jul 2018
I have      wierd thoughts      in my head
They ain’t true      but they there
So what do I do?
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
I love you because,
You made my darkness into light,
Made stars in my eyes twinkle.
I was asleep in sorrow,
You made me wake up,
Fill my lungs with joyous air I breathe,
Change my tryst soul to a happy one.
You gave my weakness strength,
My heartache and pain a smile,
You deleted my memories of the past,
To laughter of today and tomorrows.
You did everything by being just there for me,
By being caring and understanding.
In you I have found the love of my life,
You put up with my weird ways,
And still say,
"Honey I love you."
Gabe Ouellette Nov 2017
Stories of love,
saying a partner fits like a- mitten,
a tight one at that,
you know how when you put something on that's too small, the only thing you can think about is getting it off?
Loving the wrong person might be like that, I'm not sure though,
not my area of expertise.
But its something to think about if you will.
I dont know, not related to me... yet?
Abimael Kercado Jun 2017
When you love
Love is eternal
Eternal life will be
Life will be lust
And lust will die
With time...
Deeba Mar 2017
I am a Bin
Left over,
Always stinking.

No one sees me with a smile
They show disgust towards me

And then
Stars started orbiting differently
Magic happens.

I am seen as a flower vase

A flower vase
Always enriched, with
different types of flowers

All appreciate my beauty
I am a cynosure

They come to me
Smell me
Absorb my fragrance
Refreshing themselves

It gives me immense pleasure
when I freshen them

But its not always the same
Sometimes they overlook me
Leaving me to stink in rotten flowers

The story repeats.

Yesterday, I was a bin
Today, I am a vase

And nothing much changed

So! I don't care anything anymore.
Kayla Perkins Nov 2016
I do things that people consider wierd, but living in a comfortable life, is better than living scared.
People stare as I crouch on my feet, reminding myself I will be home soon, under my covers and sheet.
I wear baggy clothes to hide,
Buried in the warmth, with my low riding pride.
But who is to say what's accepted,
When the world is corrupt and infected.
Yes, infected, by their image of life. Smoothed out like butter with a knife .
They learned to feel it is fine, to go abouts with materials things and fancy wine.
Rubbing their wealth in your face, scolding as if you don't try.. telling you you're a disgrace,
to the human kind.
That's what this world has come to, trampling their own for something to do.
While people like me just try to get by, without anyone noticing or batting an eye.
Curling up into my corner of the world, thanking God that i made it again. For this corrupt world might **** me in.
Fearing that society will point me out like at a zoo. Laughing and awe-ing cuz they can't tell,
if I'm wierd or cute.
This is what its come to if you're not like them you don't exist.
You're mearly something they can tell to their friends.
They don't care if you cut your wrist
or are soon to meet lifes end.
So hide beneath your blankets and sheet, and if knocked down get on your feet. Learn that the world, you have to forgive, and no one can tell you how to live.
Thinking of how we went from cavemen life being what's normal (surviving) and now how it's become material things.
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
From atoms to the elements,
It's definitely strange,
The fabric of this planet is far beyond deranged,
A range of living organisms foraging the space,
Coheresed into following the curve of natural place.
All for one and one for all the universal fate,
Fatally we all ignore the balance of the scales,
Delicatly balancing the karma of the world,
For good there's bad,
For death there's life and all that's in between,
The world is weird as hell,
In fact I'd say obscene!
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