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David Hall Dec 2012
A better man than me would rise above his station,
sacrificing comfort for the bliss of separation.
Caring not for wealth or power,
finding his only joy in indignation.

A wiser man than me would know this was the hour,
to act upon his hopes for dreams,
even with his chances slim and outlook dour.

A braver man than me, would stand against oppression,
from the injustices of life that offer no concession.
Standing to demand restitution,
of his life that by right should be in his possession.

But I am just a man of a weaker constitution,
frozen by the scope of tyranny and greed,
shackled and enslaved by the chains of institution.

A better man than me would rise above is sorrow,
a strength within his heart, that his hope might chance to borrow.
Alas the day is lost with the setting of the sun
and I can only strive to be a better man tomorrow.
David Hall Mar 2015
You weren't there to check for monsters
hiding underneath my bed.
So I hid under my covers
as I lay awake in dread.

There were monsters in the daytime too
one even stole your shoes.
Hiding deep inside myself
was all that I could do.

You weren't there to show me how to fight
when the bullies knocked me down.
So I lived a life of fear
insecure upon the ground.

You weren't there by my side,
but you were always in my heart
and I grew into a man
even though we were apart.

Father to a beautiful little girl
with monsters hiding in the night,
but I chase them all away
and tuck her covers tight.

I hope you’re there for her
the way you couldn't be for us
a growing little girl
needs her grandpa’s love.
David Hall May 2015
look into my eyes
come close let me see
the only person who knows
all the secrets of me

give me your hands
mine know them so well
holding onto each other
they've made it through hell

put your lips to my lips
your breath in my chest
only wrapped in your arms
may my weary heart rest

lay here by my side
let our shadows entwine
know I’m eternally yours
whisper you’ll always be mine
David Hall May 2015
the day is darker through my eyes
the night as black as oil
where others see green verdant grass
I see only barren broken soil

my nights are longer, shadows stronger
not letting even starlight in
the dark stands tall and mocks it all
with a queer and maniacal grin

my soul suffers no glad tidings here
and laughs at your naivete
it shudders lonely through the night
as it basks in my depravity
It's funny when you have been on this site long enough you tend to learn what sells.  I wrote this not so much because I am in a sad or dark place, but just because dark poems don't usually do so well on this site and I wanted to mix it up a bit.
David Hall Jul 2015
if you wake every morning
and do nothing to make your life better
it will not get any better
if you wake every morning
and do something to make your life better
then surely no matter
how bad life might seem right now

it will get better
David Hall Aug 2015
You are only as strong as your ability
to lift yourself up off the ground.

You are only as wise as your ability
to see the world as it is
not as you want it to be.

You are only as free as your ability
to take a step towards your hearts desire
and appreciate whatever it is you find there.
David Hall May 2015
I cut my thumb, when the dollhouse door won’t open.
I scraped my knuckles, when the blue crayon gut stuck.
A fathers hands are tough.

I swing her high, when we ring around the rosie.
I hold her hand, when it’s time to cross the street.
A fathers hands are safe.

I wipe her tears, when her favorite toy gets broken.
I tuck her in, when it’s time to say goodnight.
A fathers hands are love.
David Hall Aug 2014
two bolts of lightning
flash at the very same time
you streaking your way
and me streaking mine

for the briefest of moments
together we lit up the sky
then the whole world went dark
with no one left to ask why

that brilliant light is gone forever
all that’s left are cloudy skies
and your afterglow in the lonely dark
at night when I close my eyes
David Hall Dec 2015
if god does indeed exist
i doubt he will be able to hear us
until we grow enough
that we can look him in the eye
David Hall Aug 2015
are only a collection of months
simply a grouping of days
merely 24 short hours

an entire lifetime
is just a string of sweet short moments
David Hall Jun 2015
sitting serenely under summer stars
while your fast asleep in bed
no one there to share the thoughts
that are racing through my head
all the things that make a life
are things that we no longer share
when I try to voice my passion
not sure if you even care
all the things inside my heart
I doubt you’ll ever know them
in fact I’m pretty sure
you’ll never even read this poem
David Hall Nov 2010
Although I speak your language
Our words are not the same
Although I play by your rules
I’m not part of your game

Although I share your history
Were not from the same place
Although I run behind you
I care not who wins your race

Although I live among you
This is not my home
Although I walk beside you
In truth I walk alone

Although your eyes are working
You’ve yet to truly see
The truth found in my wording
That might finally set you free
David Hall Nov 2013
As a child I searched for shelter
Safe behind my mother’s arms
Only time revealed the truth
There are many kinds of harm

Adolescence brought my search
To find what constitutes the self
I found we are all made up of parts
We assembled off the shelf

Perhaps my greatest search
Was to find my one true love
I discovered love must be built
It's not just a gift from up above

Now all I seek is forgiveness
In the depths of someone’s eyes
After revealing all my secrets
And surrendering my lies
David Hall Dec 2012
Have you ever made a mistake,
then passed by every opportunity to rectify that mistake,
for fear that, you will make a new mistake.

You live your entire life
thinking maybe it’s a mistake not to fix your mistake
for fear that, you will make a new mistake.
David Hall May 2012
A picture is just a picture
An instant memory of light
One thousand words find their worth
In our imagination of the sight

A memory is just a memory
A vague retelling of our life
Each memory stripped and shaped
By the hesitation of our knife

A life is just a life
A passing reality of mind
One thousand pictures slowly fade
As we leave the past behind

A sunset is just a sunset
A daily dying of the light
All we have is just a simple picture
As day surrenders to the night
David Hall Jul 2010
Time is like the surface of an ocean,
that flows for eternity into the future
and flows for eternity into the past.

Anything that has ever happened,
anything that will ever happen,
anything that is happening right now
exists on the surface of this ocean forever.

We conscious beings are a wave
rolling from the past into the future.
Our passing changes the face of the ocean
but the ocean is eternal.
- From Missing Pieces
David Hall Aug 2014
Reading someone else’s poetry
is like trying a weird side dish at a party.

It’s that strange dip that your friend made
and they just keep begging you to try it.
When you finally give in and you take a bite,
one of two things is always bound to happen.

It’s amazing, you love it,
you eat the whole bowl.
You shower them with compliments
and ask them for the recipe


It’s bland and it’s dry
can’t even finish your first bite.
You muster up your best fake smile
and squeak out, “This is great”.

It’s imperative that you keep in mind
No matter if it’s good or bad
if it rocked your world or burned your tongue
you will probably only taste this once.
David Hall Feb 2015
Man is a curious animal
who afraid of his own mortality
went and conjured up spirituality.

Which begs a curious question
if religion our fears meant to quell
why then go,
and conjure up hell.
David Hall Feb 2015
My heart soared and fell broken
all in the same moment.

I saw my future, forgot my past
and wept at my good fortune.

Then I awoke, forgot my dreams
to a life consumed by torture.

It’s amazing how the moment turns
on such a tiny thing.

On the ******* of your left hand
a tiny golden ring.
David Hall Apr 2012
A silent solitary surrender
Is all that it would be
Just one small transgression
No one need ever see

A battle fought in every second
To what rhythm does my heart beat

My conscious softly whispers
Advice I’d rather disregard
It knows the wisest choices
Are oft times doubly hard

Who can face down temptation
When surrender tastes so sweet

A thousand small surrenders
Lead to the darkest night
When each surrender leads
One step further from the light
David Hall Dec 2016
a poem for the perturbed
partially peeved
marginally miffed
indirectly disturbed

not for those in love
not for loss or for longing
not for the haughty highbrow
half hazardly happy saps
that drown you in their
dizzily delerious
words about joy and wonder

this poem is for the average joe
joe sixpac joe normal
kicked back, laid back
ignoble informal

working class
pain in the ***
foul mouthed, burnout
college drop out
that doesn't have two
sweet words to rub together

this poem is for me

and you... if you want it.
was just reading through all the happy sappy poems on hear and not really feeling those emotions right now, but wanted to write something anyways
David Hall Jun 2014
Thunder troubles a darkening sky.
Wind rustles the sun dappled grass
as miles of meadows wander by.

Shadows dance on a distant hill
of monsters meeting in the air,
tired of merely standing still.

The sun it tries to stand and fight
piercing the monsters with beams of light.

The light if fades from a shattered sky.
The monsters merge with all their might
and the evening darkness begins to cry.

The very air it begins to howl
stirring every branch and blade.
It regards the monsters with a scowl.

The monsters throw their streaks of light
a raucous symphony of sound and sight.
A false dawn drives back the encroaching night.

But the wind is a force that won’t be denied.
It vows an oath to take back the sky
and drives the monsters upon the tide.

The moon and stars are all that remain
to comfort the tears of a war torn sky
and remind the monsters they fought in vain.
David Hall Oct 2016
in the morning
just after you wake up
or the evening
perfected with makeup

in jeans or a skirt
silk blouse or t-shirt
hair up or hair down
bright smile or a frown

inside and out
with nary a doubt

you are one of the most beautiful women
I have ever had the honor of knowing
David Hall Sep 2014
beauty is of many faces
found in many forms and places
first is seen the beauty of the face
it's the greatest at the start
but before its dead it can swell your head
and leave you naught but a broken heart
all and all a rarer find
is the beauty of the mind
it grows and flowers with each season
it’s one true love is love of reason
if this beauty grows to great
it can see the need for love too late
if too much of this you own
expect a hard thought life alone
the most amazing of all is set apart
it's the deepest beauty of the heart
traces found almost everywhere
it’s on the wind and in a prayer
you'll find it anyplace that's wild
and in the laughter of a child
its the beauty that will never fade
still found today as god first made
when this beauty you can confess
you'll find true love and happiness
David Hall May 2015
I don’t eat cereal as much as I used to.
Mind you, even when I was younger I didn't eat it every day.
However, in my life I have eaten more bowls of cereal
than I can even begin to count.
Not only does the sheer volume of cereal consumption escape me
I can’t recall the brands.
Now the question that I find
begins to haunt my waking mind,
have I already eaten the best bowl of cereal I will ever consume
and forgotten the taste?
When you are young you completely take for granted that you have your entire life in front of you.  As you start to get older, you begin to wonder what things you have done in life that you will never have the chance to do again.
David Hall Jan 2015
We all live together in boxes made of light.
As our moments pass they overlap,
bundled loose with neon twine.

We all think out loud with minds made of light.
Our most private thoughts escape our heads
setting sail on copper skies.

We all sit together sharing lives made of light.
One family gathered round a global hearth,
texting tales of cyber life.
Wrote this thinking about how the internet is changing society.
David Hall Aug 2015
Life is like a broken car stereo,
on a hundred year road trip.

For the first few years everything is great.
You have the sun on your face, the wind in your hair
and you are hearing every song for the first time.
All the roads you are driving are familiar and close to home,
you don’t have a care in the world.

Around about year 13
you start to drive into unfamiliar territory.
The **** falls off on the death metal station.
You find yourself mad at the world for no reason
so you forget about the songs of your youth and
just go with it.

Making a pit stop at year 22
You find that pesky **** under the seat.
You start searching for the happy stations
you recall from the beginning of the trip,
but by this time you have picked up passengers
and they have taken over any station decisions.

Cruising through year 30
You decide to get your road trip in order.
You have preset all the stations that everyone listens to
and come up with a schedule so that everything is fair.
But at year 34 you cross state lines and the stations change,
leaving you with unhappy passengers and the daunting task
of figuring out the stereo all over again.

Obeying the speed limit around year 45
You finally have more control of the music of your trip.
Most of your passengers have stereos of their own now.
Unfortunately your stereo has started to wear out
and your favorite stations only come in clear occasionally.
You suffer through the static with the hopes
that the station will stay clear just long enough
to hear your favorite song.

Looking for a rest stop close to year 80
You can barely hear the music anymore and
that’s if the stereo will even turn on these days.
No one is left to disagree with you over the stations
so the radio stays permanently tuned to your old favorites.
You find yourself pretty sure you have heard all the songs
on the radio and are really looking forward to your destination.

The radio breaks close to year 100
As you get out of the car and head into the light of your destination,
all the songs of your journey play to remind you of the
people you have loved and the places you have been.
David Hall Dec 2011
Reflective light from broken glass.
Reflects the moments as they pass.

Train of thought from a broken plan.
Remembers the pain of a broken man.

Continued exposure to a grand illusion.
Has led my heart to a false conclusion.

Passionless words end a passionate fight.
Silence the symphony of a passionless night.
David Hall Sep 2014
A year or two
older than me
I wore brown shoes
we drank sweet tea

I touched her face
she kissed my lips
We tasted love
between the sips
David Hall Mar 2015
I was born a butchers boy
I never lacked for meat
Purse strings tight as a bishop’s ***
My childhood lacked for sweets

My sweethearts now a butchers wife
Two lamb shanks for a ha penny
We waste our coin and copper hair
By eating sweets a plenty

The merchant comes to peddle time
The reaper dreads his arrival
Those with coin and copper hair
Can purchase their survival

I will die a butcher’s death
My sweets have sealed my fate
With empty purse and graying hair
The merchant comes to late
Thinking this morning about all the amazing marvels technology is promising for humanities future and wondering if my choices in life will cost me the chance to see them.
David Hall Oct 2015
rainbow colored  butterfly
floating through my dreams
delicate and fair
full of life and rare

you flutter at my periphery
daring me to touch
always just beyond my grasp

better if I should never hold you
wrap you up inside my palm
within my arms enfold you

for then my dream would end
and I would awaken
with blood and butterfly wings
stuck between my fingers
David Hall Apr 2017
on certian serendipitous days
I gather a glance through a golden window
of the tantalizing truth


elusively it avoids my grasp
flashing through my frantic fingers
realizing revalation I resolve

to let it land on my soul like a butterfly
David Hall Jun 2012
Childhoods end
Around the bend
In fields of innocence
We may no longer tarry

Summers eve
Takes its leave
Of grownup burdens
We grow weary

Sweethearts kiss
A simple bliss
As adolescence wanes
We start to let it go

Breaking heart
As memories part
The hardest goodbye
We may ever know

Setting sun
Were almost done
From childhoods dream
I depart alone

Closest friend
We’ll walk again
In fields of innocence
When I get home
David Hall Aug 2015
never feel guilty for not doing something,
                                   that you still have time to do
David Hall Dec 2012
Cigarette smoke and despair
I’ve come to know the smell
It adorns the walking dead
As they haunt their waking hell

They have gathered here to die
Desperation has its price
Cigarette smoke and despair
Is the flavor of their vice

Neon lights a sirens call
Taking comfort in the glow
Cigarette smoke and despair
The last smell they’ll ever know
David Hall Aug 2015
years ago I know not exactly when
my journey came to a quiet end
I retired here to these spacious halls
to live out my days inside these walls
I’ll tarry here forever more
while life goes on outside my door

I had my days beneath the sun
the sun has set but my days go on
life’s river flows on towards the sea
but I find myself upon the beach
and whatever life was left to live
has flowed well, beyond my reach
"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75."
Benjamin Franklin
David Hall Oct 2014
a cool october breeze
goes rustling through the leaves
as the mid october sun
sets along the mid atlantic seas

its seems like only yesterday
spring was gently on the rise
the air filled with anticipation
for summers sweet surprise

as june faded into july
facing endless summer reaches
dreams of angelic faces
moonlit midnight summer beaches

like many a dream
to good to be true
the magic of summer faded
with skies steely gray instead of blue

a cool october breeze
goes rustling thru the leaves
as the mid october sun
sets along the mid atlantic seas

memories of spring rain and summer sun
softly fade as snowflakes fly
saddened eyes whisper “see you later”
cause we can never say goodbye
David Hall Jan 2015
when an inherently talented singer
steps out under the bright lights
and bares her soul in song
some would say that takes courage

when a genetically gifted athlete
leaves his heart on the field
and leads his team to victory
some would say he was brave

but I would say true courage
is stepping out under those bright lights
or running onto that field of competition
even in the face of almost certain failure

yes I believe true courage
is speaking up when no one’s listening
playing your heart out even when you can’t win
and standing up again even if you fall
David Hall Aug 2014
am I clinically depressed
or am I just crazy

chemically imbalanced
motivationally challenged
or am I just lazy

attention deficit disorder
hyperactive distracted
interactive media addiction

progressive techno optimist
idealistic unrealistic
future obsessive affliction

am I terminally indecisive
or am I just manic

in need of professional help
to just get over myself
or should I just panic

am I clinically depressed
or am I just crazy
David Hall Dec 2010
Minutes pass into hours
Hours into days
Though my life pass into twilight
I will still dream of the people and places
Of my youth

I dream of endless summers by the river
The smell of fresh water in my hair
Laughing voices in the distance

A giant stone church
It’s steeple standing tall
Sentinel of our sleepy borough

Fresh cut grass
Dirt stains on my clothes
A pleasant ache in all my muscles
After a day of playing ball

A warning siren blows
We all rush off to meet it
Perilous adventure of my youth
Dousing wayward flame

Star filled summer nights
Chasing tiny hand held lights
Mad dashes through the town

The smell of funnel cakes
Brings smiles for miles around
At the annual street fair

Minutes pass into hours
Hours into days
As my life passes into twilight
I long for the freedom and the faces
Of my youth
David Hall Sep 2014
*** isn't the only thing that sells
death sells too
think about it a minute
and admit that its true

war correspondent reporting live
from the middle of the war zone
another thousand people die
from the hole in the ozone

ebola outbreaks are trending
getting millions of views
while little girl abductions
top the evening news

we demonize *** on t.v.
like were ashamed of creation
while at least one prime time show
will feature de-capitation

the next time you buy a ticket
to the mass media fair
just stop and think a minute
buyer beware
David Hall Jul 2015
I spent my childhood ignorant
my adolescence naïve
the sum of my adult life so far
collecting things that adults need
now here I sit at middle age
senescence beating down my door
finally able to see the world clearly
but it doesn’t matter anymore
David Hall Mar 2015
we all stand at the threshold
to the doorway of tomorrow
on the other side
awaits a wondrous ride
where dreams are sure to follow

imagination soon set free
from mere pictures in our head
our thoughts made real
our hearts made feel
inhibitions will be shed

the future has embraced us
our dreams are sure to follow
eyes made of light
see wondrous sights
through the doorway of tomorrow
I have been thinking recently about the implications of Virtual Reality.
David Hall Feb 2016
dreams know the truth
that you hide deep inside
and they won’t let you live
with a life full of lies

dreams know the truth
and each night they’ll remind you
of all the things in your past
that you can’t put behind you

they burn in the spark
of your secret desire
and each night as you sleep
they rekindle that fire

dreams know the truth
that you keep deep inside
you can lie to yourself
but your dreams won’t abide
David Hall Jun 2014
I can almost hear her laughter
Her face almost makes me smile
But I know our time together
Is just a sweet short while

All the music notes fall flat
The colors start to fade
There is nothing left but sadness
In the games that we once played

The sky keeps getting darker
I can’t seem to find the light
As I slowly forget the sunshine
All I am left with is the night

I am drowning in my sorrow  
As I lose my fight to be
And I am not sure if tomorrow
Will find anything left of me
David Hall Nov 2012
Is it really Happily Ever After
If it's when the story ends
Was it worth the stories heartbreak
Because in the end it mends

How many parts we play
Just to hide our hearts desire
How many sad farewells
Until our story will expire

When the last star falls
and the rainbows start to fade
whats left to give us hope
and grant the wishes that we've made
David Hall Jun 2016
how can I be there for her
when noone was there for me
how can I teach her things
that I have never learned
how can I show her love
that I have never felt

beautiful things can be
built from broken pieces

I'll kiss her boo boo's
while hiding my scars
fight the monsters under her bed
and lock my demons in the closet
I'll be the father she needs
and never the father I fear
David Hall Oct 2015
I feel safer when it's dark
just knowing your nearby
that I might have within my reach
a little piece of sky

you light my way when I get lost
brighten up my day without a cost

the dark would overtake me
if ever we should part
you are my flashlight
you light up my heart
David Hall Sep 2014
have I somehow forgotten
what it feels like to be in love
just because my arms can hold
what my heart was dreaming of

have her lips somehow lost
their deep soft kiss appeal
just because my mouth knows well
how those deep soft kisses feel

have my hands lost their longing
to go exploring in the dark
just because my fingers know
how to quickly find their mark

when did our words find their edge
when did our bed get so vast
how did our love become this desert
when it was endless oceans in our past

lying here my heart remembers
every deep soft kiss and every touch
and as I put my arms around her
my tears remind me
what it feels like to be in love
David Hall Jul 2015
It’s the best intentioned lie
that anyone will ever tell.
It’s a lie broken hearts
know only too well.
It’s the guy who is nice
but just not good enough,
or the girl who you like
but just won’t ever love.
Friend is never fair
when that’s all there can be.
Friend is the one
that your heart never sees.
It’s the word that is said
when your hearts on the mend
or the lie that is whispered
when the fairy tale ends.
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