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12.2k · Jul 2015
advice to myself
David Hall Jul 2015
if you wake every morning
and do nothing to make your life better
it will not get any better
if you wake every morning
and do something to make your life better
then surely no matter
how bad life might seem right now

it will get better
7.9k · Jul 2014
ignorance is bliss
David Hall Jul 2014
my condolences go out to the man
who gets everything he always wanted

ignorance is bliss is more than just a catchy phrase

the man whose every wish comes true
has to live with the knowledge
having never feels as good as wanting

while the man who has naught but his desire
will be left blissfully ignorant everyday
with hope left over for tomorrow
7.7k · Sep 2014
procrastination (10w)
David Hall Sep 2014
The last minute, is the only one I find productive.
Up all night studying for a big test the day before I have to take it lol.
7.0k · Jan 2015
David Hall Jan 2015
perfect simplicity
so seldom does visit me
that when it’s in the vicinity
I bask in divinity

I live for a line
the curve of her spine
her curves are divine
with a bottle of wine

the touch of her lips
the swing of her hips
savor the sips
of a total eclipse
6.5k · Apr 2015
David Hall Apr 2015
Moments pass like leaves
on a windswept November day.
Beautiful and Golden
dancing merrily in the bright sunshine,
swiftly passing out of sight and out of time.
Until all that we are left with are bare branches
and memories of what once was green.
5.3k · Jan 2015
David Hall Jan 2015
you are there in my subconscious
every time that I close my eyes
your head upon my shoulder
underneath a starlit sky

you are there in my conversations
underneath the words I say
the shape of your disposition
towards the topic of the day

you are there when I’m dishonest
your eyes just above the lie
with a cool discerning look
and a disapproving sigh

you are there in my emotions
every smile and every tear
your unexpected absence
at the base of every fear

obsession is an ugly word
infatuation is to sweet
you are there inside my soul
where love and longing meet
5.2k · Dec 2012
David Hall Dec 2012
Lord please
if you can hear
humble my mind
let it not fear

Lord please
if you exist
humble my hand
unclench my fist

Lord please
if you can see
humble me heart
set my soul free
4.9k · Sep 2014
David Hall Sep 2014
beauty is of many faces
found in many forms and places
first is seen the beauty of the face
it's the greatest at the start
but before its dead it can swell your head
and leave you naught but a broken heart
all and all a rarer find
is the beauty of the mind
it grows and flowers with each season
it’s one true love is love of reason
if this beauty grows to great
it can see the need for love too late
if too much of this you own
expect a hard thought life alone
the most amazing of all is set apart
it's the deepest beauty of the heart
traces found almost everywhere
it’s on the wind and in a prayer
you'll find it anyplace that's wild
and in the laughter of a child
its the beauty that will never fade
still found today as god first made
when this beauty you can confess
you'll find true love and happiness
3.9k · Jul 2014
David Hall Jul 2014
I’ll be there tomorrow
at least one more time
as long as the sun comes up
and continues to shine

I’ll listen tomorrow
if your heart needs an ear
I’ll help carry your burden
and comfort your fear

I’ll kiss you tomorrow
if your lips feel neglected
I’ll lift up your chin
if you’re feeling dejected

I’ll love you tomorrow
more than I love you today
I’ll love you every tomorrow
and at least one more day
3.7k · Jun 2015
David Hall Jun 2015
there’s no magic to be found
on peaceful garden paths
whose every rock and rut are worn
by footfalls from the past

adventure lies in wilderness
and stories never told
the magic made by pioneers
unafraid to tread off road
3.5k · Dec 2012
Cigarette Smoke and Despair
David Hall Dec 2012
Cigarette smoke and despair
I’ve come to know the smell
It adorns the walking dead
As they haunt their waking hell

They have gathered here to die
Desperation has its price
Cigarette smoke and despair
Is the flavor of their vice

Neon lights a sirens call
Taking comfort in the glow
Cigarette smoke and despair
The last smell they’ll ever know
2.8k · Aug 2014
Happy Endings (10w)
David Hall Aug 2014
Everything in life ends badly, otherwise it would never end.
2.4k · Apr 2010
Rubix Cube
David Hall Apr 2010
a rubix cube upon my desk
with half the colors matching
near a wayward garden gnome
what plots might he be hatching

contemplations fill my head
of life and all its meanings
a conservative at heart
despite my leftist leanings

someday I’ll find the leprechaun
hiding at the rainbow’s end
I’ll take that *******’s lucky charms
before he runs again

memories haunt my waking mind
not sure if they're even real
vertigo and déjà vu are all that I can feel

I think I’ll take another hit
that should finally stop the spinning
as my pet rock races Charlie Brown
the rubix cube is winning
- From Missing Pieces
2.4k · May 2015
Best Cereal of my Life
David Hall May 2015
I don’t eat cereal as much as I used to.
Mind you, even when I was younger I didn't eat it every day.
However, in my life I have eaten more bowls of cereal
than I can even begin to count.
Not only does the sheer volume of cereal consumption escape me
I can’t recall the brands.
Now the question that I find
begins to haunt my waking mind,
have I already eaten the best bowl of cereal I will ever consume
and forgotten the taste?
When you are young you completely take for granted that you have your entire life in front of you.  As you start to get older, you begin to wonder what things you have done in life that you will never have the chance to do again.
2.1k · Dec 2012
David Hall Dec 2012
On the road
The dark of night
A fingernail moon
You’re only light

Dead gnarling trees
And hooting owls
The tensions thick
It twists your bowels

The air is chill
It cuts the skin
It’s hard to think
The trouble you’re in

Surely lost
This road is queer
Every dark turn
Filled with fear

Every step uphill
No hope in sight
Every step you take
Takes all your might

Just when you think
The end is near
The way ahead
It starts to clear

Fog starts to lift
It clears your sight
And up ahead
Reveals a light

It takes the shape
Of a cottage door
Whether it’s safe
You’re not quite sure

A wayward cottage
You might find rest
Or just another
Of the devil’s tests

Light so bright
You cannot see
Just through the door
What might there be

You steal your courage
Through the door
You’re in suspense

And I’ll tell no more
2.0k · Mar 2015
Butcher's Boy
David Hall Mar 2015
I was born a butchers boy
I never lacked for meat
Purse strings tight as a bishop’s ***
My childhood lacked for sweets

My sweethearts now a butchers wife
Two lamb shanks for a ha penny
We waste our coin and copper hair
By eating sweets a plenty

The merchant comes to peddle time
The reaper dreads his arrival
Those with coin and copper hair
Can purchase their survival

I will die a butcher’s death
My sweets have sealed my fate
With empty purse and graying hair
The merchant comes to late
Thinking this morning about all the amazing marvels technology is promising for humanities future and wondering if my choices in life will cost me the chance to see them.
1.9k · Jul 2015
if you're reading this
David Hall Jul 2015
you know the value of a word
and can place it with great care
you see colors in a rainbow
others wouldn’t know were there
you can find the silver lining
of the darkest thunder cloud
or make a grown man weep
when he reads your words out loud
you live your life wide open
wear your heart upon your sleeve
give your friends the gift of laughter
and console them when they grieve
you take all the pieces of a life
and use words to make the whole
if you're reading this right now
it means you have a poets soul
There are so many wonderful people and poets on this site, this is my thank you for being awesome poem.
1.9k · Mar 2015
Midnight Ride
David Hall Mar 2015
Two strangers on a midnight ride
underneath the moonlight pale.
Two strangers who just by chance
are passing in the night.

One smile, one glance
a subconscious movement of the heart.
Two strangers just with flashing eyes
share a lifetime in one look.

The road between them gathers miles
their destinations leagues apart.
Two strangers shared a midnight love
that will live forever in their heart.
1.8k · Jan 2015
real life
David Hall Jan 2015
there’s no life in a photograph
no real spark in a camera flash
real life is found in 3D space
right in front of your down turned face

real friends don’t live in an online book
and care about more than what quizzes you took
real support is hugs and real words we say
you can’t just click someone to a brighter day

real love exists on god’s green earth
but it can’t be found with a google search
there is life to be lived in the real sunshine
because life isn't lived if it’s lived online
1.8k · Mar 2015
Wayward Traveler
David Hall Mar 2015
If I a wayward traveler
were to rest my weary bones,
I fear I’d quickly find my name
in a garden full of stones.

So I continue trudging onward,
without regard for my direction.
Eyes forever pointed downward
by the fear of my detection.

Carrying the bags of follow travelers
despite their ever growing weight.
My steps harried ever onward
by the fear I might be late.

I can’t see my destination
but I have faith to keep me strong.
I can’t let my pace be slowed
by the fear that I am wrong.

I can’t say I quite recall
even the way this journey started
but I must have held some purpose
on that day I first departed.

So I continue trudging onward
without regard for my confusion.
This journey is about so much more
than my self-involved delusions.

If I a wayward traveler
were to rest my weary bones,
I fear I’d quickly find my name
in a garden full of stones.
1.8k · Aug 2014
physical alliteration
David Hall Aug 2014
a pier one imports parked between
penera and penn station
a physical example of literary alliteration
1.6k · Jun 2015
heart relocation
David Hall Jun 2015
turn out the lights
and lock the door
my heart can’t live
here anymore

I beg don’t laugh
it’s not a joke
a heart won’t stay
where the heart was broke

my heart still beats
my heart moves on
but it’ll take some miles
til the cracks are gone
1.6k · Mar 2015
doorway of tomorrow
David Hall Mar 2015
we all stand at the threshold
to the doorway of tomorrow
on the other side
awaits a wondrous ride
where dreams are sure to follow

imagination soon set free
from mere pictures in our head
our thoughts made real
our hearts made feel
inhibitions will be shed

the future has embraced us
our dreams are sure to follow
eyes made of light
see wondrous sights
through the doorway of tomorrow
I have been thinking recently about the implications of Virtual Reality.
1.5k · Jul 2015
David Hall Jul 2015
It’s the best intentioned lie
that anyone will ever tell.
It’s a lie broken hearts
know only too well.
It’s the guy who is nice
but just not good enough,
or the girl who you like
but just won’t ever love.
Friend is never fair
when that’s all there can be.
Friend is the one
that your heart never sees.
It’s the word that is said
when your hearts on the mend
or the lie that is whispered
when the fairy tale ends.
1.4k · Oct 2015
butterfly dream
David Hall Oct 2015
rainbow colored  butterfly
floating through my dreams
delicate and fair
full of life and rare

you flutter at my periphery
daring me to touch
always just beyond my grasp

better if I should never hold you
wrap you up inside my palm
within my arms enfold you

for then my dream would end
and I would awaken
with blood and butterfly wings
stuck between my fingers
1.4k · Jun 2014
I am dying
David Hall Jun 2014
I am dying
The thought occurs to me every now and then
Jolting my psyche like a bucket of cold water on a sleeping drunk

I just turned 32 this year
I can already feel the cold tendrils of deaths advance
Some days I can even smell its putrid breath on the back of my neck

I’m not dying of anything immediate
No nothing as glamorous as a drug overdose or a gunshot wound
My death more than likely won’t make national news

I am dying
It is a slow and pitiful death
Caused by a lethal mix of age, apathy and neglect

Every day I poison myself a little more
Complex carbohydrates and processed sugars in every meal
Caffeine carcinogens and aspartame to wash the poison down

I can feel my muscle waste away
As I sit 10 hours a day answering the same inane questions
Over and over again to earn the right to what’s left of my meager existence

I am dying
This must be the case because I am certainly not living
At best I am merely surviving, simply continuing to exist

Maybe tomorrow or maybe in 20 years
Even if I quit my job and start an organic vegan diet
Even if I exercise, meditate and confess my sins

I am dying
1.4k · May 2015
A Fathers Hands
David Hall May 2015
I cut my thumb, when the dollhouse door won’t open.
I scraped my knuckles, when the blue crayon gut stuck.
A fathers hands are tough.

I swing her high, when we ring around the rosie.
I hold her hand, when it’s time to cross the street.
A fathers hands are safe.

I wipe her tears, when her favorite toy gets broken.
I tuck her in, when it’s time to say goodnight.
A fathers hands are love.
1.3k · Oct 2015
David Hall Oct 2015
I feel safer when it's dark
just knowing your nearby
that I might have within my reach
a little piece of sky

you light my way when I get lost
brighten up my day without a cost

the dark would overtake me
if ever we should part
you are my flashlight
you light up my heart
1.3k · Dec 2012
Humble Stone
David Hall Dec 2012
The river is ever flowing,
onward to the sea.
Why should I care about the river?
It cares not to notice me.

I am just a humble stone,
caught up in wayward currents.

The sun is ever shining,
it fills the eastern sky.
I glimpse in now and then
as the river floats me by.

I am just a humble stone,
caught up in wayward currents.

Someday I’ll find a river bank,
I can call my very own.
But until that day comes,
I am just a humble stone.
1.3k · Jan 2015
David Hall Jan 2015
the color of our skin
the nation of our home
the religion of our father
all things that we've outgrown

we all share a fragile planet
in an endless cosmic sea
all that matters anymore
is our shared humanity
inspired by carl sagans pale blue dot speech
1.2k · Aug 2014
David Hall Aug 2014
am I clinically depressed
or am I just crazy

chemically imbalanced
motivationally challenged
or am I just lazy

attention deficit disorder
hyperactive distracted
interactive media addiction

progressive techno optimist
idealistic unrealistic
future obsessive affliction

am I terminally indecisive
or am I just manic

in need of professional help
to just get over myself
or should I just panic

am I clinically depressed
or am I just crazy
1.2k · Feb 2015
sleep deprivation
David Hall Feb 2015
bleary eyed and weary *****
tendons creak and muscles groan
stomach grumbles and lungs lament
every shred of will is rent

dreams are beating down the door
face keeps falling towards the floor
the war against the night is lost
the darkness comes despite cost
1.2k · Mar 2016
love poem 99
David Hall Mar 2016
every Monday morning
I think about your smile
i let the world disolve around me
and daydream for awhile

on Tuesday afternoons
I like to linger on your laugh
I close my eyes a moment
and let the memories take me back

on Friday nights
I sit quietly and stare
my body at the bar with friends
my mind running fingers through your hair

and every other moment
my conscious minds awake
my heart whispers out your name
the only sound my heart can make
1.2k · Aug 2014
David Hall Aug 2014
a warm embrace, your smiling face
butterflies with your every touch
the thought had never crossed my mind
that I could ever want so much

I sit here now with only my dream
a dream of you on a peaceful night
a warm breeze brushing your soft brown hair
it tickling my face as I’m holding you tight

reality takes a darker hue
the longer and farther
I get from you

a painful reality
when I let myself wake
I realize the truth
and let my heart break
1.1k · Jan 2015
heart break
David Hall Jan 2015
I didn't mean to make your heart break.
You must believe it was a mistake.
I couldn't help but have my way,

when that
red feather boa
looked my way.

I didn't mean to let your heart break.
You must believe it was a bad day.
Please baby just don’t walk away.

how many
words will it
take to say

I didn't mean to make your heart break.
This is my bonus poem for the day, in honor of hitting 100 followers.  Everyone on this site is so supportive I just wanted to say thanks, you guys keep me inspired to keep writing.

PS.  This poem is much more fun if you sing it in your head like a country song as you read it.
1.1k · Jan 2015
David Hall Jan 2015
when an inherently talented singer
steps out under the bright lights
and bares her soul in song
some would say that takes courage

when a genetically gifted athlete
leaves his heart on the field
and leads his team to victory
some would say he was brave

but I would say true courage
is stepping out under those bright lights
or running onto that field of competition
even in the face of almost certain failure

yes I believe true courage
is speaking up when no one’s listening
playing your heart out even when you can’t win
and standing up again even if you fall
1.1k · Aug 2014
David Hall Aug 2014
two bolts of lightning
flash at the very same time
you streaking your way
and me streaking mine

for the briefest of moments
together we lit up the sky
then the whole world went dark
with no one left to ask why

that brilliant light is gone forever
all that’s left are cloudy skies
and your afterglow in the lonely dark
at night when I close my eyes
1.0k · Sep 2014
hide and seek
David Hall Sep 2014
a young man
heart pounding in his chest
back pressed against cold stone
body covered in cold sweat
peers around the corner
eyes try to pierce the dark

a mother
finger tapping on the counter
hand reaching for the phone
feet twitching to the clock
stares out the kitchen window
eyes try to pierce the dark

a young girl
head buried in her forearm
breath held inside her chest
body filled with anticipation
looks up from her countdown
eyes try to pierce the dark
1.0k · Dec 2016
average joe poem
David Hall Dec 2016
a poem for the perturbed
partially peeved
marginally miffed
indirectly disturbed

not for those in love
not for loss or for longing
not for the haughty highbrow
half hazardly happy saps
that drown you in their
dizzily delerious
words about joy and wonder

this poem is for the average joe
joe sixpac joe normal
kicked back, laid back
ignoble informal

working class
pain in the ***
foul mouthed, burnout
college drop out
that doesn't have two
sweet words to rub together

this poem is for me

and you... if you want it.
was just reading through all the happy sappy poems on hear and not really feeling those emotions right now, but wanted to write something anyways
1.0k · May 2015
David Hall May 2015
cushions make a queer backstop
after five long years of stone
friends and family fray the nerves
after five long years alone

a backyard barbecue a battle
when the fight is finally won
still he fights to find the joy
in the laughter of his son

a bonafide war hero
not as brave as he might seem
when he can’t escape the feeling
that coming home was just a dream
1000 · Jan 2013
David Hall Jan 2013
I can faintly feel the gentle breeze
That will soon become the whirlwind

Standing on the precipice
Perched above it all
Quiet fills the starry night
In preparation for the fall

The winds pick up
The lightning strikes
The quiet night is broken

Birds take wing
A church bell rings
A whispered word is spoken

Raindrops caress the darkness
Reflecting soft moonlight

She sobs my name
I’ve lost the game
Goodbye is all but fated

As she turns
Sadness burns
Tears come unabated

Howling wind and thunderous roar
But I hear not inside my pain
Fallen from such lofty heights
Teardrops drowned in rain
983 · Mar 2015
missing you
David Hall Mar 2015
How I miss your laughing smile
When the sky turns dark
And the cold winds howl

I miss your warm and loving touch
When the weight of the world
Proves to be too much

I miss the us we used to be
When our hearts were young
And our souls were free

I miss the dreams we used to dream
When the world was as simple
As it used to seem
David Hall Jul 2015
I don’t dream in color anymore
only black and white
I used to dream with eyes wide open
now I only dream at night
I can’t hear the music playing anymore
like I used to in my youth
back when my heart knew a million stories
and didn’t struggle with the truth
I wonder whatever happened to that boy
I don’t think I’ll ever know
I hope he just fell asleep somewhere
with the colors that he stole
958 · Jul 2015
“I’m O.K.”
David Hall Jul 2015
I want to confess
whisper all my secrets
admit to all my lies
tell you every fantasy
that hides behind my eyes
I want to lay my heart wide open
then rest my head upon your lap
and pour out every burden
that my soul is holding back
but I close my eyes and breathe
get a handle on my need
I force a smile and say
just two words,
“I’m O.K.”
955 · Feb 2015
A spiritual question.
David Hall Feb 2015
Man is a curious animal
who afraid of his own mortality
went and conjured up spirituality.

Which begs a curious question
if religion our fears meant to quell
why then go,
and conjure up hell.
953 · Dec 2015
David Hall Dec 2015
if god does indeed exist
i doubt he will be able to hear us
until we grow enough
that we can look him in the eye
930 · Sep 2014
David Hall Sep 2014
I walk into the wind, I stand against the fall
If any would rise against me, I'd stand against them all

I stand against the darkness, the unnecessary night
I stand against injustice, I stand with all my might
Regardless of the challenge I stand my ground and fight

Ten thousand enemies before me, thinking this might be the day
I stand and face the darkness, as ten thousand kneel to pray
I stand against the onslaught for if not I’d fade away

Battle scars adorn me, from every struggle past
Each a test of courage, any could have been my last
I stand against the darkness, the unnecessary pain
I stand and fight each battle
That I might not have to fight again
921 · Sep 2014
David Hall Sep 2014
I loved you from hello
I just never told you so
wasn't really anywhere
my love could ever go

I loved you from afar
like a distant shining star
each night I look up at you
and wonder where you are

I've loved you all along
my love was always strong
I loved you even though I knew
my love was probably wrong

I love you even still
my love for you is real
unless the hands of fate let go
it’s a love you’ll never feel
903 · Oct 2011
In the Middle
David Hall Oct 2011
In the Middle
That’s where I find myself
Half way there and half way gone
Not much further from where I started
At least that’s what I tell myself
Not much further to go
At least that’s how it seems
But so very far from my dreams
The middle
Just the word middle
Tastes dry and bland upon my tongue
In the middle of life
The middle of indecision
If I stopped mid-sentence
Would you understand my meaning
Can I understand life’s meaning
In the middle
886 · Oct 2015
men don't cry
David Hall Oct 2015
eyes water
throat burns
heart wrenches
mind churns

know it’s a weakness
but can’t hold it back
fight it too hard
whole world turns black


have to **** it
that place inside
that feels so much
it breaks the sky

a real man today
for the very first time
everyone knows
real men don’t cry
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