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Dreamer Jun 22
No, it's not because I am scared
No, rejection is not the answer
Nor, a spineless coward
  It's just because You,
The pious Don't
Deserve Me,
The sinner.
Mar 7 · 1.5k
What's love?
Dreamer Mar 7
Is it following you with eyes?
Is it smiling at your name?
Remaining silent?
I wonder
Dreamer Mar 7
Neither could I **** you
Nor I could love you
Dec 2020 · 107
Dreamer Dec 2020
Poison is far more better than memories
But not deadly poison
Jul 2020 · 123
Dreamer Jul 2020
Just when I thought
they were kind
They started to show
they true colours
Jul 2020 · 214
Dreamer Jul 2020
Just because she doesn't
Show her tears it does
Not mean she is not
"Human being"
Who else can it be except a MOTHER
Jul 2020 · 977
Source of Love
Dreamer Jul 2020
There she goes again
Hiding her worries
Behind her smile
Not letting her
Child to see
Jul 2020 · 85
Dreamer Jul 2020
Let the thoughts go,
Make the chains loose,
Open up the walls,
Sharpen the wings,
I want to fly,
I too want to spared my wings,
I have to fly beyond that white sky,
Just give this moment of today,
As if there is no tomorrow,
Allow me to dream for the day.
Jun 2020 · 150
A part of I don't mind
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't mind you leaving

But I do mind how you left me with

memories full of you everywhere,

I don't mind you but i mind myself
Jun 2020 · 150
Who will last??
Dreamer Jun 2020
People chase love
I chase dreams
But this both are impossible to archive
A race in which the one who last wins
Jun 2020 · 150
While holding your hand
Dreamer Jun 2020
I just wanted to hear "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT"
It was my only wish
Dreamer Jun 2020
They thought I was easy
Just because I frequently said SORRY,
But what's more terrifying is that,
I let them continue thinking that way
Let's keep it secret
Jun 2020 · 209
I Wonder
Dreamer Jun 2020
Why do people go for others love
While they have bundle of love
Known as MOTHER
Full of love known as mom
Jun 2020 · 117
That Moment
Dreamer Jun 2020
I wonder was it in the shine sun or
Was it in the dim moonlight,
Whenever it was it was the moment
I fell for you
Jun 2020 · 61
Dreamer Jun 2020
My heart still goes thrump at your name,
Which is very dangerous.
Jun 2020 · 198
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't get tired how many times
I look at you be it day or night
Except during results time
Jun 2020 · 293
Dreamer Jun 2020
My brain questioned"How can you let them go unhurt after they made you bleed ?"
My heart answered with a smile"They were selfish that's why they made me bleed while I loved them that's why I let them go unhurt""
Full of love
Jun 2020 · 145
You cheated
Dreamer Jun 2020
The word cheated didn't bother me
What bothered me was it was you.
There is also tomorrow
Jun 2020 · 302
Hair fall
Dreamer Jun 2020
In childhood, after seeing horror movies
I used to be afraid to look in the mirror
But now after combing my hair
I am afraid to look in the mirror
Gaining age is not always a good thing
Jun 2020 · 285
Dreamer Jun 2020
Combing your hair after three days
Jun 2020 · 156
Dreamer Jun 2020
Here comes the season where I miss you the most,
I still remember your taste whenever I close my eyes while my nose missing your smell ,
that coldness of yours still lingers in my fingers.
Ahh!! That midnigts where my heart used to go trump trump when I used to go on tiptoes as silent as no to have a glance at you with the fear of being seen,
But as always after seeing you I used to forget everything  while only remembering your taste and meltingness in my mouth.
Little late
Jun 2020 · 101
Dreamer Jun 2020
Love is easy to find
It's just staying in it is hard
And then forgetting is also very difficult
Jun 2020 · 131
Dreamer Jun 2020
I didn't stop loving you
It's just that I started hating myself
Jun 2020 · 161
It's not true
Dreamer Jun 2020
It's false that everyone wants to be in love
I am an example "I want to be rich and lazy"
Way too much rich
Jun 2020 · 175
Not today
Dreamer Jun 2020
This lazyness of mine always
Saying Let's do it tomorrow
Which never comes till the dead line
Jun 2020 · 140
It's true
Dreamer Jun 2020
Being loved too much also hurts
Jun 2020 · 150
Love or youngness
Dreamer Jun 2020
I promise I won't care about love
But I also believe if you have true love then you are forever young
Jun 2020 · 117
Hello Poetry
Dreamer Jun 2020
Such a strange world in here
I write about my broken heart💔
And for it I get an unbroken heart💓
Well I don't mind it
May 2020 · 146
Dreamer May 2020
The TRUTH was told as RUMOURS
Yet it was truth
May 2020 · 712
Dreamer May 2020
For me it was love
But for them it was curiosity
May 2020 · 54
Dreamer May 2020
"Sorry ,mom i have to go now"
Yet again he left her in pain
With the excuse of job
Sad reality
May 2020 · 162
Dreamer May 2020
Before joining hello poetry
I was a very simple person
Who use to smile all day
from a single compliment

At first I use to write for improving myself
Not caring about others concern
But all of sudden I got a heart
And this is where poison of addiction
Came into force slowly through my veins
And then taking control over my heart and brain

And now i write for getting hearts
While keeping my mind for others
Now I want to catch all the heart's
On my every poetry

As if other addiction weren't enough i got another addiction called
It's true (i guess most people feel this way)
May 2020 · 115
In my heart
Dreamer May 2020
Before releasing I click the button save in my heart after seeing you
Unexcepted moment
May 2020 · 127
Dreamer May 2020
"Thank you for your Confession
But i am too busy in poetry"
Like this he rejected a false Confession with true feelings
Too much into poetry
May 2020 · 104
I don't mind
Dreamer May 2020
I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still remember your smell

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still want to see you smile

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still go to store to see you

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still order your favourite

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still write to you

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still I haven't forgotten about you

I don't mind you leaving
But I do mind how you left me with memories full of you everywhere
I don't mind you but i mind myself
May 2020 · 90
Hard work
Dreamer May 2020
In the times of Corona i came to know
Being lazy is also a hard work
Fellows i know you got this
May 2020 · 87
Dreamer May 2020
I am a teetotaller but your words made me drunk
May 2020 · 101
Dreamer May 2020
I felt so lonely
In swarm of people
May 2020 · 259
Red eyes
Dreamer May 2020
That red eyes of her are
Tainting me as if there is no tomorrow
May 2020 · 118
Dreamer May 2020
"If blaming me gives you strength
Then i wouldn't mind you blaming me"
I wish I could say this
May 2020 · 305
Dreamer May 2020
People regret leaving the hands of their loved one's
While I regret leaving my exam paper empty
May 2020 · 119
Dreamer May 2020
Before disappearing
They make sure to say "we are friends"
May 2020 · 139
Dreamer May 2020
As just I am about to sleep
My brain starts to work
May 2020 · 135
Dreamer May 2020
They still think they won on own
Not knowing I lost on purpose
May 2020 · 258
Dreamer May 2020
I am not a fan of capturing ,be it living
Or non-living may it be photos or fish
But you are an exception dear
May 2020 · 159
I knew
Dreamer May 2020
I knew it was time to let them go
Then also I kept silent and continued
May 2020 · 169
Dreamer May 2020
If i was so easy to let go
Then why did you chase me
May 2020 · 549
Dreamer May 2020
As the days goes by my regret becomes stronger,the regret of letting you go before time , i wonder till now ,why did i let you go so easily , my dear exam paper
May 2020 · 65
Once again
Dreamer May 2020
Yet once again i want to
Fall in love with you madly
May 2020 · 136
Dreamer May 2020
Was I lacking something in me
Was it in his nature to cheat ??
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