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Dreamer May 2020
Before joining hello poetry
I was a very simple person
Who use to smile all day
from a single compliment

At first I use to write for improving myself
Not caring about others concern
But all of sudden I got a heart
And this is where poison of addiction
Came into force slowly through my veins
And then taking control over my heart and brain

And now i write for getting hearts
While keeping my mind for others
Now I want to catch all the heart's
On my every poetry

As if other addiction weren't enough i got another addiction called
It's true (i guess most people feel this way)
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't mind you leaving

But I do mind how you left me with

memories full of you everywhere,

I don't mind you but i mind myself
Dreamer May 2020
Ohhh! MOM
After seeing you I started to
Believe in the word called beauty
Dreamer May 2020
"If blaming me gives you strength
Then i wouldn't mind you blaming me"
I wish I could say this
Dreamer May 2020
I am not a fan of capturing ,be it living
Or non-living may it be photos or fish
But you are an exception dear
Dreamer May 2020
If i was so easy to let go
Then why did you chase me
Dreamer May 2020
"Thank you for your Confession
But i am too busy in poetry"
Like this he rejected a false Confession with true feelings
Too much into poetry
Dreamer Mar 2020
She was a coward
Yet i fell for her deep
Dreamer May 2020
If marrying means crying
Than no, thank you
Dreamer May 2020
Before disappearing
They make sure to say "we are friends"
Dreamer Jun 2020
Combing your hair after three days
Dreamer Jul 2020
Let the thoughts go,
Make the chains loose,
Open up the walls,
Sharpen the wings,
I want to fly,
I too want to spared my wings,
I have to fly beyond that white sky,
Just give this moment of today,
As if there is no tomorrow,
Allow me to dream for the day.
Dreamer Jul 2020
Just when I thought
they were kind
They started to show
they true colours
Dreamer Jun 2020
In childhood, after seeing horror movies
I used to be afraid to look in the mirror
But now after combing my hair
I am afraid to look in the mirror
Gaining age is not always a good thing
Dreamer May 2020
In the times of Corona i came to know
Being lazy is also a hard work
Fellows i know you got this
Dreamer May 2020
"Sorry ,mom i have to go now"
Yet again he left her in pain
With the excuse of job
Sad reality
Dreamer Jun 2020
Such a strange world in here
I write about my broken heartđź’”
And for it I get an unbroken heartđź’“
Well I don't mind it
Dreamer May 2020
For me it was love
But for them it was curiosity
Dreamer May 2020
I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still remember your smell

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still want to see you smile

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still go to store to see you

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still order your favourite

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still write to you

I don't mind you leaving
But I don't like how I still I haven't forgotten about you

I don't mind you leaving
But I do mind how you left me with memories full of you everywhere
I don't mind you but i mind myself
Dreamer May 2020
I knew it was time to let them go
Then also I kept silent and continued
Dreamer Dec 2021
The more I sink
The less I feel
Dreamer May 2020
Before releasing I click the button save in my heart after seeing you
Unexcepted moment
Dreamer Jun 2020
It's false that everyone wants to be in love
I am an example "I want to be rich and lazy"
Way too much rich
Dreamer Jun 2020
Being loved too much also hurts
Dreamer Jun 2021
No, it's not because I am scared
No, rejection is not the answer
Nor, a spineless coward
  It's just because You,
The pious Don't
Deserve Me,
The sinner.
Dreamer Jun 2020
Why do people go for others love
While they have bundle of love
Known as MOTHER
Full of love known as mom
Dreamer Mar 2021
Neither could I **** you
Nor I could love you
Dreamer Jun 2020
Love is easy to find
It's just staying in it is hard
And then forgetting is also very difficult
Dreamer May 2020
Was I lacking something in me
Was it in his nature to cheat ??
Dreamer May 2020
People regret leaving the hands of their loved one's
While I regret leaving my exam paper empty
Dreamer May 2020
Who said that love is bright
Like a color pink or white
I wonder about it day and night  
When it was mine it was white
When it became ours it was pink
But now its
Pitch black
Without a ray of pink and white
Dreamer Jun 2020
I promise I won't care about love
But I also believe if you have true love then you are forever young
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't get tired how many times
I look at you be it day or night
Except during results time
Dreamer Jun 2020
They thought I was easy
Just because I frequently said SORRY,
But what's more terrifying is that,
I let them continue thinking that way
Let's keep it secret
Dreamer Jun 2020
This lazyness of mine always
Saying Let's do it tomorrow
Which never comes till the dead line
Dreamer May 2020
Yet once again i want to
Fall in love with you madly
Dreamer Jun 2020
My brain questioned"How can you let them go unhurt after they made you bleed ?"
My heart answered with a smile"They were selfish that's why they made me bleed while I loved them that's why I let them go unhurt""
Full of love
Dreamer May 2020
That red eyes of her are
Tainting me as if there is no tomorrow
Dreamer May 2020
As the days goes by my regret becomes stronger,the regret of letting you go before time , i wonder till now ,why did i let you go so easily , my dear exam paper
Dreamer Jun 2020
I didn't stop loving you
It's just that I started hating myself
Dreamer Jul 2020
Just because she doesn't
Show her tears it does
Not mean she is not
"Human being"
Who else can it be except a MOTHER
Dreamer May 2020
As just I am about to sleep
My brain starts to work
Dreamer Dec 2020
Poison is far more better than memories
But not deadly poison
Dreamer Jul 2020
There she goes again
Hiding her worries
Behind her smile
Not letting her
Child to see
Dreamer Jun 2020
My heart still goes thrump at your name,
Which is very dangerous.
Dreamer Jun 2020
Here comes the season where I miss you the most,
I still remember your taste whenever I close my eyes while my nose missing your smell ,
that coldness of yours still lingers in my fingers.
Ahh!! That midnigts where my heart used to go trump trump when I used to go on tiptoes as silent as no to have a glance at you with the fear of being seen,
But as always after seeing you I used to forget everything  while only remembering your taste and meltingness in my mouth.
Little late
Dreamer May 2020
I felt so lonely
In swarm of people
Dreamer May 2020
I am a teetotaller but your words made me drunk
Dreamer Jun 2020
I wonder was it in the shine sun or
Was it in the dim moonlight,
Whenever it was it was the moment
I fell for you
Dreamer Mar 2021
Is it following you with eyes?
Is it smiling at your name?
Remaining silent?
I wonder
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