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 Aug 2020 Dreamer
 Aug 2020 Dreamer
You see my brown skin
And assume I'm a ****.

You see my hijab
And assume I'm a terrorist.

You see the smile on my face
And assume I'm happy.

You hear my words
And assume I'm okay.

But I am not.

Instead I am broken.
Yet I am also strong.

I am dark and rule-following.
I am peaceful and Muslim.

You assume based on
Society's POV.

If you smile
You must be happy.

Fox, CNN, any media
Tells you I am a terrorist.
So the names I get called
And the extra security checks
Are extremely upsetting.

The murders of black folk
Is either considered appropriate
Or it's "black on black crime"
So it's not taken seriously.

Who are you gonna believe
Me or those who don't know me?
 Jul 2020 Dreamer
 Jul 2020 Dreamer
Want to run away
Be free from myself
My thoughts and feelings
Conflicting yet comforting
 Jun 2020 Dreamer
Eshwara Prasad
I played no game
I made game of life

I saw no game
I saw life as a game

I did not bet on game
I placed bet on life

I could fix game
I could not fix life!
People call others stupid
But they don’t realize that
Maybe they are just not trying to be smart
When we chance
upon each other
years later,
you will ask me

          do you still write?

and I will answer

           of course I do.

you took my heart
with you when you left,
not my hands.
 May 2020 Dreamer
 May 2020 Dreamer
Take me far away into the night
Where fireflies dance
In all their glory
And light up the way
 May 2020 Dreamer
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
 May 2020 Dreamer
Adhara Sygnus
And everytime,
I see those
sparkling dark eyes,
I fall in love
a little more than before,
yet another time
 Feb 2020 Dreamer
You mind your steps
   after you've stumbled.
You miss your home
   after you’ve left it.
You value your health
   after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
   after you died.
carpe diem
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