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My back is against the wall
Having to choose between trusting you and hating you
You betrayed me, you hurt me, you acted like my friend
You the person i thought i could trust
The girl i loved, you've become the girl i dont want to be around
You turned out to be just like everyone else...
A backstabber
A lier
An untrustworthy person
An enemy
I hope you realize our relationship is messed up
All thanks to your ignorance.
You trust someone with your deepest secrets, with family problems! You tell them things you shouldn't tell them because they're your closest "friend" You  trust them even though their the rival. You think their different just so at the end up the day they turn out the same as everyone else.. Untrustworthy, fake and ruined.
Those people get mad when you back stab then when you Betray them but when you get mad at them for the very same reason they get offended. People like that aren't friends they're just people you know.
Their as fake as a barbie doll... untrustworthy... No longer considered friends just a person
To you whom I once trusted!
-And It all started with the destruction of my soul-
I mean come on a person can only stay quiet for so long.
Don't get **** hurt when someone tells you off after you push and push them to do something they don't really want to do.
With them laughing at you insults and demands it should be clear that they aren't interested in what you want them to do. They don't care if you call them selfish or whatever.... What bothers them is that you don't stop pushing and pushing. You don't understand that they do not use Facebook. How many times do they have to tell you that they rarely use Facebook. Why can't you see that they aren't interested.
I mean okay they'll do as you want. They'll follow your sons fan pages but to like every single thing they and you have posted is like come on but okay okay they'll do it just to make you stop pestering about it. BUT then you take it to the next level, getting mad because they won't follow your every whim.
So DO NOT expect them to keep quiet and stay calm. They will eventually just burst because YOU in their eyes are being rude. You are making them feel bad simply for not liking a fan page. Its like seriously. They end up feeling bad because you get all butthurt when they tell you what they think. Like be realistic YOU made them get upset YOU kept pushing them and they out of respect kept quite but no you pushed them so far that they just
I dream't with you,
You loved me and I loved you     
We were happy
but that's all it was
a Dream...
Im caught up in your smile,
    your eyes
Those deep blue eyes
   that captivate me, that keep
        me in a trans.
That make me fear your departure
    that comes closer and closer
As I wish to send you with
       a Goodbye kiss.
"I leave my heart open but it stays empty for days"

I feel an emptiness in my chest
I feel the loneliness
The sadness
I can feel my heart's desire to be loved
I can feel its fear of hurting again
I feel the pain
The plead for help
I feel the same as I did before
Inspired by the verse from story of my life by one direction.
I feel like it needs a little more.
Helpful criticism wouldn't hurt
I would be alright seeing you with her if you hadn't told me you loved me.
I wouldn't be so broken if you hadn't made me feel like I was the only girl in your world.
I wouldn't be so hurt if you hadn't promised me your unconditional love.
If you had left my heart alone, I wouldn't hate you.
Be my Hero, my protector.
  The one I can run to when
     I need a shoulder to cry on.
Be my Hero, my lover.
  The one who's name I call
    when I'm alone in this dark world.
Be my Hero, my bright light
  The one that makes my day
    brighter with just one smile.
Be my Hero, my knight in shining armor.
Poema Code Switching
By Aylin Soto-Aleman, Mercedes Caballero, Jesus Martinez, Marta Silva, Alex Alejandre

El final de una etapa
The end,
The beginning of a new journey
un camino
A un mundo extranjero
Un deseo, un sueño
A dream
Haciendo mi propio path
un camino
rostros nuevos , new failures
historias nuevas , new experiences
a sequel to my story, con hojas rotas
y mojadas    


La memoria es un salto
entre continentes
crossing invisible borders
swimming in the rios
corriendo debajo del sol

La memoria es los abuelitos
ancestors cooking arroz y frijoles,
flan, driving through for hamburgers,
popcorn, sipping on horchata
No todo lo que brilla es oro
not all rainbows and butterflies,
Clarita y sus cien años
Ruben y sus Tacos del Camino Real
El rancho
Midnight movies
Quiero a quien me quiera
It’s been a long day, without you my friend
Mexicanos al grito de guerra
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
Tepechitlan, Jerecuaro, Guanajuato
Long Beach, Argentine, KCK,
A Distance Between Us
El puente, the bridge.
Three Little Pigs en casa, at home,
don't step out marranitos,
la llorona te va a llevar

Memory is a leap
between continents
Cruzando fronteras invisibles,
Nadando en los rivers
Running under the sun

Born in different places
Pero las mismas intenciones
This was created by my spanish class and I.
I refuse to be guilt tripped into being with someone!
I refuse to be made out the bad one!
I refuse to date a guy I only see as a friend!


I have every right to say NO!

I refuse to cry for a friendship that in the end won't even exist in 10 months time!

I will not let you hurt me, I will not give you that power.

I won't let you!
Lies are truths we wish
        to hear
Truths are lies we wish
        were real
Your a big puzzle piece in my life.
Walking away would forever leave me incomplete.
I was your lust while you were my love.
My mother is...

A superhero with no powers,
A knight with no armor,
A queen with no kingdom,
A gift with no ribbons,
A star with no award.

My mother is...

A tiger with stripes,
A life giver,
A home,
A friend,
A hug,
A kiss,
A frown,
A smile.

My mother is...


My mother is...

My reason for existence,
My inspiration,
My motivation,
& God's creation.

Happy Mothers Day!
I hope you miss me,
  the way i've missed you.
I hope you remember me,
  the way i'll remember you.
I hope you see me,
  the way I saw you.
I hope you need me
  the way I once needed you.
Today is not my day.
I feel like.. like.. I've lost it,
I feel like I've lost my special talent..
What if I never had a talent what if I really am not a writer or a poet, what if everything my teacher and friends say is a lie.. What if I really do have a talent and **** it's gone just like that. Oh boy, I feel it in my chest.. I feel the lie and the lack of confidence in myself... No, no!  I will NOT tear myself down after I've worked hard to bring myself up. No! I am good I'm not perfect or amazingly great but I AM good. After all I'm just a beginner right.
My talent has just shown itself.. This may not be a poem but this is me. This is what they say is my talent.. They say I am a good writer. I must see this for myself.
On this night i feel sad and many other emotions i can not explain to anyone but you my fellow hello poetry family for you may be the only souls to understand my words of sorrow.
It’s always said that being a Third Party is the worst. The Third Wheel, the Fall Back Friend, the Tag Along Buddy. Labels for that person make one feel bad about having this spot.
But you never hear the good side, do you?
        She looked amazing in this glorious white dress of hers; one of my longest and most cherished best friends was standing in front of me ready to walk along the red carpets. There were no words between us, we just looked at each other and  smiled. The memories of our past trickled through our minds as tears slid down her face…
I remember the first time I met her.
        I remember the first time I met him.
        We became a trio, us three. An unstoppable group of friends that wouldn’t be broken up. Looking forward to seeing each other made even the worst days great. We were kids, youthful and energetic kids always finding a way to bother each other. The laughs we shared, the arguments we had. The memories, the headaches and heart flutters.
I remember when she first liked him.
I remembered when he first liked her.
But before I could begin sprinting after them to exclaim my affection as well, they were already ahead of me. Their silhouettes had strings connected to one anothers heart.  And I was left behind to find my own way to them. I became the third wheel.
There were stolen dances,  given kisses; forbidden love, and true love.
        We had created such a mess of strings, I ended up being trapped in the middle of it all. The Third Wheel pedestal. But it wasn’t a ***** pedestal, I made sure to keep it clean.
        I knew that the feelings I felt could not be acknowledged. My feeling were meant for another and I was to be their Third Wheel. However, I would not be a Third Wheel of wanting to belong. No. I became a Third Wheel of support, a pillar to keep them happy. Our trio couldn’t be broken so easily. Even when he went away to war, even when she started a career for herself. I reached to the ends of the earths for them, helping support them even if they didn’t notice me anymore.
        I made the title of Third Wheel into my armor; and they became my beloved family to protect
        And here I am now, still their support and still their best friend. She muttered words of thanks for our friendship. Her breath was shaky, but my hand on her shoulder helped calm her nerves. One final breath- and she turned to walk out the huge doors. She walked toward him; he smiled at her. They both looked so breathtaking in her dress and his tux. I stayed back and watched as they said their words of commitment and gave their kiss. The smile on my face was something I couldn’t fight, I was happy for them.
        The heavy pillar I carried to support them was ready to be put down. And once I let the weight off my shoulders, I took a breath of relief. One last look at them. One last look at the trio of what used to be kids, now grown adults ready to face the world.  The cheers and music in front of me was my closure, as I turned and walked  down the steps; ready to take on the world with the title of “Third Wheel” bravely.
This is Not my short story. It belongs to kne of my dearest friends and i wanted to share her wonderful work with as many people as i possibly can so she can see what an excellent writer she is :) story by: Alex Alejandre
Your like her pet but instead of her giving you treats,
She beats you,
Then rewards you for letting her.
Love is like a river
  it comes and goes
True love is like a pond
   it stays with you forever
Credits to my sister
I can't seem to let go
  of all the memories
I can't seem to let go
  of all the laughs
I can't seem to let go
  of all the jokes
I can't seem to let go
  of all the lies
I can't seem to let go
  of You
I'll be waiting,
     for the day we become one
I'll be waiting,
     'till the day you return
I'll be waiting,
     with my heart still open for you
No matter how long,
      i'll be waiting for You

— The End —