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vonny Apr 2020
the girl in my dancing class has a secret

she's not good at hiding

i can tell quite well

she's fallen for him

and for a while now

the boy i eat ice cream with has a secret

i can also read his mind

his smile can't lie

he loves her too

oh what a joy

time passes with a veil of white

my heart is spilling with trite words

that speak every word of truth

she looks so happy

and so does he

why would anyone interfere upon two walking sunshine

but you see

she's given up dancing

so i dont see her as much

she wants to spend time with him

instead of focusing on silly stuff

he doesn't eat ice cream with me anymore

instead rather with her

he wants to grow a stronger connection

and i totally get it

watching the time grow old with grey hair and wrinkled skin

i've always been alone

if he loves her

what else can occur

then her loving him
i wrote this about two of my friends getting into a relationship. i was truly happy for them, but they didn't have as much time for me anymore, which i understood, but i still felt lonely.
Grey Feb 2020
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you found someone special,
who's perfect for you.
Now she's number one,
and I'm down to two,
I'm glad that you're happy
there's not much I can do.
You do things without me,
don't think to ask,
If I'm feeling lonely
is it that hard a task?
I just need a friend
I don't need any more
So please don't ignore me
I feel uncared for.
Written by a friend.
Lyda M Sourne Jan 2020
You were someone
I could go to
When I wanted to feel
Closest to my happy self

But she took my place
Occupying your attention
Giving you what I cannot give

And so I step back
And let you go where you want to go
But still hoping you would
Step aside and walk beside me

Talk to me
Like we used to before
Jaxey Oct 2019
If love is a two way street
I'm the person on the sidewalk
the third wheel
Eyithen Apr 2019
I made a new friend
She is short and sweet
She is the best
so happy we got to meet

We do everything together
We share all our secrets
Confide in each other
and embrace the uniqueness

We bonded so fast
And are both equally clumsy
We giggle at our mishaps
And our awkward tendencies

My friend has a boyfriend
She takes him everywhere
We all hang out
They make a good pair

But lately its been hard
There has been a lot of meetings
Used to have her to myself
This kinda feels like stealing

I am happy for her
I'm sure i would do the same
If i were in her position
I would surely sing his name

But I'm a single pringle
And this can make things hard
All my friends are dating
Guess i was dealt a different card

But i wish that they could know
How lonely it can feel
when you get stuck
being the third wheel
For all my single friends who are often 3rd, 4th, heck, even 5th wheelers. Literally wrote this in 5 minutes on the spot. When it flows it goes.
Casey Feb 2019
you had your eyes on him for a while,
and i could tell that you really did love him.

for a while, you guys were happy together.
i was happy for you because you were happier than ever before.

but i wish that i told you what i had discovered earlier that year.
that while going after another's heart we often use our own as a stepping stone.

it wasn't until you came running into my arms, crying, after musical practice
that my resolve shattered.

it had been two wonderful months between you two,
but nothing good ever lasts, as you discovered.

I held you close as you choked out the words, explaining what happened.
"he's been looking at others," you sobbed into my shoulder.

"and...and, i asked him if he loved me," you took a shaky breath, barely able to squeak out the next words. "....he said no"

you broke away from our embrace, still unable to control your misery.
i hated that i couldn't help you.

but as the philosophers did say, history repeats itself.
and two weeks later you and him are friends again.

i see the way you look at him.
even though he shattered your heart, you still love him.

i'm okay that it's not me.
as long as you're happy, i'll be happy.

like how two wrongs don't make a right,
two broken people don't make a stable relationship.
Two of my friends had gotten together for homecoming and ended up dating. They had a bad break-up two months later. I have fallen in love with one of them, but he still loves his ex-boyfriend.
Kimmie Mar 2018
Third Wheel is OKAY
Third Party is not OKAY
But Third Wheelin'
While Third Partyin'
Nakakatawa dahil hanggang ngayon di ko parin alam kung bakit ganito. Kung bakit nasasaktan parin ako tuwing nakikita ka kasama niya. Sumasakit ang puso ko na para bang tinutusok nang isang libong karayom kung nakikita kong natutulala ka sa kaniya. Kumukulo sa inggit ang kung ano man sa kalooblooban ko dahil alam kong di ako. Di ako ang gusto mo. Di ako ang taong pinagbubuhusan mo nang pagmamahal. Di ako ang taong pinaghahangaan mo. Di ako.

Matagal ko na tong alam. At dapat matagal ko na ring natanggap. Pero bakit masakit parin? May gusto pa ba ako sayo? Sana naman hindi. Dahil kahit anong sakit ang nararanasan ko, di ko parin pipigilan ang pag iibigan nang dalawa kong munting kaibigan. Hindi man pansin sa iba na ako'y ganito, okay lang. Okay lang basta't kayo ay masaya. Okay lang. Kaya pa.
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