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I was your lust while you were my love.
I refuse to be guilt tripped into being with someone!
I refuse to be made out the bad one!
I refuse to date a guy I only see as a friend!


I have every right to say NO!

I refuse to cry for a friendship that in the end won't even exist in 10 months time!

I will not let you hurt me, I will not give you that power.

I won't let you!
  Jun 2016 Aylin Soto-Aleman
friendship wounded her
love destroyed her
but it was trust
who gave her the final blow
  Jun 2016 Aylin Soto-Aleman
There once was a friendship

A friendship that grew strong

One that was durable and could survive all that went wrong

The people in this friendship loved each other

through blood, tears, and depression

They stood by each others sides through

Spite, anger,and loss of affection

They fought for each others beliefs

Held each other when one felt weak

Trusted one another with everything

But eventually the day came

When their friendship wasn't the same

And they ran

Having each other to blame

For the once proud friendships decay

There once was a girl who yearned for what was lost

She wanted her friendship no matter the cost

So she gave up her pride

With a plead and a cry

She waited patiently for old friend to oblige

But to her surprise her friend still insisted she had lied

On the outside she shrugged and said at least I tried

But on the inside she knew the pain would not subside

That the friendship would be broken even after the day she died
to think
that at one point I was perfect
for you.
that I actually made you happy.
but now all I ever hear
is myself telling me every time I dissapoint you
and how much I messed up.
I try
everything in my power
to commend you and your feelings.
but now I feel like I have completely failed
both you and I.
so once again
ill apologize for my wrongs
and watch you walk away
just as easily as I watched myself
mess up once again.
I love you
  Jun 2016 Aylin Soto-Aleman
I'm repeating
in my head
                              I'm sorry
I don't believe  
I said it enough to you.
  Apr 2016 Aylin Soto-Aleman
I lost you
I lost myself
Now i'm going through
The curse of the darkest elf

I lost you
You found someone else
Now you're going through
The happiness in fairy tales
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