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Pinanday ka ng panahon
May tapang na hindi
basta sumusuko,
sa lahat ng laban
wala kang inuurungan,

Agimat mo ay katapangan
na umagaw mula sa kalaban.
Buo at tibay ng iyong loob
ano man ang iyong sagupain
walang di kakayanin.

laban mo’y hindi biro
Una kami sa iyong puso
Bago ang iyong pagkatao
Karamay ka, sa bawat
along bumubugso.

Ikaw ang bagong bayani
ng ating lipi na nagbabalik
ng kulay at sigla bitbit
ang bandila na may kisig
at buong katapangan.
Dedicated to all frontliners and to all great leaders.
Sharon Talbot Aug 2018
I never knew until now,
Dear Dad, though
I listened to the stories you told,
Of War that re-ignited after the one supposed,
To end all wars, or so it was proclaimed.

You went abroad, your Varsity
Stalled, dreams put aside,
Long before I was born,
Before you met my mother or I was named.

Instead, you wanted to fly,
High above the Bay of Bengal
And the Andaman Sea,
Above the carnage, or so you said.
And that must have seemed a way to save
That sanity
You needed to take you through,
To come back and marry a beloved girl.

I watch the newsreels now,
They are old, with time and victory ingrained.

I can see you flying that high,
Himalayan peaks shining in your eyes,
Cold death above and horror below.
You told me stories, I recall,
Too young for me to imagine.
Now too old for me to hear them all.

You never piloted again
Except in your nightmares.
On a road between moon and sun
In your own history you flew
The infamous, undying path
Of The Burma Run.
My father, an Army Air Force Captain, put off college and piloted cargo planes over "The ****", on the Burma Run from India to China. He wasn't prone to tell stories, yet sometimes he would talk about his flights, the wonder and danger of them, being fired at, watching his friends' planes crash into mountains and land in a war zone. He was proud of his service, yet damaged by it, as is so often the case.
Poetic T Mar 2018
The photo on my dressing table
       will never hold the weight of
                                          my heart.

Only your voice lightens the moods
          of loneliness, even though
your here I need you closer than afar.

There are pieces of me that aren't
           complete, I cling to your pillow
wishing your head settled upon it.

"I miss you,

But you never answer back,
        I await your shadow to cling
to the doorstep and lighten my worries.

That moment ill cling to, never wishing
       to let you leave again, till the next time
you are called away   "I will always love you,
Annie McLaughlin Jan 2018
We were once just kids
With big hopes and big dreams and freckled faces in summer streams
We were once just kids
Making out on your bedroom floor, with no idea of what was to come anymore
We were once just kids
That skipped school to spend more time together and huddled up in the colder weather
We were once just kids
That snuck out past curfew so that we could dance in the rain, and that was our virtue
We were once just kids
That rode bikes around town and helped each other up whenever one of us would fall down
We were once just kids
But we are no longer, that's clear
From the day that you left, you told me "Our life starts here"
We were once just kids
But now you're a man in a uniform
And I'm his soon-to-be wife
With just our memories to keep me warm
We are no longer kids
You have our country to serve for now,
And I have letters every night to send out
We are no longer kids
And we have cares and we have worries and we have things to complain about
But we still have each other and that's the one thing that ever counts
We were once just kids
But now we're grown and our life began
And I'm still hopelessly in love with you,
My United States Airman.
We've watched each other grow, and we still continue to do so. I could not be more proud of him... My Airman.
The Trumpoet Jul 2017
Johnny wants to be a soldier. Johnny had a *******.
Johnny now is Jenny and The Donald says it's wrong.
Jenny loves her country and she wants to serve and fight.
Trump says she's not worthy and no longer has the right.

Susie was born as a girl but knew she was a guy.
Susie now is Sammy and he only wants to fly.
Went to join the Air Force - Was rejected on the spot.
Knew that he was qualified, but Trump says that he's not.

Trump was born an ignoramus - still is one today.
Never served the military - always got his way.
If you're not the same as him you are the enemy.
You're not worthy if you're poor or a minority.

Started with transgendered, better watch out if you're gay.
Blacks, Hispanics, women, he would love to throw away.
When nobody's left the military will be grim.
Trump will have nobody left who wants to fight for him.

If you're an American and if you long to serve,
better not be different or they'll label you a perv.
If you say you're boy or girl and ready for your chance,
all that matters now is the equipment in your pants!
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
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Written: July 29, 2017
Endya Tremese Feb 2016
I just need a way to vent, really quick
Man I promise
I need a little fix, I feel sick
To be honest

I know we're doing things for the best
Yea, thats what you told me
But just put my mind to rest
Take a breath, and just hold me

I dont want you to go
But I dont want you to know
Because you serving this time
Will help you prosper and grow

I'm just scared of the future
The only thing I'm not used to
But the past is the past
Wouldn't go back? I refuse to

So I'll just live in the moment
Without you, I feel homeless
I keep silently crying
And all these tears got me choking

Just give me your all
Before you go off
Promise me a week or two
And not just a call
I love you
harmony crescent May 2015
The little bit of time spent every morning, it was my treasure
when I think about the promises you made to me
You would come back

Rush out the door, onto another plane
The risk you took every time you woke up
You would come back

Stroke my hair, thought of me each time you were in the air
Grabbed my hand, kissed my lips, you said
You would come back

Thunderstorms, always I prayed, and hugged our picture frame
I felt you murmur, through all the noise
You would come back

The   only   promise   You   ever   broke

Because   You   didn't   come   back
It’s always said that being a Third Party is the worst. The Third Wheel, the Fall Back Friend, the Tag Along Buddy. Labels for that person make one feel bad about having this spot.
But you never hear the good side, do you?
        She looked amazing in this glorious white dress of hers; one of my longest and most cherished best friends was standing in front of me ready to walk along the red carpets. There were no words between us, we just looked at each other and  smiled. The memories of our past trickled through our minds as tears slid down her face…
I remember the first time I met her.
        I remember the first time I met him.
        We became a trio, us three. An unstoppable group of friends that wouldn’t be broken up. Looking forward to seeing each other made even the worst days great. We were kids, youthful and energetic kids always finding a way to bother each other. The laughs we shared, the arguments we had. The memories, the headaches and heart flutters.
I remember when she first liked him.
I remembered when he first liked her.
But before I could begin sprinting after them to exclaim my affection as well, they were already ahead of me. Their silhouettes had strings connected to one anothers heart.  And I was left behind to find my own way to them. I became the third wheel.
There were stolen dances,  given kisses; forbidden love, and true love.
        We had created such a mess of strings, I ended up being trapped in the middle of it all. The Third Wheel pedestal. But it wasn’t a ***** pedestal, I made sure to keep it clean.
        I knew that the feelings I felt could not be acknowledged. My feeling were meant for another and I was to be their Third Wheel. However, I would not be a Third Wheel of wanting to belong. No. I became a Third Wheel of support, a pillar to keep them happy. Our trio couldn’t be broken so easily. Even when he went away to war, even when she started a career for herself. I reached to the ends of the earths for them, helping support them even if they didn’t notice me anymore.
        I made the title of Third Wheel into my armor; and they became my beloved family to protect
        And here I am now, still their support and still their best friend. She muttered words of thanks for our friendship. Her breath was shaky, but my hand on her shoulder helped calm her nerves. One final breath- and she turned to walk out the huge doors. She walked toward him; he smiled at her. They both looked so breathtaking in her dress and his tux. I stayed back and watched as they said their words of commitment and gave their kiss. The smile on my face was something I couldn’t fight, I was happy for them.
        The heavy pillar I carried to support them was ready to be put down. And once I let the weight off my shoulders, I took a breath of relief. One last look at them. One last look at the trio of what used to be kids, now grown adults ready to face the world.  The cheers and music in front of me was my closure, as I turned and walked  down the steps; ready to take on the world with the title of “Third Wheel” bravely.
This is Not my short story. It belongs to kne of my dearest friends and i wanted to share her wonderful work with as many people as i possibly can so she can see what an excellent writer she is :) story by: Alex Alejandre
Andrea Baca Jun 2014
I am filled with warmth when you say my name.
And I can't help a silly smile when you call me your "little one".

I get tears in my eyes when you find my eyes first.
And every time you make me laugh I want to cry tears of joy.

The most fulfilling thing however is when you hug me.
Because well, I love you big brother.
I'll be waiting,
     for the day we become one
I'll be waiting,
     'till the day you return
I'll be waiting,
     with my heart still open for you
No matter how long,
      i'll be waiting for You

— The End —