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Nov 2023 · 2.2k
Dreaming of Paradise
The sun sets over the horizon
Painting the sky with orange and purple hues
The clouds are like cotton candy
Floating in the air, soft and sweet

The ocean waves gently caress the shore
Leaving behind traces of foam and shells
The sand is warm and smooth
Inviting me to lie down and relax

The breeze whispers in my ear
Telling me stories of distant lands
The stars begin to appear
Twinkling like diamonds on a velvet cloth

I close my eyes and breathe deeply
Feeling the peace and beauty of this moment
I wish I could stay here forever
But I know this is only a dream
Oct 2023 · 1.5k
The Spell of Halloween
In the depths of the night, where shadows creep,
Lie tales of darkness, so hauntingly deep.
A moon cloaked in mist, a chilling wind's wail,
Where spirits awaken, and courage may fail.

Beneath gnarled trees, a graveyard awakes,
Where restless souls wander, their rest at stake.
With hollowed eyes and whispers of despair,
They yearn for release from their eternal snare.

Amongst the tombstones, a figure does tread,
A specter in black, with a cloak like the dead.
Her name is Lilith, the mistress of fright,
With a wicked grin, she conjures the night.

"Oh! Hear my call," she whispers in the dark,
As she weaves her spells, leaving her mark.
Bats take to the sky, their wings spread wide,
Guiding lost souls, to the other side.

In the haunted manor, spirits do dwell,
Where echoes of laughter turn into a knell.
Ghostly footsteps echo down the hall,
As the present and past collide and enthrall.

The clock strikes midnight, the hour of dread,
When the veil between worlds grows thin, it is said.
Ghosts emerge from their slumber, seeking release,
Their ethereal presence, a haunting caprice.

In the flickering candlelight, shadows dance,
As witches gather, their potions enhance.
With cauldrons bubbling and spells on their lips,
They conjure enchantments, with mystical quips.

Oh! Beware the night, when the jack-o'-lanterns glow,
And spirits arise from the depths below.
For Halloween's magic, a captivating lure,
Where darkness and mystery forever endure.

So, as the moon rises, casting an eerie glow,
Embrace the enchantment, let your fears go.
For on this haunted eve, when the spirits unite,
We celebrate Halloween, in the shadows of night.

But tread carefully, for darkness is near,
And the spirits are watching, with ghoulish cheer.
Enjoy the thrill, the *****, and the fright,
On this chilling Halloween night.
Jun 2023 · 1.4k
More Than Mere Trees
In the depths of verdant woods, whispers dwell,
Ancient trees stand tall, with stories to tell.
A tapestry woven with secrets untold,
The forest, a sanctuary for spirits of old.

Through dappled sunlight, gentle breezes stir,
As melodies of nature softly purr.
Moss-clad stones, witnesses of ages gone by,
Guarding the wisdom that time can't deny.

In the heart of the forest, silence is alive,
A hallowed hush, where wild creatures thrive.
The subtle rustle of leaves, a sacred hymn,
Echoing the harmony of nature's eternal whim.

Amidst towering pines and canopies above,
A place where the spirit finds solace and love.
The sunbeams, like leaves, gently cascade,
Inviting us to wander through nature, unafraid.

In the footsteps of our ancestors, we tread with care,
Respecting the balance, the fragile and rare.
For the forest is more than a mere collection of trees,
It's a sanctuary, a refuge, where the soul finds ease.

So let us venture forth, guided by poetic light,
Into the embrace of the forest, an ancient rite.
May we find inspiration in nature's embrace,
And honor its beauty, while we leave no trace.
Nov 2022 · 2.0k
Underneath, there are secrets
Kept safe from prying eyes
Held fast and secure
Behind a lame disguise

Would they think less of me
If everything was shown
I wonder, would their eyes still see
The person they have known
Nov 2022 · 3.6k
Morning in a Field of Gold
Light melts across the gilded field
sunbeams through holes in a cloud
silently across your face, rays yield
shadows cast off their shroud

A dewy kiss warms morning thoughts
of a lover's raw embrace
desires twisted up in knots
yearnings will unlace

Lay me down on a clover sea
and a honeysuckle bed
gentle breezes wash over me
flowing like water instead

Wet lips entwined with hunger
gives way to beating hearts
our fingertips do linger
panting breaths depart

So lay with me on this bed of gold
blowing kisses in my ear
a golden field for my love to hold
darling, let's stay right here
Dec 2020 · 561
when life seems hopeless and despair
has grabbed hold and kept you there
inside the blackest places known
you feel scared and alone

search within, look deep inside
a tiny speck of hope implied
will grow so slowly then collide
with helpless thoughts that try to hide

it shimmers, swirls, burns like fire
picks you up and takes you higher
lifts you from the pits of hell
and suddenly, you can tell

your spirits brighter than the dark
you are a flash; you are a spark
that bathes the world with golden light
a lighthouse shining in the night

with your spirit that has grown
you sense a presence yet unknown
you squint to see, and you're shown
you have never been alone

a field of radiant, brilliant sparks
they glow and pulse, leave their marks
upon your tattered weary soul
they help to make you feel whole

so when the darkness has a grip
around you, helpless feelings slip
the light that's in your soul defends
the sparks are all of us, your friends
May 2020 · 253
Snowflake Stars
Run away with me to the
mountains; we'll find peace of mind.
Let's snuggle close together;
leave our cares behind.
Look up and see the stars shining
high above the trees.
They glisten like a billion snowflakes
alight upon the breeze.
Apr 2020 · 424
When the World Ended
when the world ended,
i fell to the floor,
tears rolling down,
the future tore.

heart in my throat,
my jaw felt weak,
you held me tight,
you kissed my cheek.

when the world ended,
your hand on mine,
softly caress,
fingers entwined.

no whispered words,
you let me be,
your quiet strength,
meant the world to me.

And on that day, when the world ended,
you held my hand,
you stayed with me,
you made me see,
my world could be...

— The End —