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Obscrea May 2018
I write poems whenever
I'm in love so please,
Don't ever pull me out
Of this misery

Because I'll be writing
Endlessly for days
With pencil and paper
Making beautiful poetry.
Obscrea Apr 2018
I’m not entirely sure
If I should thank you
For all the hurt

Because these emotions
Fuel the fire inside me
No one else can

And I gather the words
Just to turn them into
Beautiful poetry

So, thank you
For the pain
For the loss
And for all the things
You never meant to do.
Obscrea Dec 2017
And here I stand
On your doorstep,
With nervous eyes
And shaky hands
Looking for words
And a peace of mind

My luggage is set
But it feels like I'm
Not ready to say
Obscrea Dec 2017
An imperfect mix of
Hopes and dreams
Served in a platter
Deliciously tempting
And so hard to resist
The taste of passion
And ultimate regret

Darling how I wish,
We never met.
Obscrea Dec 2017
I hope I can live my life
Painting stretching sunsets
With my back against a wall
Breathing in ever so deeply

In a t-shirt and shorts
My hair tumbling loose
And paint on my hands
Humming peacefully.
Obscrea Dec 2017
I think I miss you a lot
More than I realize
Because things keep
Happening and I

Find myself wishing
That I could tell you
All about them.
Obscrea Dec 2017
I would kiss you on the battlements
I would kiss you below flying cars
I would kiss you in the rain
Or when we would dance
Underneath the stars

Just keep me close through time
And time again-
I'll never leave your side,
No matter what,
I promise.

— The End —