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Oct 2014 · 815
Emma Oct 2014
her hands were ice
his hands were fire
when they connected
they canceled out
and there was no more
like if yours canceled out, too
Jun 2014 · 557
Emma Jun 2014
Once they were unleashed
The brutal truth appeared

Scars formed on my body
As it was scratched and cut
Blood trickled out slowly
Mocking me

My eyes are misty
They followed the liquid
It continued as if it was a mere river

I am but human
Nothing more
Nothing less

You can hurt me
You can save me
It's all up to you

As your mind swirls
Remember what you did to me
Jun 2014 · 591
Here's To Them
Emma Jun 2014
Here's to them
Who started at the beginning
Who were born
Who will die

Here's to them
They all have issues
Nobody's perfect
They face their problems

Here's to them
The people that I think about day and night
That never do anything wrong
That never do anything right

Here's to them
They definitely aren't perfect

They are, however,

They are perfect to me

Here's to them
They never cease to make me laugh
They never cease to make me smile

To all of their haters
Think first

Every comment
Every remark
It cuts deep

Those cuts leave wounds
That never truly heal

So think before you comment
For if not blood will spill
May 2014 · 9.1k
Emma May 2014
The treasure lies within
Red with heat
Deep beneath
It is buried
But not underground
X marks the spot or whatever!
May 2014 · 7.7k
Emma May 2014
My heart splintered
Smashed by a hammer
My mind swirls
It is a midst of clouds
Forming rings of smoke
It is polluted
Every day
Hammer Time!
May 2014 · 12.3k
Emma May 2014
The leaves are cracked
They lie like pieces of pottery
Drying, baking in the sun
An orange is suspended in the sky
Round heat floats down
Round heat... Uhm... I don't know don't judge me it seems poetic I don't know what I'm doing.
May 2014 · 1.4k
Emma May 2014
My tears are rubies
My heart is a diamond
My hands are merely leaves

Cracked and dry
They lie still

The sand slides through them
And hits the ground

It doesn't move
And now I know
The sand is gold
Of course, an alternative ending to the last paragraph is It doesn't move, And now I know, It is dead and hollow like all other things. But that's kind of depressing.
May 2014 · 2.8k
My Favorite Bands
Emma May 2014
Thank you for making music
Thank you for making me laugh
When I need someone beside me
Your music is there
So I'm going to thank you
One more time
Thank you
To my favorite bands
For making me happy
Thank you
Dedicated to One Direction and Five Seconds Of Summer.
Like this if you have favorite music.
May 2014 · 5.7k
The Train Is Departing.
Emma May 2014
The train will now depart.
You will forever be in my heart.

I will remember you,
And never start anew.

You are my one.
You are my only.

I will never see you again,
And try not to complain.

You are almost gone,
I must press on.

My love.
Like this if you're feeling depressed right now. I feel like that's the mood of the poem...
Apr 2014 · 4.3k
Emma Apr 2014
Consumer of hearts,
You eat them alive.
They beat as they trudge down your throat.

Your prisoners
climb and attempt to escape.

You are ruthless.

I should know.
You have mine.
Like this for the heart to turn red.
Apr 2014 · 13.4k
Emma Apr 2014
The dark is present
All around me
I'm not afraid of the dark
Not the kind in your bedroom at night
Not the kind that lurks in shadows

But I am afraid
Of the dark that consumes one's heart
Of the dark that prowls in my very mind

January slipped it's finger
Down my spine
As I slip
Further down
Further down underwater

As I float downwards
I think of this darkness
The one present
Right now
My eyelids slowly close
And I am left with the dark
And the sounds of underwater
Like this if you're afraid of the dark.
Apr 2014 · 721
Emma Apr 2014
Words are a puzzle
Their meaning soon to be found
All make a picture
Like this if you too agree that words are part of a puzzle that has yet to be solved.
(A Short Haiku)
Apr 2014 · 3.4k
Poems & feelings
Emma Apr 2014
Poems are feelings.
Feelings put into words,
Only some can describe.
Whether it's love or hate,
A poem can carry
The weight
Of the words.

For words are heavy.
They carry the weight of meaning,
And tug it behind them,
Like this if you also believe that poems are feelings translated into words.

— The End —