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Emma Oct 2014
her hands were ice
his hands were fire
when they connected
they canceled out
and there was no more
like if yours canceled out, too
  Jun 2014 Emma
Rachel Cloud
They scream,
when it starts,
so it seems

though you trust,
in your dream

How they cry,
how you act,
don't know why

You believe,
what they yell,
lets you die

****** by brave,
****** by all,
Watch them watch,
watch you fall.
Pt. 1 - Pt. 5 are related
  Jun 2014 Emma
Rachel Cloud
An eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
for all of me
I'd only accept
all of you
Emma Jun 2014
Once they were unleashed
The brutal truth appeared

Scars formed on my body
As it was scratched and cut
Blood trickled out slowly
Mocking me

My eyes are misty
They followed the liquid
It continued as if it was a mere river

I am but human
Nothing more
Nothing less

You can hurt me
You can save me
It's all up to you

As your mind swirls
Remember what you did to me
Emma Jun 2014
Here's to them
Who started at the beginning
Who were born
Who will die

Here's to them
They all have issues
Nobody's perfect
They face their problems

Here's to them
The people that I think about day and night
That never do anything wrong
That never do anything right

Here's to them
They definitely aren't perfect

They are, however,

They are perfect to me

Here's to them
They never cease to make me laugh
They never cease to make me smile

To all of their haters
Think first

Every comment
Every remark
It cuts deep

Those cuts leave wounds
That never truly heal

So think before you comment
For if not blood will spill
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