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MisfitOfSociety Aug 2019
Selfish are the flames of the candles,
They don’t want to share their light.
They are waiting for miracles,
In the coldness of the bitter night.

The light will come,
When it suits them.
They are giving,
When they are receiving.

Bare the light for those who wish to seek it,
Hold the hand of darkness and bring it into the light.
DC Hall Jul 2019
We work to spend
Do it all again
Masterful marketing
designed to **** you in

Caught in the riptide of desire
down the sea of consumerism,
If you happen to fall in
you better know how to swim.
Myrrdin May 2019
Walmart on a Sunday evening
Feels like my brain
At 4 am
Every thought looks well made
Until I hold them
And feel the lack of substance
And then I realize
How many people I let in
That only came for something to do
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
Advertise my soul,
capitalise from my sins.
Dig the earth for coal,
a market built for kings.
Suppress for your control,
fill your life with things.
Abolition of self-control,
a life attached to strings.
All our lives are we cultivated—
Cultivated by birth,
Cultivated by parents,
Cultivated by friends, teachers
—Institutions such
Cultivated by self,
Cultivated by Earth—Irrigated by Love.
All so, to be purchased by Death—
A ripened Consumer.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
I want to live, but
I want to crawl inside my past.
Personal history
will set me free at last,
regardless of what burns my tongue
as if it's on the cusp of being said.
If I find my womb again, well,
good enough for me, I guess,
that I will have won.

I want to live!
I want to crawl inside my mind.
I haven't found dogs that write scripture
for all that I've searched.
While I realize it could be,
I ask myself, "How long will you toil
in the name of agency
all to find
someone to take your shame
and make it palatable?"

Trend is set from continued action
My inaction left me numb and blind
The trend is set that my earthly distributors
May take of me as they find me if I'm turned off
The trend is still the same as the dreams
My grandparents had for a better world
Trend toward full automation

Fine for '56
What am I doing now?
How do I live without

My distributors and keepers
kept me wet
in their fluids
using my blood
before but

They will not win this war.
I commit myself to sit and reconnect.
If a hand offers me happiness,
I'll ask, first, Which conglomerate?
If my choices seem chiseled
In the mint of coins
And the choices fit perfectly opposed
I'll remember my nose and sniff
Out the metals that fund this war.
I'll ask then, Whose coin is this?

And it's not ungrateful
When those with all the excess
Try and rule the world
Because of how bored with
What Is they've become
And exactly absolute

Well, what if
I decide there's no war?
Well, what if
I bow my head and take a knee?

People of my same society will laugh at me,
And chastise my every thought before
They say, for sure, "It's just how it works."
Then either crush me from high
Or forget me and play State of Decay
Until they forget how much they're worth.

I hold.
There is no war.
This is not a game.
This is our Existence.
Fragile at best.
This is beyond
This is actual
Is it that no one wants to learn?


It's that knowledge has been made secret.

Lies and secrets consume my world.
LeV3e Feb 2018
"How are you today"
"Good, and you?"
"Good, a bit chilly out"
"Ya, at least the sky's blue"
"Well, how can I help?"
"Oh, I'm just looking around."
"If they don't fit, we carry belts."
"I think I'll just take the gown."
"That'll be twenty two, thirty five"
"Can I just swipe my card?"
"Sure, your ID looks nice."
"Thanks don't get too bored."

Rehearsed conversations
Fitted like a mold
Commodity interactions
Just doing what you've been told.
Andrew Jan 2018
I can’t enjoy the present
I’m busy waiting on the future

Working hard to produce
so I can be a consumer

And my consuming habits
have made me decadent

Keeping up with the trends
in hopes of being relevant

Waiting for the next fad
to infatuate our mind

Mindlessly ******* up
our money and our time

Timelessly circling in
repetitive motion

Going through the motions
and coming to the notion

That life's too short
to let it pass you by

But now time has passed
and it's soon time to die

And oh my

Give me something
to distract my mind

I liked the way things looked
before when I was blind
Steve Page Oct 2017
My debt-ridden past,
more than I asked.

The transactional present,
less pleasure, more torment.

An easy-payments future,
more payments not fewer.

So many give-aways,
at a price I cannot pay.

It's neo-consumerism,
with the soft bite of fascism.

We're infected by the bug,
so we take
the offered
A reworked poem, with a better bite.
Lesley Feb 2017
Such dissatisfaction
For so little reason.
Much complaining & whining,
Crying & begging;
Pulling hair, tight fists
And gnashing teeth.
Consumer Zombies stagger
Into the Stop & Shop,
Shop & Go,
Buy More For Less-
Sale, Sale, Sale!
Salivating glands & bug eyes;
Our hands grab more than
Can possibly be seen.
Our skin stretches tight
As white elephants stampede.
Why can’t we all

Just Stop & think?
Take a drink of the cool morning
Air and buy in the sunrise?

*©  Lesley Wood
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