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11.6k · Apr 2017
Satin Sleeves
Rachel Ace Apr 2017
You look like a light-colored satin
Stars f
              l on your caramel hair
Your laureate crown is permanent

You walk fast as a local feline
L'Empereur far from his throne
You look disoriented
You look tired

It's nightfalling
Resolution parts
The moon shines
Gold minds

Lace L'étoile
Jeune ace
Shiny sleeves

I go through a mirror
You're sitting in there
I hide carefully
Not to be alert
I have found myself again
Dreaming of you inside
The reflection of your mirror

At night my opal
                           sleeves are made of satin.

   - Codelandandmore// 6:00 PM ©
Modern poem
2.5k · Apr 2017
Parallel lines
Rachel Ace Apr 2017
[The lines of the hands formed a complex map]

Reality strikes
The days pass by
Two lines
Different seasons
Separate stations

[Reality hitting on the rocks]

Curve line erasing the good things of the past
2 drops of water falling on the way to the office
  |        |
  |        |
  |        |  Old soundtrack passes over parallel tracks
Theater full, broken line

Days pass and pass
Birthdays pass, not words
Difficult to pretend to be well
No words happen

Places I’m not, line closed
Places you are not, closed line

Romanticism doesn’t feel the same as maps on our maps
2 parallel drops fall
|                               |
The game hits me against the rocks
You don’t follow me in a straight line

[Reality catches me]

there are no words
there is nothing
thick fog

The same lines
Now they are parallel
Your reality hits

[The lines in my hand no longer form a map]

   - Codelandandmore // 4:00 PM ©
Eat drama food
2.5k · May 2017
Cotton Spells
Rachel Ace May 2017
Thought of all those stones hitting my window

The crush lover is like a austere sword
Marble frames
Blue veins

Ducheess ice skies
Pure white sheets
Padded look
Wavy gold hair
Lighthouse freckles reflections

The spellcaster in her room
Gentle sender
Captivating eyes
Creator of edens

She prepares her cotton spell
Si           tele             swee
lk           pa              ts
Mi        dia                 du
lk         mond        st

Thought of all those instants gemstones pictures

- Codelandandmore //23:50 PM ©
Gold hair
1.6k · May 2017
Fils du Ciel
Rachel Ace May 2017
I wish we were friends

Angels flying in the cold air
Incandescent auroras
Prism reflections
Uncertain ends

My lovely eyes
Electrified fences
I can't advance
The rain comes out of my eyes
Bleeding hearts on the other side

Your resplendent eyes
The young hero
Propriétaire du ciel

I was alone
Asking to myself
When the sky is going to be ours

I need a friend first
Not you?

- Codelandandmore // 23:06 PM ©
I wish we were friends
1.4k · Apr 2017
Bright specks of light
Rachel Ace Apr 2017
[You can hear the air moving the 
 l e a v e s  of the    
p     a  l    m          t      r  e  e     s.
Last rays of sun and it’s June 3]

We walk on a  white-washed street and
Forget Me Not flowers on the fences screaming this is your new world.
You are that world, your eyes are Portofino in the middle of a neighborhood of coins.

We are walking and you stop because you look at a window of someone, while I was (I was) fixing the shouts of light on your temple, living the new world.

[All my cracks filled with water]

It’s warm pleasant, we walk, seeing life taking and not just wishing,

   we have excelled    
in the plastic world.

I stood by the **^use with the most beautiful garden, I touched bird in paradise and you say that it’s [our garden]
- Codelandandmore // 9:00 PM ©

The structure is like white-picket-fences
1.2k · May 2017
Spiral Stairs
Rachel Ace May 2017
I trapped on the stairs full of turns

A few days so high up in the sky
A few days down in misery

Sometimes led to sanity
Sometimes led to gray

Railings full of thorns         s  
Down the rungs to   o n  u    i o
                                  c       f           n
Half-raised arm                                
Touching opacity

Tail dress
Bare feet
Hidden blushes
Saved hope
Ballerina hands

Lost in the middle of your stairs
You pushed me down?
Mess catch me

I'll always be the morning dew for you
You insist on showing
You forget the thread that joined
You changed the pretty
Why like this?

You are well on which step you are?
In which can I find you?

It's not down to sadness
(You changed the meaning
The essence disappeared)

Existence is like many steps
                                       I thought I came to the top with you
                                                             ­                                  But it was an oasis

For your young you: Generator of ascending stairs in our dimension.

- Codelandandmore //20:30 PM ©
Real Cute boy, remember last mermay, It was all so fun :)
902 · Jun 2017
High Voltage
Rachel Ace Jun 2017

2700 volts is what it feels like when you're near me.

Deux câbles with unlimited power.

Traffic lights

Neon lights
Fast roads

Head lights
Nothing matters

Fluorescent lights
Midnight youths


Deux fils imaginaires.

Réseau électrique in my soul,
you never need me now.

-Codelandandmore // at midnight ©
Sometimes it feels like the lights off.
816 · Apr 2017
Capri Ode
Rachel Ace Apr 2017
Same souls are an 
_ island_

Eternal lamour
Perfect glamor
Quiet breeze

Vichy dress
Glitter shoes
Cat eye sunglasses
Pearls ears
Coast Chekbones
Hills on her lips
Holographic lady
*** laude

Seductive Highness
Navy blue
Hair waves
Elegant hands
Embroidery sigh
Mozzarella lover
Prince vibrations
Coast lips
*** laude

Coastal environment
Sun loungers in the sand
Outside peopleland
small views

Fortuna collapses
*** laude           views

The refuge of the mermaids
Corners illuminated
Turquoise blue water
Gauze Water

We are
_ Caprisland _

  - Codelandandmore // 17:00 PM ©
Actual Love Ode
789 · Jun 2017
Peter Rabbit
Rachel Ace Jun 2017
Where is Peter Rabbit?

There was a patisserie I loved,
everything was shaded with pastel colors.

Awnings carved in gold,
flourishes coming up because it's my favorite garden.
He used to be in that garden, but not anymore.

You had three sweet sisters,
We drink raspberry-flavored tea,
the air was soft and graceful.
We wore dresses with thin lace at the edges,
matching hats with the dresses.
Transparent colors, like our hearts.
We perfumed with violets and art.

Flopsy was kind and generous,
Mopsy was attentive and virtuous,
Cottontail was imaginative and talented,
I was a mix of all.

One day Peter Rabbit came through the door,
touched and disheveled for breaking the code
in the garden.
We look at each other like a second and now I live in that second.
The times you showed up at the door and we never said a word,
that game I liked to ►

Then you disappeared because You wanted to evolve.
I stood there without knowing anything about Peter Rabbit.
Little reality was lost, Peter.
(You wanted that?)

Now we are the greyhound and March hare, playing the one who runs the most.

Why did Peter Rabbit leave?

-Codelandandmore // 0:36 ©
Miss Beatrix Potter little tribute.
667 · Oct 2017
moon · struck · match
Rachel Ace Oct 2017
London - Oxford
City Road - Broad street
Mail Centre - Inbox
Beginning - Waiting
Star - Crossed
Alternate - Universe
Crush - Class
Artwork - Gallery
Elevator - Replay
Yours - Daydream
Scarlet - Red
Speechless - Breath
Cool - Across
Extremely - Intelligent
Miraculously - Boy
Awkwardness - Freckles
Kinda - Like
Corner - Paris
Un - Usual
Et - Hereal
u - r
- Fall in love of all about you

-Codelandandmore // 19:59  ©
Ins: This modern love by Will Darbyshire
526 · May 2017
Cumulonimbus ride
Rachel Ace May 2017
·····The Top·····
Golden yellow freshness, flowers and spikes rocking
A large reservoir of water in the distance
(Imaginations of us in my head among sweet clear wheat)
I'm sitting on top of a hill                                      
   Every day waiting for you                              
                               and you don't arrive ....
I don't understand the reasons
Storm sounds far away
Sad lyrics with violins start in my mind

I wait for you every day

Do not you remember the good times?
When we spoke in writing, as little notes
Because you don't tell me that you don't like the letters
Do not like the slow romantic songs?

I am still the classic romantic girl in a slightly sloppy dress
What awaits you with illusions near the atmosphere

I hope you aren't lost in another galaxy trying to be another

Clouds formed by warm air
You never arrive
I wait for you

Wishing you two legends together at the top of the hill.

-Codelandandmore // 22:44PM ©
Inpired by James Dean folk air.
333 · Sep 2017
Dear first verse
Rachel Ace Sep 2017
tock tock  r
                                    heart ...
                                    (The door
                                    is open)

[One look at a lady's dress]

x When x

It makes you three steps from the seas,
Sit on the heights,
skylines in your pocket heart,
wine blushes in your pale complexion,
first verse obsession.
[Hit you in secret]

It makes you swim in the dark night,
It makes you believe in the extraudinary,
It makes your innocence shine,
It makes you feel perfect piano notes,
It makes you feel like a new taste,
It makes you ascend to the farthest cloud.

[It's exotic and iridescent]

And you expect that hold the hand all night.

- Now -

Dear old verse, you do that - to go back through the years - to the smile of the girl in the pink dress.

[Dear racing head, thanks for the notification]

- Codelandandmore // 20:50 ©
To the dreamers in summer '14

— The End —