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preston Jun 14

And from the abyss
of an un-owned, nothingness
rises up the majestic image--
supremely crafted,   from
well-smithed words;

this something..
formed  out of nothing--

this counterfeit  substance
this ancient, hide

this cowardly, self-formed answer
to the Universe's primal core question
this childish refusal to grow up..
to own up,
and face the music

This fooling of the whole world..
this glory  of the moment..

and then, one final  pirouette,
before your unavoidable death-scream
at that final  moment of truth..

Ah truth, baby.. what a concept.

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters of your area, in voluntary cooperation with the Federal, State and local authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency,  the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news or instructions. This station, Hello Poetry.. serves the whole.hiding world's, area.
This concludes this test of the Emergency Broadcast System.

"yeah, thankyou,, thankyoyverucuchh.."
~Johnny ******, and the *****
the black-rose Oct 2019
i realize that you will be who you are
and i am comfortable enough within myself
to allow you to express all that lies within you..
because who am i to try to change you?
after realizing my worth,  
ive realized that nothing is worth enough to disrupt my peace.
i move away from what no longer serves me
or deserves me.
i wait on divine actions to arise before i consider your place in my space...
are you here to give or take?
for mine or for your sake?
for mind, soul or warm embrace?
you see im powerful,
still you see only half.
so make your choice
i hate to make you choose
but its them or its me.
not in fear of or in face of an ego or some pride,
just protecting what lies inside ..
Lady Ravenhill Aug 2017
Short and sweet
No need to think
Take two tonight
And feel more artsy
In the morning
©LadyofRavenhill 2017
Josh Jul 2017
Hook up culture
Cheap cider
He has a car
That's the decider
A year or less
Down the line
You're nine months along
He's doing time
But you tell yourself
We're doing fine
Now you're wishing
You'd finished school
Instead of smoking
And acting 'cool'
Read this, think on it well
You have, one life, one story
Make it one, you want to tell
Josh Jul 2017
Coffee cups and ink stained hands
Half finished thoughts, part written papers
Aching, craving, sentiment
A purple book, so innocent
Chronicling an atrophy
Of soul
Rachel Ace May 2017
I wish we were friends

Angels flying in the cold air
Incandescent auroras
Prism reflections
Uncertain ends

My lovely eyes
Electrified fences
I can't advance
The rain comes out of my eyes
Bleeding hearts on the other side

Your resplendent eyes
The young hero
Propriétaire du ciel

I was alone
Asking to myself
When the sky is going to be ours

I need a friend first
Not you?

- Codelandandmore // 23:06 PM ©
I wish we were friends
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
In peaceful moments
we touch our present and past;
the memories that
made us who we are; all the
love, light, pain and dark of us.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
True love is selfless;
It doesn't force forevers,
try to control you
or take more than it gives back.
It won't bring darkness, or pain.

True love will heal you,
It doesn't steal from your soul
to feed it's own heart.
You can plant roots in safety,
Grow wings and be free to fly.

True love will scare you
with the fierceness you feel
as your soul awakes.
It's like coming home, falling
into the right forever.

True love is so rare
that it doesn't come easy,
but if you find it
you will know. Grasp it, hold it,
protect it and nurture it.
I think it's easy to fall in love and think it's the real deal, even multiple times. You can throw your whole heart into something and try to make it work, but until you understand how liberating true love can be, you don't know what you're missing out on.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
She's such a sweet chameleon
of shifting shades and dreams,
her kaleidoscope of colours
is never what it seems.

If you force her into focus
she'll only twist and fade,
until you're alone, longing for
the vivid love she made.

— The End —