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JGuberman Apr 8
Will anyone remember how I placed the empty mug
On our bannister
At the top of the stairs.
Like everything now,
It was waiting
Like all of us,
To be cleansed
To be filled
To be emptied
And start again.
by Michael R. Burch

... Among the shadows of the groaning elms,
amid the darkening oaks, we fled ourselves ...

... Once there were paths that led to coracles
that clung to piers like loosening barnacles ...

... where we cannot return, because we lost
the pebbles and the playthings, and the moss ...

... hangs weeping gently downward, maidens’ hair
who never were enchanted, and the stairs ...

... that led up to the Fortress in the trees
will not support our weight, but on our knees ...

... we still might fit inside those splendid hours
of damsels in distress, of rustic towers ...

... of voices of the wolves’ tormented howls
that died, and live in dreams’ soft, windy vowels ...

Published by The Chariton Review

Keywords/Tags: Childhood, dreams, enchanted, stairs, fortress, trees, damsels, maidens, towers, wolves, howls, oaks, elms, paths, pebbles, playthings, toys, moss
Third step up
On the stairs

A favourite
Perch, for phone

And cups of tea

I sit there now
As I sat there then

With the women
Of my genealogical line

There is a heritage
In my blood

Of sitting on stairs
Whilst sharing time
Day 334
jackie Dec 2019
she and i
we are going down the stairs in opposite directions
up is down, and down is up,
and she has a mask of jade for a face
and with my mask of emerald
we match
that is all, that is all
Noah Oct 2019
The one time someone held my hand
I had lost my glasses and
she took mine in hers
she led me down the stairs to find them
so i lost my glasses at the summer camp i went to and a pair were found in the office downstairs and because i couldn't see anything a girl helped me get downstairs
They are legion

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Quick and easy is the way of the dark side.

Angels ascend, demons bow.
Oscar Sep 2019
like stairs,
it's up or down.
i teeter on the middle,
hand on the rail,
one foot in the air.
the stone steps
steep and they go high;
my legs ache and i can't
see the top.
letting go,
do i climb or do i
go down?
mental decline is something of which is barely ever registered from an outside perspective, we watch people crumble to dust and we breathe in the ashes of their remains. we wonder : ' who knew they felt that way ? ' but we never ask or think to find out. in truth, the biggest flaw in the human species is the ability to see and to notice nothing at all
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