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i sit in the shadows and think
of what it would be like to show my wings.

they flutter behind me gently,
casting flickers of light on the walls behind.

colors gently fade and twist,
and feathers lightly fall to the ground.

the room i stay in is dark.
it has thick walls to protect me.

every now and then, the floor will rumble,
causing cracks to appear.

but, they seem to fix themselves.
struggling never helps.

i have been told i am shameful.
i must hide away, not show myself.

no one knows of me, except for one.

she seems to be intent on keeping me here.

i hear her crying herself to sleep.
i hear people yelling against my kind.
i feel the rumbling of my floor caused by her sobs.
i feel the pain of when she pulls my chains even tighter.

i want nothing more but to be free
to be by her side, floating near her
letting her be who she truly is.

i feel the loss of hope,
as my small room becomes darker and darker.
it's hard to breathe.

a small creature such as i,
wings of pink, purple, blue,
a robe with every color

it's hard to be one like me.

but i'll survive, until i can see the rainbow.

Simon Soane

I’ll wager,
if not for thee, I might not have set foot in Alsager,
it could have become another stop I passed through on the train,
in summer sun, or winter rain,
I’d have perhaps thought
“oh this seems a sweet area to reside”
and then forgot all about it and enjoyed the rest of the rail ride,
just a picturesque town of travelled through myth
like Newton Dale Halt or Chapel-en-le-Frith.
I may never have known the names of it’s streets
or what it’s parks are called or where’s a cool place to meet,
never found out where’s a good bang for buck eatery to dine
or which shop has the best deals on two bottles of wine,
never known what it’s like to approach one of it’s doors
and in my tummy feel wings and a soar.
As it is Alsager’s now up there with my most favourite station
I step on to it’s platform with gleeful anticipation,
knowing in 15 mins we’ll be beginning our start,
thank you for Haze for putting this place in my heart.

Caleb D Wolf

A moment's frozen,
yet not undone,
and it seems
not a song
has been left unsung,
as if I've reached
the end
of all I've begun
and can't try again to be
what I can't become.
Then like silence,
broken by a single chord,
I blink
then I don't think anymore.

© Caleb D. Wolf 2018
Autumn Liss

i've been through a lot of break ups
my heart has been shattered too many times
but even with all that,
i can still see myself loving someone
with every pieces of me.

i have so much love in me.
it's no wonder how my heart can still beat for someone even though it's broken.
Caitlin Wilson

I feel so alone right now and i dont know what to do anymore nothing makes me happy or interests me and im always tired i cant continue you literally broke me

Ralda Robles

bella como la luz que me trajo al mundo
el sol que te vendecia en las mananas
me acuerdo de tus labios
cambiando y sonriendo
habia un balance en la manera que sonreias
con cada palabra crecia mas
encontre la felicidad perdida en ti
atras de tu voz
mis palabras no llegaban al nivel
tus palabras gritaban amor
desempachaba el odio
me decias te amo
y yo crei en no solo eso pero tambien en tu felicidad
en la felicidad que me traias
no solo a mi, pero a este mundo
gracias por amarme, gracias por existir

dabbling in spanish poetry dedicated to my aunt because she loved every letter i wrote to her, i miss you

catastrophic death of all meaning
semiotic structure picked

Bella Reed

the start was simple
you intrigued me
a few drunken conversations
there was something different about you
but our timing wasn’t right

our paths crossed once again months later
the first night we kissed
and boy did it send my head spinning
i was gone before you had a chance to kiss me sober
i thought that might be the end
but, our story went on
i got a small taste of who you really are
just a glimpse into the mess of your brain
But once again
timing is a bitch

and now i knew
this can't be the end
our story will go on

a year had passed
our only contact was drunken phone calls & texts
until you waltzed into my world once again
and this time, this time was different

for one summer, you were mine
this time i got to know every inch of you
your mind, your family, your body
and as i got to know all of you
i found myself falling in love with all of you

the way you talked about life with such passion
and kissed me with even more
the way you attract every eye in the room without even noticing
the way your presence made my heart feel at peace
the way you could make anything from washing dishes to dancing without music enjoyable
the way you snored while you were sleeping but told me how beautiful i was the second you awoke
i fell in love with every inch of you

but the leaves changed colors
and we both moved away
and now i sit here thinking
that maybe just maybe i can hold onto the idea that yet again
our story will go on


It’s 3:09am I’ve been sitting in the dark for hours on end. My head is full to capacity, and still I’m thinking of you frantically. A love once lost but bonded again through time. A love that ultimately was my demise.
It’s 6.30am and I dreamt about you again. How sad is it that I’m only happy in dreams in the end? I’ve got a beautiful life and so much love to give but it’s all wasted so long as your not here. I see that your getting on with your life, moving onto the next person, promising them the same beautiful lie.  You don’t have it in you to say a word to me, no longer friends but yet not enemy’s, just strangers with memories.


this one is for you, ... baby girl
its yours
im yours
all of this time
getting to know you
all of this time
digging into your soul

and I swear that I found treasure
no one else could measure
up to you
damn girl, a dream come true

all my life
I've been done wrong
all of my life
its been so long
since I could find somebody to love

mesmerizing you are

all of my life
and you
are timeless.

one of life's greatest mysteries
to be stumbled upon
that's how I know in the end
this is love.
this one's for you girl,
all of my life
getting to know you
all of this time
it's timeless.

day 20 of 365
inspired by "rose" on YouTube / instrumentals
Lauren Johnson

No matter what you do for him

He will never feel the same as you

Something I need to realize
Janna Smith

we don't have to be perfect for everyone. just for people who can see it and appreciate it.


We were blind,
We laughed.
At the end,
I cried.
My voice was scooped and hallow.
My heart hammers like a unsteady beat;
We sunk to the ground.

Shadow Walker

My thought is fired from my imagination.
I let her out, so she can be wild and roam around like the wind.
But she’d still end up being lost in the solitude of my own loneliness.
For she’s an intoxicating fire I couldn’t resist, and when she’s ignited, however, my mind is alighted with the shooting stars in the sky.

January 2018


Aking minamahal,
Alam kong 'di mo kayang mahalin
Kahit anong dasal
Hindi kita kayang angkinin

Ikwekwento ko
Ang malubha kong storiya
Pusong nagdugo
Sa maling tao umaasa

Malayo ka man
Ika'y palaging hinihintay
Ika'y inaabangan
Sa tagal, ako na ay sinasaway

Nang magkatinginan tayo
Sa isang programang mahaba
Sige, kinilig ako, oo
Ayon ba ay masama?

Tahimik na tao
Ito ang aking nagustuhan
Kahit 'di romantiko
Hindi ko na yan inaasahan

Ang problemang maliit
Ang lutas ay paglayuin tayo
Sa edad ipinilit
Dahil lang mas bata ako sayo

Pero tinanggap ko
Na mas matanda ka sa akin
Kolehiyo naman siguro, no?
Konting hakbang lang mula sa'min

Ginaganahan pumasok
Lalo na kapag institusyonal
Pinipiggil ko ang antok
Para lang makita ka, mahal

At habang umaasa
Nanonood lang sa malayo
"Sana tumingin siya
Sa direksyon kong malabo"

Palaging tumititig
Dahil ikaw ng inspirasyon ko
Ngunit puso ko'y namitig
Nang malaman ika'y guro...

This poem is only for my Filipino peeps to understand. I'm sorry I'm not in the mood to translate it to english. Maybe not today but someday. But this letter basically tells the story of my love for a guy who I though was a college student...but turned out to be a teacher, from the elementary department. So yeah... the reason why I just had to post this is there is a big possibility that I might perform tomorrow morning in front of him <3 <3 <3 Wish me luck guys

over a year
of waiting for the agony to takes its course
the pacing in my room at two in the morning
quick breaths toppling each other, never to catch up to my lungs
i never got the chance to unknot—
to replant my roots into someone new
or into different floorboards
yet i was too restless to flourish
into what i assumed was supposed to be my "awakening"
but see, my nerves were too messy and tangled
and i was impatient
so i let the wires undo themselves
or should i say waited—
because it never happened
so more and more nerves connected and collided
creating a construction of clumsiness and clustered words
isolation was becoming me
and i was becoming isolation.

from sitting in my room for far too long,
i have cuts on my hands and scars on my mind
too many anti-psychotics and psychedelics
soon enough, i was melting into my office chair
with sorrow sitting next to me, patting my back
leaving burn marks on my upper right shoulder—
they still ache time to time
and if i was really up there,
my heart would talk to me about the agony
and how it's always picking pieces from my ribs and throat
causing me to speak less and think more
but she did say that it was passing,
that i must be patient—
that was seven months ago.

a week after that talk,
i began traveling further passed that state
trying to talk to agony itself
i was so out of it
my bones weren't bones
and my feet were tingling,
but i had to keep traveling.
i was tired of waiting;
i couldn't keep up with the pacing
i was growing weak
and i just wanted a break
but, i never got to him,
and i never got that break.

and that's why i have bags under my eyes
because the sadness ran out of places to hide so
it hid under the deprivation—
agony was coming
but it was just passing through.

this is unfinished, and does this even make sense?

I'm constantly telling myself I'm over it
but I'm starting to think that's untrue
because thoughts of you creep in
no matter what I do
I try to drown them out
but every word of every song
brings me back to you
and against my will I catch myself
gladly singing along.
When the thoughts of you persist
I'll pick up a new book
but somehow find your name
in every word, sentence and phrase
Yet I keep reading
keep turning the page.
I try to shut you out and shut my eyes
yet you find your way in every dream
and instead of waking up
I eagerly go back to sleep.

alba mcvicar

cigarettes will kill you
and pills will make you try
the booze will make me miss you
and your pictures will make me cry

21.1.18  /  14.25  / something i'd say if at the very least i could love you
Diána Bósa

As I walked this earth to find you
I also found myself.
On my way to you, I understood that
this path is so long, though,
it could never unflame my heart
for my steps, toward you,
were never bootless;
beneath the act of loving you
I also learned to love myself.
Beyond the search of you, yet I never sought,
I also learned the now of my present
for in you, I am bondless
yet boundless at the time.


do you know how much I love you?
do you know how much air exits my lungs at the thought of you?
do you know how broken my heart is?
do you know how willing I would be to die for you?
do you know how many times i already have?

I don't think you do, or maybe your just afraid.

Some things we don’t wanna talk about,
To friends, family and anyone near,
But until everything goes south,
We’ll just be alone, and live in fear

Don’t leave me all alone
Don’t leave me here
I may be fully grown
But I’ll drown in my fear
I’ll drown in my fear, drown, drown in my thoughts,
My mind is a battlefield I duck for the shots,
Shots that the darkness takes at me
I want to run, want to flee,
But I’m gonna need to fight,
Battle my way through
And I just might

I go to sleep every night,
I should be good at it by now
But instead I look up at the ceiling,
with nobody looking back, wow
Nobody hears me as I talk to myself,
Talk in my head and I,
I just want someone to hear me,
Hear me talk about my fear

Some things we don’t wanna talk about,
To friends, family and anyone near,
But until everything goes south,
We’ll just be alone, and live in fear
Some things I don’t wanna talk about,
To friends, family and anyone near,
But until everything goes south,
I’ll just be alone, and live in fear

I don’t want you to know,
I want you to know,
Promise you won’t scream, cry or just go,
I just seem to be so lost, haven’t got a clue
Don’t know what do to,
Don’t know what to say
I keep falling down so I might as well pray
To what? I’m not sure
I’m just desperate for a cure
Needing to find a way to end this,
A good way, a bad way,
I’m still not sure which
I will choose, which I will pick,
All I know is that my head is really sick.

I know I’ll be alone, love’s just for others
I don’t know how anyone’s to discover,
Me, myself and I as I don’t have a clue,
Where they’re hiding, are they even true?
Why are you so quiet,
why are you so stoic?
I’m too busy with myself,
my ego is too big,
I’m fighting inner demons,
my mind’s so acidic

I don’t want to, I simply can’t
Acknowledge it, I don’t want your help, friend
I’ll do it myself, I’m sure I’ll get through
My battles with evil will sure be enough
To get me back on track, let me live my life
Instead of simply writing this, and trying to survive

These things I don’t want to talk about,
To friends, family and anyone near,
But until everything goes south,
I’ll just be alone,
and I’ll live in..
I’ll live.

Kevin Hamilton

Molten I woke
To your understated
Outro song
Pulled aggressively
And left to resonate

I was crowded
At the corpse door
With the curtains drawn
Only briefly wishing
Phantom pain
On endless vigils
For a swollen soul

Sealed the crypt
Your moonlit recital ceased
To no applause

katelynn beth

is it a four lettered word
hidden behind
a meek smile
and a shrug?

or maybe

it's an apology
after a mother spanks her child?

that could be it.

tumblr suggests it is a prom proposal
and a promise ring.

but to me
love is at 3 am
when panic attacks
rock my body
harder than the sea when rough
and my lover calms me down.

to me love is
asking if i have eaten
because my lover knows
how shaky i get after coffee
with no breakfast.

to me love is
a careful caress and a poem.

what is love to you?



the sky is no longer white
with the cloud appeared turn them grey
my heart melted in the shades of night
that now it means to stay

the red sun used to wash the blue ocean
now turn its face to black
as i leave the darkness in motion
you tied my shadows safe from gliding back

Ben Meraki

I want to tell you
that I can do without you.
But I'd be lying.

Paul Butters

Those eyes
So sad
So loving, loyal and true.
Who can resist that look
From a dog?

Best family member
Of the animal kind.
So devoted to his Mum and Dad
And even uncle.

No fickleness here:
Unflinchingly faithful.
Loving to run and fetch
For his master or mistress.
Even bring in the ‘paper.

See him jump for joy
As you grab the lead
That he’s brought you.
It’s “That time”…

If you let him,
He’ll lick you all over
Before rolling on his back
For a belly rub.
(And his Missus is just the same)!

But those eyes have it:
Bottomlessly sad
So you just have to give him
Strokes and cuddles.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\1\2018.

Inspired by Stacy's dog Vinnie. Another one for Dog Lovers such as Pat Jackson, Stacy Taylor Prev Crossley, Alecia Bamford, Jane Chaplin, Jo Edwards, Joan Priestley...
Jillian McLean

Do not call me pretty,
for I am more than it looks

I would rather be ugly ,
with the beauty inside

I don't want to be those girls
in magazines and books.

Don't just use me for my body,
without a confide.

Don't call me pretty,
look inside.


Did you see the rainbow?
the sun's words scared her
the color faded, she was pale
the sky was crying too
nothing to celebrate
the lightning came in the middle of the water
rainbow lost her color
covered by clouds of anxiety
went blown by a sympathetic wind

Lily Mae

A year ago today my faith was tested
I gazed upon the face of my sister and yet
cancer distorted the woman I knew

Morphine drops

I go home to shower and my Nephew comes in
"She's gone, we all left the room and she left".
Mourning shoes are put on

Xanax daze

The usual chaos, drama, screaming
yelling and people pissing on space  
once shared by us all ...wanting to covet her  
to our breasts

Hells fire

Closing up my emotional shop  
I move forward this whole year with
a knowing that she for once is flying
high with all our friends and family...

Peace needed

Today I couldn't function well
the tears with memories of her letting go
and me forced to let go overwhelmed me


I've never felt so alone sister.  I never  
thought I'd have to live without you
here I am...alone, in body, mind  and spirit

I feel forgotten, you knew me, and still loved me
I feel betrayed, and yet know better
I hate to feel because the hole in my heart
that's been empty since you left me aches

I'm trying sister...I'm trying~


it’s strange isn’t it?
the ones who barely know you
have the most to say

back from my hiatus;
clem turner

10: she asks to hold your hand. your tongue disappears and you comply. she swings you like a chain every now and then to remind you that you are hers.

9: you slide into the passenger seat. everything smells like perfume and you feel it stinging, percolating through the tiny holes in your skin. she tells you that you look different and doesn't explain. you feel dirty for the rest of the night.

8: she's always typing. no matter what you say, how much you beg, how close to the edge you are. three dots bouncing, threatening to get too close, to push you down. she is typing. when she finally messages, you wish she hadn't.

7: she's perfect. she's small. you carry her on your back once and she wraps her arms around your neck and rests her chin in your hair. she wears soft sweaters that show her stomach.

6: every time you blink, you're scared she will leave. and she does.

5: you share the same taste in food. you wear matching sneakers and you accidentally say the same things. you met on accident. your friend was her friend and the pieces all fell together, even though some of them didn't fit. you gave her a ring and she lost it. then you gave her a piece of yourself.

4: she liked your writing. she told you she liked it once and you were indebted. there was nothing you needed more than praise. you were sinking and she had a rope--it didn't matter if it was thin and itchy. sometimes she would threaten to let go. sometimes you wanted her to.

3: she would say good morning to you and folded your clothes into little squares.

2: she was the kind of girl that people want to write poems about. but she would never read them.

1: she spoke to you like a human. you forgot what that felt like. late night texts were routine. she had to move away, to find herself. she threw her phone into a lake but not before telling you she'd miss you. you thought she was dead until she flickered onto your television screen, right under the word missing and above her mother's cell phone number.

0: you never talked about her. she looked plastic in her photographs but her hugs were warm. you had a space in your closet for her shoes.

Yeydy De La Cruz

You are surrounded by inferiority and low I’Q
They will never reach your height
no matter what they do.

Their presence is a burden
that will cost you too much to bear.
You must stop them before you end up,
in solemn despair.

They seek to impede your progress
like the expansion to the west.
Control the cerise, ebony and brown
and free them of those tendencies,
of folk and wild.

Don’t take this task to lightly
Ye dare not stoop to less,
nor call to loud on Freedom
Just focus on their threat.

Speak to them in simple language
and repeat yourself a hundred times,
for tis the only way that they understand,
given their feeble minds.

You must go to war with them
in order to bring them peace;
you must free them from their destruction,
famine, and disease.

You must not stray from your course
no matter what has been said,
for your country-men are with you
to cloak your weariness.

They may bring some cases
in order to sway your path,
but don’t be guile by them,
they matter not.

Look at Bannker, the author of various almanacs.
There have been other Negros like him
but still, they matter not.

Did you know about Henry Eyring of Mexican decent?
Did you know he was a prolific writer of science and faith?
There have been other Latinos like him
but still, they matter not.

Don’t even pay attention to the Native American, Golda Ross.
Even though she was the first female engineer at Lockheed Aircraft.
There have been other Native American like her,
but don’t sway, they matter not.

Just keep saying to yourself,
“they were outliers that’s all.”
That it was because of your influence,
which allow them to evolve.

Did you know about Black Wall Street and what conspired there?
Just look at 1921 with over three hundred slain.
Greenwood stills remembers those two hellish days,
when everything when asunder with nitroglycerine.

Just tell the world that this needed to be done,
but don’t tell them the part of economic liberty,
for that would bring into question, their inferiority.

The spirit of a people crushed along with their property,
and if the world asks, don’t tell them tis was ye.
Instead accuse those guile races of things whites can believe,
and to them proclaim your democracy,
and the pursue of liberty.

Keep retorting your independence
for the whole world to hear,
but don’t tell the truth,
“That is only good for white here.

This was a response to the claim regarding the I'Q of Latinos in the news made by one of the representatives of the Heritage Foundation.

Love, Pain, Hate, Shame, they are all one in the same,
What keeps us sane?

The peace of which we seek blinds our eyes of the ease with which we bleed.
We cease to peace when we give in to grief.

This is the law of love and life,
With which we walk unto our paths that we ourselves have never known,
and never will,

Save the day,
We pave peace with our tears and fears for others to stride,
And find their way,

~Robert van Lingen

Mystifying Chaos

There are things that are better left unsaid; like when I asked you to leave, you left, even though the tears brimming in my eyes were begging you to stay.
When the door closed shut behind you, I had to swallow the lump down my chest, get a hold over my emotions and carry out with my daily routine without a mere mention of your name.
And then, do you know what I did at night? When the house was empty and only the moon could witness my vulnerability from the open window, I decided to let it all out. Once and for all. I cried till my cheeks started burning because of all the tears that I harshly wiped off. I wanted to torture myself so I replayed the memory of you leaving over and over again in mind. I howled in pain while clinging onto your old favorite tee shirt which I gifted to you on your last birthday.
I tried to calm myself so I brushed my fingers through my hair, like you used to whenever I was anxious. No medicine could compare to the magical power that your warm touch possessed.
And the next morning I found myself lying on the floor with a broken bottle of whiskey. The broken shards of glass seemed so appealing. But I knew self harm wasn't an option so I tried to stand up and get ready for the day. I went to work, my friends made a jib about how my hair looked funny, they had no idea that you left and it was me who had asked you to leave. I couldn't control my emotions so I left for home.
But even at home I felt homeless. I couldn't control the tears, and I cried harder than I did on the night before. My plan of not shedding another tear for you failed miserably. I opened my phone gallery and clicked on my favourite picture of yours and talked to the inanimate object. Begging and pleading you to come back.
I guess your absence is nothing but my penance. Something that I must suffer silently and all alone.

rachel huberty

i feel as though you should know
that the falling was a beautiful blur
but i guess i was hoping that
you'd catch me in the end

partially inspired by the song "catch me"

Are the ugly
For we are free
From all expectation.

I thought this up yesterday and thought it was funny
Dave Legalisa

My serotonin
keeps producing
chemicals mixed
with your name.
I can't stop
about you
since nine a.m.

I wrote this poem last night. Really, I can't stop thinking about him. and i'm noy sure if my i'm in love.
wren cole

god it hurts like poison
i'm swimming in the ache of my chest
in the empty space beside me
drowning in the night
please don't let me wake up alone again
some nights i feel like you stole my soul away when you left
and i won't ever get it back
give me the nights in cars in walmart parking lots
talk for three hours, drink mocktail and feel eternal
fill me up with stars to burn out the void
i'm feeling so lost in empty moments
like my life is a cardboard box
i'm low on oxygen
breathe exhilaration back into my body
find the fuse to light my veins
i'm leaking, slipping out of life into sidewalk cracks
i'm here but i feel like i'm gone, i don't want to be gone
i don't think i can exist alone

I dream about you
When I'm completely awake
I see you every time I close my eyes
And every time I open them
You're burned into my retina
Like I've been staring at the sun


immersed in the sea
a sphere of passion glitters
as the tide appears

Cyprian Van Dyke

Dressed in night fabric, in the evening of day
I look into the mirror rehearsing what I’ll say
I tie my tie artistically, as I look into my eyes
I see us at tonight’s Streetlight School Dance
And wonder if it will be as good as I imagine it
I fold my collar and button up my spotted vest
& with a butterfly stomach, I float to my jacket
Like a robot with jerky arms, I stop & put it on
“Okay, I’m ready to go pick up, Santita”
I say to the limo chauffeur at my door
I take her corsage and get into the limo
And then, he takes me to her front door
With nervous skin, butterflies & whispers
I knock for her, in front of the chauffeur
and, his limo that’s parked by the curve

A knock on the front door; my heart flutters knowing that it’s time
Cyprian is here dressed in his suit & tie looking so sublime
I effortlessly glide down the stairs in my long crimson dress
Flashing him a shy smile when our eyes connect & fluoresce
For a brief moment the entire world stops; it is just him & I
When I am pulled in the shimmering current of his stunning eyes
Where glowing stardust from the cosmos guides me to where he stands
Waiting for me to start our night with a lovely corsage in hand
If this is a dream, or a beautiful mirage I will gladly stay asleep
Because this perfect moment is a rare treasure that I will forever keep

Thank you, Santita!!!
Working with you is always amazing.
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